Is It OK to Flirt with Someone Who Has a Girlfriend

Love is the most wonderful thing we experience during life. People change completely when they find someone who makes their day more beautiful. They become more aware of their negative side and they get the desire to change different habits in order to keep the person they love close to them. If both partners start with these positive changes, the mutual trust between them becomes stronger and stronger. But, there are certain doubts that all the couples have and they are mostly connected with flirting.

In this article, we will not give you pieces of advice on whether you can or can’t flirt with someone while you have a boyfriend. We will look at some common situations from a different angle. More precisely, we will try to give you an answer on whether it is OK to flirt with someone who has a girlfriend.

These situations happen all the time. The most common place where guys that have a girlfriend start to flirt are clubs. Logically, a certain dose of alcohol makes them act as singles. So, what should a lady do in those moments? Should she accept the “offer” or simply refuse any type of talk with that person? Let’s analyze this situation a bit better!

You Need to Understand When Flirting is Cheating


No one says that you should refuse to talk with that person immediately after he starts to talk with you. But, things that you will say after that are actually those that make the difference. We do understand that you have some “flirting techniques” that you use when speaking with single boys. On the other hand, if you are not single, then you certainly can’t flirt in the same way you would do that as a single person.

Not every flirting is cheating. We do understand that you have the desire to tell a guy he is attractive. But, it is in your best interest to do that straightforwardly and clean as much as possible. Compliments should be the form of kindness as that is the only way to make the difference between flirting and cheating.

If you give a guy the clear answer that you are not interested in going forward, then he will stop and try to find someone else who is ready for something like that. If you use this tactic, you won’t leave a bad impression while you won’t do anything wrong. For more information about flirting cheating differences and tips, we suggest you visit

Set the Boundaries

You can’t even imagine how annoying and persistent some guys can be. We are pretty sure that most of them would stop talking to you if you give them clear signs that you are not interested in spending the night with them, chatting with them on Instagram or Facebook, etc. But, some of them, especially if they are drunk, may stay next to you even if you give them a clear sign.

Because of that, you need to set the boundaries that the person you talk with must not cross. So, what exactly should you do when they cross the limit you personally think of? Simply explain to that person in a clear way that it is about time to leave you alone. You should not feel stupid for doing that as some people simply do not recognize the signs that you are sharing in the best possible way. Besides, talking with someone should be some sort of entertainment. If you do not feel comfortable while doing that, then why should you continue?

But, How to Know If You Crossed the Boundary?


First of all, we need to calm you down. As stated above, not every form of flirting is cheating. Sometimes, this is just a way to meet someone new or say to someone he looks nice. But, if that person has a girlfriend, you should not even try to give signs that something else is possible to happen in the future. The question is – how to recognize whether the boundaries you set up on your own are crossed or not? Well, the signs mentioned below will make the answer clearer. Let’s find them out together!

You Can’t Talk with Your Partner about What Happened

This part is for girls that have boyfriends as well. If you feel like your boyfriend should not know what you did last night, then that means that you did something wrong. We do not want to say that you should confess everything. That especially counts if you didn’t cross the boundaries a lot. But, use the mistake of that type as a lesson for future situations when flirting with non-single guys happens.

You Feel Stupid Tomorrow Morning

Even if you are single, that doesn’t mean you can flirt with everyone. That especially counts when we talk about guys that have a girlfriend. If you feel stupid tomorrow morning because of the situation that happened the night before, then that means you probably crossed the boundaries. Our subconsciousness does not know how to lie. Just like in the previous case, use the mistake of that type as a lesson that you will not make the next time.


You Liked What You Did

Well, this is something that happens often. Generally speaking, flirting with guys, especially if you are single, is an interesting thing. But, that doesn’t mean you should like it. Some girls know that they crossed the boundary and flirted a bit more than they should. More precisely, they grabbed the attention of non-single guys with certain things they said. The problem becomes even bigger if you actually liked what you did. If that’s the problem you are dealing with, then you should work on self-control and self-discipline.

Flirting with literally everyone is wrong. Most girls do that because they want to fulfill the lack of emotions they experience for some reason. We do understand the problem that you have, but we can’t say this is the ideal solution for something like that.

Final Thought

We have come to the end of this article. As you see, the main message we want to send throughout this article is – to keep the distance even if you start a conversation with a guy that has a girlfriend. If you have a problem with a lack of support and emotions, starting a love relationship is a much better choice.