How Deep Should You Make Your Family Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are designed for the people who want to enjoy them, they come in various shapes, sizes, and depths. Yet when it comes to how deep you should make your pool, it depends on your family and its various necessities and tastes.

It all comes down to the type of people in your family, are you all the lounging around type or the cannonball enthusiasts. There is a different depth suitable for each of your needs, it is up to you to ultimately decide what suits you the best.


Mix it Up

The combination that we see most often is the multiple depth pool. It is built for an all-inclusive experience. That means a shallow end for the kids who are just getting used to dip their feet in the water and one that is a little deeper on the other end to accommodate for a few swim time feats!

A standard pool that “mixes it up” starts off with 3.5 feet on the shallow end and slowly gets deeper and deeper to go either to 5 feet or more.



If you find the experience of jumping off a diving board to be exhilarating and consider it a must-have, then your pool should be at least 8 feet deep. This is all and well, but there is a little something to be cautioned about.

A standard pool length is usually about 30 to 40 feet in length. When the shallow side of the pool starts at 3.5 and slopes down to 8 feet to accommodate the diving board the pool surface is put on a dangerously steep slope.

This makes it easy for children or beginners to slip and injure themselves. Moreover, improper diving habits can also become particularly dangerous.

Hence, pools that have been designed to accommodate for the diving experience usually scale from 8 feet to 12 feet over in the deep end of the pool.


Laps and Sports

If you and your family love having those weekend barbeques by the pool and enjoy a fun game or two of pool volleyball then you would want to stick to about 4 feet of depth. This makes it fun to enjoy a range of water sports.

At this depth, you would also be able to plan your workouts and water aerobics. If you happen to be a little more enthusiastic about keeping in shape you can also do your daily set of laps here quite comfortably.

All About the Kids

If you are looking to afford your kids the perfect swimming experience and you want to watch the young ones explore a new world moderately shallow pool would serve you well. Children love having fun in the water when they can still rely on their two feet for getting around.


Young children would also enjoy an 18-inch depth for them to play in and splash around. This is called a tanning edge. For ones that are a little older, it may be well worth it to make the shallow end a bit deeper and extend it to around 3.5 feet. This could also be a good idea if you are planning for the future when they grow up a little more.

Just Chilling

Some of us enjoy just lazing around in the water as we soak in the sun’s rays. Or just splashing around the pool with friends, while not really doing anything. Maybe we would like to play a few rounds of Marko Polo as you just pass the time.

For things like that, you would want the water to be close to your waist. Despite your height, it is not recommended to get a pool with a depth below 3.5 feet.


Initial Cost and Maintenance

Although it is not always the major source of concern, budget is always a factor in our decisions. The budget would vary mostly based on the requirements that you have. Just remember that as a general rule of thumb the deeper the pool, the more expensive it will get.

This counts for both the initial and maintenance cost, as the bigger the pool the harder it is to maintain. If you are looking for a budget-friendly pool developer then you would want to seek out a company like so that you can facilitate a luxurious yet affordable pool.

When it comes to the monetary aspects of a pool, there is one perfect balance that you must find. For instance, you may love diving and have your heart set on a diving board for your backyard pool. Would you really want to pass it up?


All in all, if you are looking for an all-rounded and standard pool you would want to opt for the 3.5 feet depth. However, if you are looking for something a little more adventurous and are willing to put down the cash for it you would do well to go for the 8 feet to 9 feet pool depth.

Summing it Up

After all this, you must have gotten a better idea of what you are in the market for. The person that is best suited to decide the pool that is right for the family is you. When taking this decision you would need to consider the activities that you most enjoy, as well as the ones your kids would like to do.


A swimming pool is an investment in your family’s health and entertainment. The morning laps and the weekend barbeque lifestyle are something that many would love to have. Now that you have decided to indulge in this luxury it is important that you find the perfect depth for the swimming pool you will be getting.

Finding the perfect pool for your family is a reflection of all your characteristics. While deciding the pool best for you it is important to also consider the safety of your children and elders if they are present in your household.

As you balance the budget and your needs, we hope you will be able to make a better and more informed decision about your family pool!