5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Read the Bonus Terms and Conditions Carefully When Gambling Online

Frequently, when we see the checkbox beside anything titled Terms and Conditions, we tick the box and forget about it instantly. We don’t bother to peek at what’s inside, let alone process all the information word by word. Most of the time, it isn’t going to cost us anything. However, online gambling’s terms and conditions need a more profound understanding than simply guessing what’s said.

Some players have complained because they didn’t read the terms and conditions before they played. Freebies are charming for sure, but most of the time, they come with several requirements we need to fulfill before getting them. If we didn’t take time to read the terms and conditions before playing, there’s a high chance we can’t cash out our profit.

This information can also change at any time. Some casinos will notify their clients, but it’s not legally necessary for them to do so. It doesn’t cost us anything to check it from time to time to avoid future hassle.

It’s essential to sign up with one of the best online casinos like Casumo because they tend to have clear terms and conditions. If they don’t offer any form or there’s no link to a clear explanation anywhere in sight, it’s best to check out another casino instead.

What’s Inside the Terms and Conditions?

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This is some of the essential information we’ll find there:

  1. Wagering requirements that players need to meet before withdrawing bonuses win based on the player’s deposit or bonus amount
  2. Time-window for players to make a wager
  3. Maximum bet per spin or pay lines
  4. Freebies for live dealer games or table games may differ from slot wagering requirements. The terms and conditions will state the percentage of their requirements
  5. List of games where we can use bonus money and those that can’t

In detail, these are five reasons why we should read the terms and conditions before playing in any casino of our choice.

1. Wagering Requirements

A wager is an amount we put for each spin of reels, a hand of cards, or a sports match. It could also be the overall amount of money we bet in one session or a specific amount of time.

When we sign up in an online casino, we might come across a promotion or a bonus offer. These offers, for example, are free spins, free bets, or a specific amount of cash we can use in the game. Freebies sound nice, but we always have some requirements before getting them. This is what we call the wagering requirements.

Why must we read about the wagering requirements? We need to avoid any problems when we get profits through these bonuses. We might think our winnings are ready to be cashed out, but it could turn out that we don’t meet some requirements needed. It might feel like the casino is betraying us, but it’s us that didn’t read the terms and conditions beforehand.

To calculate our wagering requirements, we can multiply the bonus amount with the wagering requirment. For example:

$100 (bonus amount) x 20x (requirements) = $2,000 (total bet)

If the casino offers a sticky bonus, then the formula would change into:

$100 (bonus amount) + $50 (initial deposit) x 20x (requirements) = $3,000 (total bet)

The total bet amount is the number we need to meet to take out the bonus prizes. If it’s too complicated, there are wagering requirements online calculators that can help us count.

2. Time Limits

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Every bonus offered by a casino has an expiration date. The welcome bonus will only be available for new accounts. They can usually stay between seven to 14 days. While free spins for slots only last for one day or 24 hours. If we fail to use the bonus within the time limit, it will no longer be available.

Casinos prefer to invest inactive players. Time limits exist to avoid players leaving the site and coming back in after months or even years just to acquire the bonus and disappear once again.

3. Play Bonus Vs Cash Bonus

Another vital piece of information to know is the casino’s type of bonus. If it provides a cash bonus, this means we’ll get free cash to use in the game. But if what they’re giving is a play bonus, we’ll get free rounds that we can use without losing our money.

We can withdraw profits from the cash bonus right after meeting the wagering requirements explained above. While getting a play bonus means we should win first using these free rounds to cash out our winnings. Both types of bonuses have their pros and cons. It’ll depend on what we need or what we like to get.

4. Terms and Conditions for Individual Players

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Casinos offer each account different benefits. Maybe we’ve signed up to a particular casino for a very long time, but we weren’t aware of the welcome bonuses. By the time we realized that the casino had some, we’d missed the chance to grab them. Remember that there’s an expiration date for every bonus.

Some casinos also charge a monthly fee if our account turns inactive for a specific time frame. Some others might disable our account after we’ve been gone for too long of a time. Remember that even if we signed out, our accounts are still subject to the terms and conditions.

5. Maximum Winnings

Casinos are open for business and are there to make profits. They also need to make things fair in all areas. Therefore, they’ve set some limitations for winnings we can acquire through the bonuses they’ve given. The terms and conditions will explain the maximum profit we can receive from those bonuses.

Final Words

After we’ve read through everything, there will be an agreement clause that we need to check before we start. To agree to means we’ve accepted every requirement the casino gave and have no right to disagree if we’re found to violate the rules one day. The clauses go both ways. The terms and conditions protect the casino and us at the same time.

We should carefully go through the terms and conditions before signing up. We’re playing to have fun and gather winnings. Not reading terms and conditions might take both of them from us if we decide to sign up in a rush.