Are Electric Towel Dryers worth Getting – 2024 Guide

So many homes these days have implemented some type of smart devices or gadgets that make people’s lives just a tad bit better. But, as more and more people are trying to implement such luxuries in their life, I have noticed they forget to add one very important element. Of course, I am talking about an electric towel dryer. I assume that most people haven’t even thought of getting one or even know it exists. But, once you try it, you will exactly how useful it can be.

So, the questions remain: Is an electric towel dryer worth it at all? Should you get it? Why aren’t more people getting them?

Do not worry, in this article we are going to cover every single question you might have on this topic. We hope that we’ll clear everything up.

It dries your towels

If you are looking for a reason why you should get such a device installed in your bathroom, the most obvious answer has to be the fact that it dries your towels. It is a simple as that.

There will not be a need to mix your clothes with your towels in your clothes dryer anymore. When you are done showering or washing all you have to do is to remember to put your towel to hand onto the dryer. After less than an hour it will be ready to use again.

It may not sound like a lot, but once you get used to this kind of luxury, you will never want to go back. You would be saving a considerable amount of time every single day, leaving you with some free time you can dedicate to anything you want.


Keeps your towels and clothes warm.

In the few paragraphs above, we covered the advantage of having an electric dryer in your bathroom to keep all of your towers dry after a bath or a shower.

However, that is not all. You can also use this device to keep stuff warm before you wear them. That is right, you can also put clothes on there, not just towels.

You know those cold winter days when it is so difficult to get out of your comfortable and warm bed? Well, that’s when an electric towel dryer is worth the money. Just put your clothes onto the dryer before you go to bed and in the morning you will be met with a set of fresh and warm clothes.

There is nothing better than that hot embrace from your clothes.


Keeps the bathroom warm

It looks like these electric tower dryers just keep on giving. There are still some benefits we have to tell you about.

Another very important advantage is the fact that this can also act as a radiator. Why is this so important? Well, since most people don’t install any kind of heating element in the bathroom (I assume you haven’t either), this can come as a great addition. So, this thing is not only a dryer but also a radiator that is going to keep your bathroom hot like a spa.

Remember that awful feeling when you step on the freezing floor tiles? Well, you can finally forget about that once you install the electric dryer.

Smart Control

You would think that this is just like any normal electric radiator, but it is a lot more than that. The models available today for purchase come with all kinds of controls. Allowing you to adjust the temperature, set a timer, etc.

Keep in mind, you can also choose between digital and manual control as suggested by Naturally, digital controls are usually more expensive, but we believe it is worth the extra money.

Also, we cannot ignore the fact that you can connect this device with your Wi-Fi and make it a part of your smart home plan. In other words, you could easily control your electric tower dryer with the application from your smartphone.


Whether this is going to be useful or not, that entirely up to you. However, if you care about the energy efficiency of your home it is probably a good idea to go with smart control. If you forget about the dryer and leave it on once you leave your house, you could always turn it off no matter where you are. This is going to help you cut down on the energy bill at the end of the month.

Visually appealing

After doing a bit of researching on Google, it seems like a lot of people are worried that an electric tower dryer would ruin the aesthetic of other bathrooms. And, this definitely is a legitimate worry. Slapping any kind of white radiator in a bathroom with beautiful tiles well-designed elements is not exactly a good idea.

Fortunately, these things can come in any color. There are tons of different designs available and colors too. Of course, there is also the possibility of entirely customizing your electric tower dryer, but only with the right manufacturers.

To put it simply, if you want to towel rails to be green, they can be green. If you want everything to be grey, black and mostly dark, that is also possible too.

You deserve it

Did you read through all of these benefits and different advantages of this device and you are still not convinced whether all of this is worth the money? Well, it seems like no matter what kind of benefits I list, you will still remain unconvinced.

Maybe you do not have to overthink it. Maybe you just deserve to get this kind of luxury in your life. It may not be a lot, but the comfort of a warm towel every morning or night can go a long way. So, if you feel like you want to award yourself, take the final step and get yourself an electric tower dryer for your bathroom.

From my perspective (I hope yours too) an electric tower dryer sounds worth it, no matter how you put it. It is a great addition to any home.