6 Chinabrands Alternatives for Dropshipping

Nowadays, it is amazing how almost anyone can purchase anything either by clicking a few times while surfing the internet or by swiping and typing their fingers while they use the app of their choice that enables them to find even the things they never knew existed. Chinabrands is one of the platforms that enable you precisely that. Namely, you can get the product of your choice no matter where are you located and even the price you get beats the competition from your surroundings in most cases. But what are the alternatives to Chinabrands and are their similar platforms that provide the same or even better service to all the drop-shippers out there? Well, what you should do is read the following lines and get the answer to the question, or, should we say, answers that would satisfy even the most discerning drop-shippers.

The point of platforms such as the one from the topic of our discussion is to provide favorable trading conditions both to the regular customers and to the ones who do drop shipping for a living. Thus, the pieces of information listed below should enable you to pick your favorite easily, or you can even work with numerous platforms if you find it suitable.

Made in China

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You don’t say? Jokes aside, but the name of the platform says it all you need to know. Namely what you can expect from this supplier is quality goods at reasonable prices, where you can find whatever you might be looking for in one of their 25 sections of different merchandise they offer. And we should emphasize those are the main categories, while there are as many as 3,600 subdivisions so you could find what you need more easily. Another important thing they offer is branding, so you can brand products you order and make them work for you even after they reach their future owners.


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It will cost you nothing to register at this particular platform and you will be amazed by the range of products they offer. Simply type in the name of the thing you wish and tons of results will start drawing your attention as soon as you click on the search button. Amazingly, the suppliers have no trouble letting drop-shippers use their promo material such as pictures and videos, so you can use them in their original form without fear of violating the platform rules. You can even put into sync their app with other online store platforms to be more efficient and keep everything under control more easily.


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Whether you are looking for sportswear or you need a piece of new equipment for your garden, or even if you want to purchase a new laptop with amazing characteristics, GoTen has it all and they will bring the goods wherever you wish, from 2 days to a week, depending on the size of your order. What is even better is that you will not have to pay for the shipping. Their PR sector does an amazing job so you will be able to contact them whenever you are in doubt about something, which would hardly ever be the case since the platform is functioning flawlessly and all the data you might need is already at your disposal. On the other hand, this feature comes in quite handy when you want to check the status of a shipment. Thus, visit GoTen.com and find what you need among their 20,000 different products.


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It might seem like there is nothing for you here if you do not speak Chinese, but the truth is utterly different. The idea of this platform is to supply Asian customers, but that does not mean that you cannot give it a go. Namely, what you should do is talk to the sellers and see what can be arranged about the prices they post and see if they could do any better since you are a foreign businessman willing to trade with them more than once.


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You would like to check what Fulfilman has in stock for you and see if it suits you. Namely, they claim they will deliver any goods you order from their website which dropships from China and is compatible with Amazon and Shopify. You can also negotiate with them about putting your logo on the products they ship, depending on the quantity you order. They also offer fulfillment services, which implies that they will accept, process, and deliver what you order, even to a third party. Therefore, their name explains it all.


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Until recently, this online B2B platform was considered the most popular one out there. Although other platforms that have been offering similar services like Alibaba have shaken the market, its supremacy is still uncompromised. Apart from that, you can find almost anything you can imagine using both their app or visiting their web page, you can also collect coins that enable you to utilize particular discounts when cashed in. Although it might be a good solution to your drop-shipping needs, you should still check if the aforementioned solutions and adequately which one will make you the highest profit.


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If you want to judge a platform by the number of its users, then you would have to take Wish into account, since they have served more than bullion users in the last 3 years. Although similar to other platforms, wish used a more aggressive approach to marketing and managed to attract plenty of online shoppers who strive to find cheap yet quality goods. You will definitely find something that will satisfy you, whether it is the price or the way they ship their goods.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information will help you find an adequate platform that is similar to Chinabrands but which also offers a little bit more for you as a customer or a drop shipper. What you definitely need to do in order not to make a bad choice is to try each one individually, so your final decision about which one is the best can be objective. Thus, see for yourself which one offers the best terms and conditions and use them to your advantage.