Choosing The Best Grill For Your Outdoor Space

The COVID pandemic left countless individuals trapped at home. They couldn’t visit friends and family, go to work, or do numerous other things they were accustomed to. The additional time spent at home allowed them to see where the residence was lacking.

Today, many people are choosing to install an outdoor kitchen. During the pandemic, they recognized this is a home feature that would add value to their lives. Now they are making this upgrade. Doing so will encourage them to spend more time outdoors and host more parties.

However, their satisfaction with the outdoor kitchen will depend in large part on the grill they select. What should a person look for when making this purchase? RTA Outdoor Living ( offers the following advice.

Charcoal Grills


Many Americans refuse to use anything other than a combination grill and smoker. When they think of grilling, this is the first style to come to mind. The food comes out with a delicious smoky flavor, and people find the units are easy to use and cost little to operate.

Grab a bag of charcoal and a lighter along with the foods to be cooked and have an outstanding meal quickly. The one drawback to a charcoal grill is the mess that comes with using them. Owners find they must clean up grease and ash every time they use the grill.

However, this type can travel with the owner. Take it tailgating or camping with ease. People love that they can use the grill everywhere they go.

Foods cooked over a charcoal remain moist and tender. The high heat produced by this allows for different flavors, and a person loves the versatility they get when this option is selected. Different levels allow for several foods to be cooked at one time without fear of them burning.

Owners often choose this option for their outdoor kitchen. However, they may wish to choose a style that can be stored during the winter months. The ability to store the unit often depends on the size selected.

Grill and Smoker Combination Units



Today, countless individuals choose to invest in a grill and smoker combination unit. They love the fact these units come with temperature control and they don’t have to keep the fire going for hours. This increases the safety of everyone in the vicinity of the smoker.

A person can ensure the food is cooked to the proper temperature when using one of these units. They don’t need to worry about the food being cooked too long and tasting charred. On the other hand, they won’t be as concerned about foodborne illnesses resulting from the consumption of undercooked or raw foods.

The juices remain in foods cooked using smoker combo, so fewer nutrients are lost. The grill and smoker can cook many foods with ease, so people have more variety in their meals. A person can even bake and roast with these units.

People often choose a charcoal grill and smoker unit. They know the unit will be hot in a matter of minutes, so their food is done faster. The temperature control ensures foods are cooked at the correct temperature, and the thermal efficiency of many of these units allows them to be used all 12 months of the year.

In addition, the owner never needs to worry about cleaning the grill. These units typically clean themselves, much like an indoor self-cleaning oven. This means the owner spends less time completing routine tasks and more time enjoying life.

Furthermore, accessories can be purchased for many of these units. This allows the owner to branch out and cook new foods they never thought they would be able to when using a grill. With the addition of this unit, the outdoor kitchen may receive more use than the indoor one.

Gas Grills


Gas grills are a convenient option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing meals. They provide instant, even heat. This gives the user more control over the temperature at which different foods cook. In fact, these easily reach 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Today, some can exceed 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Those who cannot afford more expensive grill options can still find what they want and need in a gas grill. The buyer can choose which features are of most importance to them and spend less than they would on many smokers and pellet grills today.

Any person can cook an outstanding meal on a gas grill. The burners turn on and off quickly and easily. This allows the cook to prepare a variety of foods. In addition, some gas offer indirect grilling, and other models are capable of low-and-slow cooking.

Simply because these grills often come with a lower price tag than their siblings doesn’t mean they lack visual appeal. The owner will find they have a variety of finishes to choose from along with other features, such as LED light displays.

Gas Grills with Side Burners


Many gas grills today come with side burners. Why is this important? A person may wish to cook a sauce or side dish using traditional methods. However, they don’t want to move continuously between the grill and the indoor stove to do so.

When they have side burners, they can prepare the entire meal at one time and remain in one location when doing so. They won’t heat the home when preparing this meal, which allows them to save on energy bills while getting more fresh air.

Consider several types of grills to find the one that best meets the needs of the owner. Certain models now come with infrared or sear burners or rotisseries. Explore different models to learn about all available options today.

Every person will find they can create an outdoor kitchen they love and want to use daily. The grill selected plays a large role in their satisfaction with this outdoor feature. Learn more today about the different types of grills offered to find the right one for any home. The perfect grill is out there, so it is just a matter of finding it.