Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Brokerage vs. Developer ─ Who to Approach in Dubai?

Do you intend to move to Dubai? Or, you might already reside here and have been looking for appropriate properties to purchase or rent. You might be wondering, “Which one is better: brokerage or developers?”

For those who are unfamiliar with the real estate companies in Dubai, these options might be confusing. Fortunately, we’re here to clarify things so you can go on.

Real Estate Brokerage

In Dubai, a real estate brokerage is a company consisting of seasoned and accomplished individuals who have usually been in the real estate industry for several years. Brokers must complete extra examinations and fulfill DLD experience and education standards.

Both the broker and the agent work under the broker’s legal duty in real estate transactions. Brokers also supervise agents’ education and training to maintain and improve professionalism and service standards.

Real Estate Developer


An expert or company that manages the building and marketing of brand-new real estate projects is known as a real estate developer. They are in charge of finding the property, getting the funding, getting the required permissions, and managing the building process.

Upon completion of the development, they could also be in charge of unit sales and marketing. Architects, engineers, and brokers are common members of the multidisciplinary teams that real estate developers employ.

What Sets a Property Developer Apart from Brokers?

In Dubai, investors can purchase real estate via brokers or developers. Property developers are in charge of managing the sales of newly constructed as well as finished real estate. This is the first selling point or primary market. Re-sale of real estate properties with current owners is usually managed by property brokers. It’s called “the secondary market” for this reason.

However, what distinguishes real estate brokers from developers? To put it simply, a developer provides the funding necessary to build new properties. They support both the property’s improvement and its coordination. They acknowledge every risk.

A property broker presents a property once it is at a stage of trading. They are effective because of the participation of dedicated people. Although they have different responsibilities, developers and brokers both have a big impact on how long properties and land endure.

Advantages of Buying Real Estate from Developers

Let’s talk about the advantages of both property developers and brokers now that we understand their differences. Let’s start with property developers:

  • Choosing a developer means buying a new home. Since the property is new, it will likely need less upkeep in the coming years. If something goes wrong, many guarantees cover it, so your expenditures should be low.
  • There will be little, if any, improvements necessary, which are sometimes required of older buildings. The first asking price is usually the lowest spot, so that’s where you want to get in.
  • Property developers provide large discounts and exemptions on numerous expenses to attract customers. This covers loan agreements, stamp duty, and legal fees.
  • As mentioned before, warranties are provided against flaws in a lot of new houses. You can be certain that any issues will be repaired for free.

Advantages of Buying from a Property Broker


Let’s now discuss the advantages of purchasing a house via a real estate broker. Benefits include:

  • Buyers from property brokers have more alternatives. A lot of the time, they offer homes in places you would not have thought about.
  • Local agents know the property market well. They customize their service to help you find the ideal home for your requirements.
  • Negotiating costs, contract revisions, maintenance requests, and knowing processes are all part of buying a home. The right property agent will handle this and provide expected timelines.
  • They assist purchasers in avoiding various issues during a smooth closure. They can identify and address many concerns. To avoid a terrible surprise, they’ll discuss essential aspects like the title.

Let’s have a look at some of the issues that may arise if you purchase a house in Dubai straight from the developer.

Less Information About the Property

If you want to purchase a house, you need to be able to objectively evaluate it like a professional realtor. If that’s the case, buying a property in Dubai straight from the builder might be the best route to take.

However, if you aren’t familiar with all the nuances of buying real estate, a real estate agent’s assistance will be priceless. It’s also important to note that they’ll be able to make the process of examining properties more easier.

Insufficient Experience

You must be inexperienced with property transactions unless you are a licensed real estate broker. The contract and ensuing documentation, for instance, might be more difficult than expected. This might cause a major delay in the deal as you attempt to smooth things up. Buying a house from an individual rather than a developer might amplify these problems even more.

It’s Not Always Easy to Negotiate


The sale of real estate is a major transaction, and successful negotiating is an art. Sellers may be hesitant to accept your offer due to its low price because of factors including emotional connection. A real estate agent can help you find a house at the right price in these situations.

Agents with years of experience in the field are experts at bargaining. In most cases, they will work to guarantee you obtain the best possible price by considering all relevant aspects.

So, Should You Go for a Real Estate Broker or a Developer?

The quick answer is that none is inherently superior to the other; whatever one you choose will depend on your own needs and tastes. If you want a fresh build, discounts, freebies, and guarantees, a developer is the right option.

However, brokers have the experience and skills to manage more complicated circumstances and give a greater degree of service to customers, whereas agents assist clients with simple real estate transactions.

As a result of Dubai’s constantly expanding real estate industry, the city provides several chances for real estate agents and brokers to further their careers and assist customers in accomplishing their real estate objectives.