9 Gifts to Give Your Entrepreneur Friend In 2024

The season of gifting never gets over, especially if you have friends who are business owners and entrepreneurs.

Today, nearly 46% of the younger generation uses social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to choose sensational gifts for their friends.

You’ll find many different gifting options for your loved ones on the web. But if you have an entrepreneur friend, you must focus mainly on gifts they can use for their business!

So, if you’re looking for useful business-related items, keep reading this article!

1. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is one of the best gifts that any entrepreneur can use. This little speaker comes with Amazon’s very own assistant named Alexa.

You can activate it using voice commands and enjoy some free time listening to music or simply getting the latest news updates by asking her.

It’s a perfect gift for entrepreneurs since most don’t have the time to open the newspaper or scroll through their phones for updates. Moreover, it’s also quite affordable and long-lasting.

2. Whiteboard and Markers


This might not seem like a very fancy gift, but in reality, it has innumerable uses. For example, every entrepreneur knows the importance of a good brainstorming session. And a whiteboard with magnetic markers is the ideal place to write down thoughts and ideas.

Moreover, a whiteboard costs much less, so you can easily get it for your entrepreneur buddy even with a tight budget.

A big whiteboard and some glossy markers can be hung in your friend’s office. They can use it to write down their daily to-do lists, important meetings, or mindless scribbles!

3. Digital Business Cards

If your friend has just started their business, they probably need an affordable marketing tool to reach out to customers. So, order business cards and see how much of a difference it makes!

However, if conventional, paper-based business cards seem a little boring or they already have one, you must get something better.

For instance, you can get them digital business cards as they are the latest thing in the market today. You can even pick from different materials like plastic or wood.

These cards can be equipped with an electronic chip or a QR codes, which will give them all the information they need when tapped against the receiver’s smartphone.

4. Kindle


For the entrepreneur mate who loves to read and widen their knowledge, a Kindle will be ideal. Not only will it hold thousands of books all in one place, but it’s also portable and lightweight.

Therefore, your friend won’t have to carry around a stack of books to read the next time they wish to get some inspiration.

Whenever your friend is bored or has a bit of time to spare, they can simply open their Kindle and start reading through business journals, self-help books, or even fiction. Even though it can be a little costly, the gift is definitely worth it.

5. Power Bank

Surprisingly, so many business owners still don’t carry power banks with them. Well, if your friend is one of them, then you need to get them a good power bank today!

With it, they won’t have to worry about running out of charge when they go somewhere for their next big client meeting.

Or if they’re traveling on the flight, they can easily plug their phones into the power bank and keep working.

There are lots of power banks, all from different brands. But remember to choose one that comes with good battery life and a sleek design.

6. Portable Scanner


Again, this might be a little expensive for many, but a portable scanner is essential in any office.

A portable or wireless scanner will do this job perfectly if your friend needs to go over a contract or immediately send it to someone.

Moreover, today’s scanners are lightweight. So, your friend can also carry them to nearby areas and get their work done.

For any digital copies of documents, a portable scanner will be there to produce a copy without using any computer or camera.

But here, too, the brand of the scanner is important since some brands produce scanners that quickly break down.

7. Square Card Reader

If your favorite entrepreneur friend wants to accept card payments from clients but doesn’t have the proper equipment to process mobile card payments, then a square card reader is a good idea.

Even though digital payment methods have become much easier, they can sometimes be a hassle. This is why a square card reader can come in handy.

This reader comes with an opening where the credit or debit card can be inserted. The customer then swipes the card reader with the card inside, and the payment will be instantly made!

8. Coffee Maker


Let’s be honest, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. And if your friend hasn’t established their business completely, it can be even more grueling for them.

Get a good coffee or espresso maker to help your friend cope with tiredness and all-nighters.

No matter what kind of coffee your friend likes, a good coffee maker will be able to churn out a nice, steaming cup for them.

You can even give them a pack of coffee beans along with the machine as a good-luck gift!

9. Smartwatch

Since entrepreneurs have to keep working throughout the day, it’s quite natural for them to feel burnt out and mentally exhausted.

But if there’s one thing that can fix this burnout, it’s a good jogging session or a workout at the gym. And a smartwatch is the perfect partner for burning those calories.

Any good smartwatch will contain sports modes like running, weightlifting, cycling, and swimming.

Additionally, your friend can also track their oxygen saturation levels and their blood pressure to ensure they stay healthy throughout.


Over to you

These are some of the best items that you can surprise your entrepreneur friend with. They are bound to make their office work much easier. So don’t wait anymore, and start looking these up online!