How to Develop A Strong Cybersecurity Strategy For Your Business

You have finally dared to start your own business. Congratulations! You have invested all your knowledge and all your resources in your business idea and business development. In addition to the daily care of customers, income, and many other tasks that are set in front of you every day, you must not neglect another very important thing. Customer care, good marketing, accuracy and precision are of great importance for any business, but if you do not take care of safety, all the effort can fall apart.

If you thought that by installing free antivirus and complicated access codes you solved the problem, you are sorely mistaken. Also, if you think that small businesses are not the target of hackers and cybercriminals, another big mistake. In the newspapers, sometimes on the front pages, we most often read about the saber attacks of large companies, and we think that only giants are the target of hackers. However, statistics warn of a slightly different situation. Over 40% of saber attacks affect small businesses. However, the front pages of small businesses do not sell newspapers, so this information is not interesting to them.

The real question, however, is not how frequent cyber-attacks are, but how much small companies are ready to protect themselves from such attacks. Statistics warn again with an estimate of 20%. Therefore, less than 20% of the total number of attacked companies have an adequate protection system. To not take any risk, immediately start studying how to secure your job. We offer you detailed information on how to develop a strong cybersecurity strategy for your business.

In the beginning: what is a cybersecurity strategy?


This strategy represents all how you personally or someone in your organization plans to protect property. This strategy minimizes add-on attacks. Saber strategy is different from saber policy. They refer to detailed plans that will be valid for 3-5 years in advance. Although documented, these are flexible and adaptable strategies that change along with threats and processes. This is a set of guidelines that will allow you to always be ready for new challenges.

Why do I need a saber strategy for?

One of the main goals of taking care of a saber strategy is prevention. In particular, these measures should preserve the security of your property in every situation. Preventive measures will protect you from unauthorized access or intrusion of malware.

After the primary goal we have described, in second place is limiting the damage if your prevention fails. So, prevention programs are important, but what if such a system breaks through. It is necessary to measure the extent to which the damage will be reduced to the lowest possible level. That is the goal of the number two strategy: mitigation.

And finally, the third goal of this strategy is to get back to your system quickly and safely after a hacker intrusion. Better said, you need to regain access to and functionality of your IT infrastructure.

How to achieve the goals of cyber strategy?


Your approach to protection has to cover everything: from WiFi network protection to ensuring firewall and endpoint. One of the safest measures is a firewall. With its help, all traffic on the network is monitored and controlled. It allows barriers to be set between secure internal networks and an insecure outside world. One of the most critical parts is your wifi network. Even systems with the highest level of protection cannot guarantee that wifi connections, whether internal or customer-oriented, will be completely secure. Therefore, it is extremely important to use a reliable router, located in a secure location. In addition, you need a secure personalized password to access. On the other hand, the more employees and customers connect to your network, the less secure it is. Therefore, the best solution is to increase the protection of the end-to-end point. Their constant scanning and updating raise protection to a higher level.

Another thing you need to pay more attention to is who has access to which type of data. Here you want to be precise and without emotions. Access control will determine which people will need and be allowed access to which types of data. Each employee should have access to the data they need to deal with, as well as a password. Your employees must know how to manage their credentials and how to set strong passwords.

In this sense, it is up to you to organize the appropriate education of your employees. This is necessary if you want to ensure good security practices. In addition to creating strong passwords, educate your employees about the proper use of the Internet, but also about the proper handling of information. This is especially true when it comes to customer information and other sensitive information on key issues for the company’s work.

What you can still do as part of the saber strategy is manage your copies and duplicates. Make regular data copying your practice. If hackers capture your data, you will not be in the role of a conditioned victim, but you will have copies of your important files. It has been best shown that this copying process is done automatically. By automating this process, you will not depend on individual users and their diligence to perform this process.

Professional help

We have given some examples of saber strategies that you can implement yourself. However, this is a very complicated and demanding process, which is constantly changing. Therefore, to fully understand how you can protect yourself from saber attacks, it is best to consult professional help. Partnering with professional companies such as Cytelligence can be of great importance and a great help for the security of your business.

A real and efficient cyber strategy requires a small business through tools, constant improvement and monitoring, and adjustment. Also, expertise at the top level is implied. To be more secure, technology itself is being overcome, and strategy comes first. Therefore, if you are still not thinking about this topic or you are simply not sure if it is necessary or not, we hope that with this text we have pulled you to think seriously about the security of your company.