Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading ─ Desktop or Laptop for the Win?

There isn’t much that hasn’t already been said about digital coins, their importance, and their overall influence on our financial system. Of course, there are, and it seems like there will always be certain things that confuse people, but things have changed a lot during these past couple of years, as today, people are more willing and accepting of cryptos as something that will stay with us for quite some time.

Some are still skeptical about these coins, but much more people are open to the idea that they can enhance their monthly budget by investing in them. Mining is one option and something you don’t need that much knowledge and understanding of the crypto market for, but there is a much more profitable option, and yeah, we are talking about trading.

The crypto trading market is probably the only one that can bring us large profits and fast, which is something that understandably comes with the risk. Namely, the riskier the investment, the more money we can make, but in order to avoid losing money, one really needs to understand how it all works.

Besides that, having the right equipment is also a must, as all that knowledge and everything else would be for nothing if you don’t have the right machine. That brings us to today’s topic, and since there is much dispute about whether laptops or desktops are better for crypto trading, let’s help you make the right decision.

Check the components


Regardless of what some might prefer and whether that something is a laptop or a desktop, the first and most important thing when it comes to crypto trading is checking the components. Namely, there are four things that make a trading computer dominant and superior, and paying attention to them is a must. These four things are service, support, reliability, number of monitors, and speed.

Only when these four criteria are met can you say that you have all the tools necessary for successful crypto trading. Of course, when making such a decision, we need to leave personal preferences aside, as it’s in our best interest to go with a computer that can help us reach our goals, not the one we like the most.

Now, from the things mentioned above, one might think that since we mentioned the number of monitors, laptops are inferior to desktops, but that’s not true, as you can always connect or/and use several laptops for trading. Besides that, it’s also about how serious one is and how much time they are willing to spend on doing research, following the market, and keeping up with the latest flow of data.

Yes, the concept of trading might seem easy at first, but to use the volatility of this market to your advantage, you need to do all these things and have the right tools at the same time. That is why strong machines are not just a must for mining coins, as they are something you need to make the most out of crypto trading.

Pros and cons

In order to make a choice easier, we will say more about the pros and cons of both options, so you will be able to compare them and decide what is better for you and what can meet all your requirements.



As we all know, laptops are easy to carry around, which makes them perfect for people who travel a lot, as they can take and use them whenever they want. It can be a great thing even for trading because they do not need to worry whether they will get home in time, as they can finish it wherever they are at that moment. That means that you can do your trading activities even when on vacation in a foreign country, as all you need besides the laptop is a stable internet connection.

However, it can be pretty challenging to set up multiple screens that many traders need, as you will need more than one laptop, and it can also be difficult to upgrade their components to achieve more processing power.


When it comes to desktop computers, there is no doubt that they are less portable than laptops, and moving them around is not that easy because of the many components that need to be attached. On the other side, they are usually much more powerful, and the great thing is that we can easily upgrade their components every time we need a more powerful machine.

We can simply buy a better graphics card and insert it into our PC, expand its RAM memory, add some speed, or add whichever new component we need at that moment. It is also much easier to set up multiple screens, as all we need are more screens, and we are ready to start our trading in the best possible way.

Although, it is required to consider all the pros and cons of whether buying a desktop is the best choice or a laptop. But, one can easily get help from a brand like “Desklab” where you can get a brief knowledge of the functioning of different devices according to your requirements like 4k Portable Monitor, Touchscreen Portable Monitor, Flat Screen Monitor, and many more.


The price

One of the most important characteristics people look at when buying something new is its price, and buying a PC is no exception. Although laptops were much more expensive when they first appeared on the market, their price is much more similar to desktop versions now, so the price is not the determining factor.

Besides that, each trader has to know that the crypto world requires powerful machines, whether we use them for mining or just trading, and trying to save money when buying the right one is never a good option.

Instead of that, it is much better to check the specifications and buy the best one you can afford. Trying to save a few dollars always means choosing the worse option and less powerful machine, which will affect your trading.

Final thoughts

When it comes to the question of whether it is better to use a laptop for trading or go with a desktop version, there is no correct answer, as both options have their benefits and flaws. Because of that, it is always the best solution to check the specifications and choose the option that fits your trading style, and you will not be disappointed.

Of course, using the right platform is of great importance, and if you do not know which one to choose, visit