What Is The Most Ethical Stone For An Engagement Ring?

When it comes to engagement rings many things are important and are a priority for the one buying them. It all comes down to the person who is purchasing it. There are many aspects of jewels on rings, but how have you given any thought to ethics? No or yes? Whatever the case might be, we’re going to discuss precisely this side of it. If you have thought about it, you have come to the right place. If you haven’t, here’s food for thought right here for you.

For many people, having an ethical stone on top of the ring is vital. We can understand why things are like that for some individuals, but can you? You should, as this is a question that needs to be asked. If you’re in the process of buying an engagement ring but have a second thought about the ethical presence of the stone which is the centerpiece of any ring, our article could cast away some of your doubts. Let’s see what is the most ethical stone for an engagement ring. As you’re about to see, there are plenty of choices, so selecting the proper one shouldn’t pose too much of an issue. But, first, let’s see what ethical means when it comes to rings and stones.

What is an Ethical Stone?

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Many factors create an ethical stone. For many people, these factors differ. But, some are seen as primary ones, and we’ll keep the focus on them. First of all, you have what’s seen as environmental issues, and its sustainability when it comes to our planet. After that, the focus shifted more to human rights involved in mining and manufacturing the stone, and also the fair wages involved for all workers involved in the process of creating an engagement ring stone.

The producer or manufacturer of every stone must have these factors in mind, or the stones that can come your way could not be quite ethical. There are plenty of other factors, which can differ from an individual to an individual, but these are the primary ones as we already stated. If you’re not really into exploring what makes an ethical diamond, but are sure that you want one, you can click here without further reading. The best way to know that you have your hands on the right things is to find the right supplier. A one you can guarantee that their goods are as a good as advertised. You have one stated above, and it is a route most people take. This is a touchy subject and you’re always better off in the hands of professionals. Below we’re going to broaden our answer a bit.

Which One Fits The Bill?

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This is quite a question. There isn’t a simple answer, and we can’t point you in one direction. It would be too easy if we could. When it comes to engagement rings and their stones, one can never be too certain. It is going to remain a question for an eternity. Luckily, you have a few options out there, and one of those we’re going to talk about should be enough. The first option will make sense to most of you, considering the cleanness the country in question has. We’re talking about the Canadian diamonds. Yes, that’s right.

The Big North has one of the world’s biggest diamond markets. They’re quite new to the field compared to some other countries, but they keep their focus where it should be. The majority of diamonds in Canada have their origin listed, and you can trace them down straight to the source. This country has very strict policies when it comes to labor laws and environmental issues. This is why their diamonds are seen as one of the cleanest in the world. If you want to be sure that your diamond is natural and ethical at the same time, you should purchase one in the furthest north of the Americas.

Some people would argue that no natural stone is entirely clean, but without evidence of the contrary, we would believe the Canadians. But, you’re free to doubt everyone and this is why we have some more options. If you want to be 100% certain of the origin of a stone, you should aim for those created artificially. These days, some of the most beautiful diamonds are created in laboratories. What this tells you is that every focal point of the ethical presence of a stone is fulfilled. They’re without a doubt created with labor laws in mind and without any side effects on nature. Of course, this way you’d get an ethical ring in its entirety with one major flaw. They’re worth close to nothing when you try to sell them. The real thing is the real thing after all.

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If neither of the two options above satisfies your needs and desires, you could always go for a recycled ring. Newly mined stones can have their issues. This is no secret. But if you’re using a recycled ring, there are no issues that new diamonds bring with themselves involved. You’d be getting a brand new product from a ring that was demolished, a stone that’s been re-cut and restored, without any traces of its past life. In recent years, they have gained recognition and popularity due to all the issues surrounding new rings.

In the end, you could buy an engagement ring without a diamond. There are plenty of options out there, and some of them are not only cheaper but are more ethical from the get-go. Of course, you could choose a ruby, or sapphire with a clear source of origin and cast away all doubts you might have regarding stones on an engagement ring. Of course, diamonds come as a little tradition respected on all sides of the world, but you can shift the tides of what’s meant for the stone as a rule for engagements and create a new tradition. It’s all up to you and what’s important to both you and your partner.