What is the Easiest Language to Learn

Learning a completely new language is one of the difficult things to achieve for some people. While some languages are hard for almost everyone. So if you are finding it difficult to get the grasp of a language, there are two reasons behind it. Either you are not good at learning a new language or the language itself is quite hard.

There is a certain reason for learning new languages and they also affect the ability of a learner. For example, you have applied for a job in a foreign company. So if you want to work there, you must know their language. Likewise, if you take admission to a foreign university, it will be hard for you to survive there without knowing the basics.

But when you are already living in a foreign environment, it becomes easier for you to learn their language. Because you will be hearing it most of the time. However, you still need a trainer to teach you. You can check out language trainers here.

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If you do not have much time to take a regular language class, you can always go online. Furthermore, they have private classes for people who have specific time requirements. So you will surely be satisfied with the provided service.

Another reason to learn a foreign language is to increase your intellectual ability. Or if you are a tourist and often visit foreign countries, you need to learn some common languages then. By far, English is the easiest language to learn and speak. Therefore, any language that is close to English also becomes easier. There are certain languages that come under this category and these are called Germanic languages.

So if you want to improve your resume, here are some of the easiest languages that you can learn.

1. Dutch

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Dutch takes 3rd place for the most spoken Germanic languages. People of the Netherlands and Belgium speak it. It seems like a combination of English and German. And therefore, it is known widely as a cousin to English. The vocabulary is almost the same in these languages. So if you are good in any one of the 2 i.e. English or German, you can easily learn Dutch.

Therefore, if you want to learn Dutch, you need to pay attention to basic grammar. And that’s it. You are ready to speak to common people. At least, you can have some very basic conversations. So, it will be easier for you to survive in a completely foreign environment.

2. Norwegian

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Norwegian also comes under the Germanic family. Therefore, you will find plenty of words that spell or sound similar to English words. Moreover, the meaning of these words is also the same.

However, this is not the main reason for it to be the easiest one. Another aspect of a foreign language is its grammar. And the grammar of Norwegian is quite simple and thus, you can learn the basic sentence structure.

For example, the sentence “Kan du hjelpe meg?” is similar in sound and structure to the English sentence “Can you help me?” Furthermore, the meaning behind both sentences is also the same. So now you understand that if you want to learn Norwegian, you can do so. There won’t be much trouble.

3. Swedish

Source: behance.net

Swedish is also a member of the Germanic family. So it won’t be much difficult for you to learn it. Furthermore, the majority of words are similar in both languages. For example, the English word “grass” is written as “gräs”

In addition to the similar words, the grammatical rules of Swedish are also simpler and easy to understand. Therefore, you will be able to get a hold of the basic sentence structure after some practice.

4. Spanish

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Spanish has a wide reach and it is quite a practical language. Therefore, native English speakers also find it easy to learn. Furthermore, you might have heard of Spanish as a romance language. It is true, as it sounds pleasing and romantic.

In addition to this, the pronunciation is not much difficult. You will speak as you write and hear. Furthermore, you will be able to get a basic understating of the grammatical rules and sentence structure very quickly. So if you are already living in Spain, you will be able to learn it in no time. And even if you are taking classes, you will be able to tell your message.

5. Portuguese

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Portuguese is also a romance language and therefore, you can enjoy learning it. It is also said that Portuguese evolved from the Vulgar Latin dialects. Furthermore, apart from Portugal, you can also speak it in Brazil. So if you learn Portuguese, you can actually make use of it in various aspects.

6. Italian

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Here comes another romance language. And it is not just a romance language but also an ancient language too. Italy has a rich historical culture and is one of the favorite tourist attractions. So if you love visiting places, you can enjoy learning Italian. You will also sound more like a tourist.

7. Chinese

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Chinese is one of the most spoken languages because of the huge population of China and its expanded international network. Furthermore, you might not have heard people calling it easier because not many Europeans go to visit China. However, its popularity is increasing with time and is quite easy to understand and learn.

Chinese grammar is also quite simple and so does its sentence structure. Therefore, you will be able to get a hold of it easily. And an interesting thing about learning Chinese is that you just have to follow the specific order of subject-verb-object. And this is not much difficult to do, right?

To sum up…

Most of the languages become easier to understand with a little bit of effort. However, there are certain factors that determine how easily you can learn a foreign language. This includes exposure to a particular language and your learning abilities.