Why Gardens are Important for your Property

Owning a property in the suburbs of the UK is still a dream for millions around the globe. The number of new builds has increased tremendously, which proportionally increased the number of buyers in the last few years. There are local and overseas investors hunting for properties in different parts of the UK, especially London. Homes in the UK come in many variants giving multiple options for new buyers. Among the many property types, detached homes, semi-detached villas with medium to bigger outdoor space are extremely popular among the buyers. People having access to backyards and gardens are more in number in the suburbs compared to the central regions of the city. Most young and growing families prefer investing in a property that comes along with ample outdoor space despite higher prices.

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It is a well-known fact that properties with outdoor space like gardens, front yards or patios come at a higher value compared to homes of other types. Extra spaces like gardens can be of multiple uses for people living there. Property owners who possess a garden can easily quote higher selling prices. If you have and maintain a garden you can visit here to know the accurate value of your home.

Gardens and open spaces are more than just adding spectacular views from the inside of the house. Owning a garden or backyard requires regular maintenance by trimming the grass and bushes, removing weeds, watering the plants, and more. Most buyers do not negotiate prices on properties inclusive of gardens.

A Personal Space For Families

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People purchasing a home in the UK expect it to be a warm and welcoming place for everyone. Most of them prefer leading a private life away from nosy neighbors and loud traffic. Young and growing families with children enjoy their quality time in their dedicated outdoor space compared to local parks and gardens. With the recent lockdown scenario in different parts of London and the UK, people started spending more time in their gardens. Future buyers are also expecting large outdoor spaces included along with a beautiful home. Children love playing in the backyards, which is the main reason for families to invest in such properties.

Add Charm And Visual Beauty To The Property

The primary aim of buying a property with a front or a back garden is to enhance the visual appeal to a great extent. Homes with neat and simple garden areas will hold a charm that echoes around the region. With minimum accessories and low-maintenance plants, it is easy to maintain a garden of any size. There are many ways to amplify the looks of a garden. Planting shrubs of colorful foliage is one way to make the garden look visually enticing which is easy to trim regularly. Adding a few trees to the lawns is another way of making the place look bigger and attractive.

Convertible Into Useful Space

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Gardens or the backyards are not used by everyone to their full potential. Not many of them would have the patience to maintain the plants and grass properly. This is where most people transform their gardens into a worthwhile space that requires the least maintenance and overview. Most families build a compact patio which can be the favorite hangout spot for families and friends. Similarly, backyard kitchens are prevalent in most places in the UK. In the absence of one, families can create them in their garden. It is very simple to make minor changes in their gardens and make use of the empty spaces efficiently.

Sustainable Food And Living

People who love leading a sustainable lifestyle would go for a house with a large garden in it. Growing sustainable crops, vegetables, and fruits has now turned into a lifestyle rather than just a hobby. People these days focus on a healthy way of living and prefer growing organic food at their place. Spacious gardens are the best place to kick start sustainable living. Adopting proper methods for sustainable gardening will benefit the residents in many ways. This way, gardens, and lawns promote sustainability, and people crave these kinds of properties.

A Place For Fresh Air

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Outdoor spaces contain abundant fresh air that is loved and enjoyed by the residents. Most potential buyers keep this reason on top when looking for homes with gardens and are ready to spend a hefty sum for the same. Those who follow a regular fitness routine can make use of their outdoor spaces at their best. Gardens with plants help in improving the overall air quality of the house, making it a better place to live. It is essential to have a well-kept garden to attract buyers and create a good impression. The appearance of a garden decides whether a buyer might approach further towards the property or back-off to get a better place.

Improves Health

A garden can be a place of great healing, where one can easily unwind and relax. Through daily visits or weekly excursions, a garden can provide you with an escape from the stressors in your life.

According to the University of Illinois Extension Service, “The setting of a garden alone is helpful for relaxing… In fact, it is recognized that the mental health benefits of gardening are so much greater when it is done frequently.” It’s been shown to reduce anxiety and even relieve depression by providing “a distraction from personal problems, restoring feelings of positive self-worth and providing a sense of accomplishment through completion of a task”.

Gardens present us with challenges that stretch our minds and enhance ours. The University of Illinois Extension Service also shares that having a goal in mind while we garden can enhance our mental health, too. “Having goals and working to achieve them is motivating and rewarding. There are other experiences during the process like overcoming obstacles or dealing with adversity.” The extension service goes on to say “a garden provides an opportunity for creative expression, which can be fulfilling and satisfying.”

University of Illinois Extension Service concludes, “Gardening has been shown to reduce heart rate and blood pressure and improve kidney function,” making it a great hobby for your physical health too.

Connection with Nature and Biodiversity

Gardens offer more than just visual appeal; they’re a portal to a deeper connection with nature and a vehicle for supporting local biodiversity. How? Incorporating native plants in your garden layout is a great start. These plants are uniquely equipped to thrive in your local climate, and they’ll draw a variety of wildlife, including birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects.

Crafting bird feeders or setting up a quaint little pond can further attract a plethora of local wildlife, turning your garden into a small sanctuary. This interactive ecosystem won’t only elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor space, but it also plays a crucial role in promoting ecological balance within your local environment.

The choice of planters in your garden is also significant. Consider sustainable, versatile options such as PVC planters. Not only are they made from durable materials that withstand the elements, but they also provide excellent drainage, a vital aspect of healthy plant growth. With their longevity, they reduce environmental footprint, and their versatility adds a layer of creativity to garden designs.

In essence, the right garden planning and elements like native plants and PVC planters can transform your outdoor space into an ecological haven, connecting you with nature while supporting biodiversity. Let your garden be an oasis of nature, beauty, and harmony, echoing your commitment to the environment.