What Is The Fastest Way To Get Turkish Citizenship?

Settling and making a home at a place is a big decision. When one chooses to settle down and build their living in some place, they go through so many decisions, and they wish to make the right decision for themselves and their family.

If you are searching for a country to settle in, Turkey is one of the most attractive destinations to travel to and experience new places. It is surrounded by sea on all three sides. The country has a vibrant culture, and the people are known for their loving behavior and the hospitality they offer.

The properties and views are to die for. The country catches people’s attention due to its attractive tourist places, and citizens can also invest in metropolitan areas. If you are trying to find a house in Turkey, there are property for sale in Istanbul and you can go through primepropertyturkey.com and check out the fantastic deals on your dream property.

But there are a few things that one needs to know before buying a property. One of those things is knowing how to get citizenship in Turkey easily and fast, among others. Through this extensive guide, you will be able to learn all about it.

Ways To Get Turkish Nationality

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There are several ways to get citizenship. The most chosen way is by investing. Many investors display great interest in Turkish citizenship through the scheme of investment. This way is also much cheaper and quicker than the other schemes. Another advantage of the program is the lack of requirements in staying and language tests.

One can apply for citizenship by investing in different ways. These ways include transferring capital, job creation, or acquisition of property.

  • Property Acquisition

You can get citizenship or invest in a property in Turkey. The country’s real estate is multiplying, making it perfect for investors to buy a property.

  • Transferring Capital

You can also do a capital transfer to get the passport. The minimum amount for this is $500,000. One can complete this transfer as a deposit in the country’s bank, a contribution to government bonds, or a fund shares investment.

  • Creating Jobs

Another way to get citizenship is by creating jobs and employment. You must employ at least 50 Turkish people for this.

Get Turkey Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

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Given below are the few steps that one can follow and get Turkish citizenship through real estate investment quickly and easily:

Step 1: Select A Property

Search and go through several properties. Make up your mind about what kind of place you want and desire. Turkey has many beautiful and appealing properties that are suitable for many choices.

Step 2: Follow the Steps

You can execute a power of attorney after choosing your favorable property. This step is entirely optional.

Step 3: Complete The Investment

After finalizing the property and signing the purchase agreement and promissory sale, complete the transaction and investment.

Step 4: Give The Documents

After completing the above three steps, you must submit your residency permit application documents. For this purpose, ensure you get the conformity certificate and the assessment report for real estate value.

Step 5: Get Citizenship Approval

You can get your Turkish citizenship after completing and submitting all the essential documents. After this, you can apply for and receive a Turkish passport.

Other Ways To Get Turkish Citizenship

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There are other options to be a citizen of turkey:

  • Naturalization

One can go and apply for naturalization if the person meets the conditions mentioned below:

  1. You know how to speak the language adequately and appropriately.
  2. You cause no threat to national security or public order
  3. You are residing in Turkey for a continuous period of 5 years
  4. Your character is good.
  • Marrying A Turkish

You are eligible for citizenship for three years if you marry a Turkish citizen, but you have to match the following conditions:

  1. You and your spouse are married during the application time.
  2. You are not involved in an activity that might harm your union
  3. You are not in any situation which might cause harm to the nation.

Benefits Of Being A Turkey Citizen

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Being a nation with a great future and mesmerizing history, it is a pride for all who are Turkey’s citizens. It is a country with a combination of modern western and ancient world. Therefore, there are so many benefits of having the country’s citizenship:

  • Receive Medical Facilities

The main advantage of being a citizen of Turkey is that you get all the medical facilities and health benefits. You have access to the healthcare systems and complete assistance. The country’s top-notch public and private health services are available to all the people and citizens of the country. Emergency care is also free even if you don’t have state health insurance.

  • Eligible To Get Travel Visas

If you submit the correct documents, you can get visas for Schengen, U.S.A., or the U.K. Being a Turkish citizen helps you quickly get visas. Also, you can travel to other countries like South Korea, Brazil, Japan, and other Latin Countries., without a visa, just with your Turkish passport.

  • Work And Study

If you study and work in Turkey, it offers you and your family a lot of advantages. You can also get benefits from the pension programs if you are a citizen of Turkey.

  • Affordable Living

The country is cheaper than other European countries, which makes Turkey an ideal place to start living and settle. The cost of housing, food, and other utilities is much less, making a living very affordable.

  • Dual Citizenship

The country allows multiple and dual citizenship, no matter what country you belong to. You don’t have to repudiate your old passport from the country you belong to. So, if you decide to stay at your home in your country and keep investing in Turkey, it’s an advantage.

  • Costs Of Passports

After getting citizenship, you can apply for a passport. A 6-month Turkish passport costs about 45 USD. You can get one for ten years which is for $145.

Military Service

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The most asked question is whether a person has to do military service. The law states that military service is compulsory for all male citizens aged 20 to 41. If you have completed military service in your home country, you can present your documents to be exempt from military service in Turkey. If you apply for citizenship after 22, you are exempt from military service.


To conclude, being a citizen of Turkey is a great thing, but one must gather all the vital documents and information before taking all the steps. All your documents and applications must be up to date and follow all the instructions carefully.