How High-Tech is Rapidly Revolutionizing Commercial Building Security – 2024

All too often, attacks on innocent people that occur on commercial properties could have been prevented if the owner provided more security, especially during the nighttime when it’s needed the most. Proper lighting, CCTV, and even armed guards can go a long way in making property secure so that you can avoid being assaulted, shot, or stabbed when you least expect it. In fact, commercial property owners must make their facilities as secure as possible, by law, or face the legal consequences should you get stabbed by a mad attacker.

Says the professionals at Stein Law, if you are the victim of a vicious attack that involves a knife, you might be asking yourself, can I sue someone for stabbing me? This is a natural question to pose, especially while you’re lying in a hospital bed recovering from a traumatic incident. The answer is, of course, yes.

Keep in mind brutal attacks happen every day on someone else’s property, such as a parking lot, a bar, a shopping center, and even school campuses. While the perpetrator of the crime is ultimately responsible, the property owner is likely to share in the legal liability if they fail to provide a safe and secure environment for visitors, guests, and customers. This means you can sue the property owners, too.

It’s with this clearly in mind that many property owners are constantly thinking about ways to beef up their security efforts in these lawless times when prosecutors often choose the side of the perpetrator over that of the victim. Some of the safety and security answers, it turns out, can be found in high-tech.

According to a recent report by Unissu, now that building security is at the highest level of priority than it has been in decades, building owners and managers are said to be on the lookout for platforms and products that will provide them with the best overall protection possible.

The two main categories that fall under the heading “building security” are camera systems and access control. Both have existed for a long, long time, but only now is the high-tech revolution truly making its mark on their potential for protection in the 2020s and beyond.

High-Tech Security Camera Systems


Security camera systems have been a mainstay for commercial property owners for decades. This is especially true for closed circuit TV (CCTV) systems, which require a security agent or an owner’s representative to watch a TV screen constantly for the system to be effective.

But despite its relative effectiveness, closed-circuit security camera systems can’t help but allow for human error, usually in the form of fatigue, lack of focus, or total distraction. Even a simple trip to the bathroom could potentially mean an innocent person will get stabbed right outside the building, and no one will witness it happening on the CCTV system.

For CCTV to work on a failsafe basis, constant attention needs to be paid to each screen 24/7. This is why the security camera sector of commercial building security and safety is ripe for innovation and new high-technology engineering.

Cloud-Based Security Camera Platforms

Security engineering firms realize fully that humans are flawed and cannot perform a proper analysis of what’s going on in real-time security. Therefore, they invented a cloud-based security platform that’s able to unlock the entire potential of security cameras, which, in theory, can improve property security and overall property management.

Building managers and owners can now use the new cloud-based systems to track people, recognize hand gestures, build interaction maps, plus create heat maps of motion inside a specific space. The system is said to discern between different types of human behavior like suspicious activity, eating, smoking, running, stealing, falling, shooting, stabbing, assaulting, etc.

Engineers say you can think of the new cloud-based security camera platforms as the brains behind the cameras. It knows how to categorize and track movements, and it will alert you when a safety breach or concern arises.

Access Control Building Security Systems


Access control refers to the safety practice of restricting entrance to a building or a specific area of the building to authorized persons only. For years, access control was accomplished by a simple standard lock and key. The main problem with lock and key is that it won’t allow restriction of the key holder to specific times, dates, or days. It also does not provide records of when the key and locks were utilized.

It’s also possible to copy keys and transfer them to unauthorized people. When a key is lost, or the keyholder is no longer authorized to enjoy access to the authorized area, perhaps due to a fire, the locks must be changed, which can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Clearly, a better solution to the lock and key is needed.

Mobile Access Control Security System


Recently, security and safety engineers were able to develop a mobile access control security system that works with the standard lock and key access principle. The new high-tech solution is set up over existing low-tech mechanical lock and key systems, which means that installation is fast and extremely cost-effective.

Mobile access control is said to allow users to lock or unlock doors via an app or a mobile browser. All data regarding locks and unlocks is encrypted while, at the same time, no critical or top-secret information can be stored on mobile devices.

The new access system allows building owners and managers to better manage who has access to where and when by initiating quick changes on the system dashboard. This means the days of having new keys made or locks changed are over. Because the system is fully electronic and digitized, security alerts are distributed to the necessary personnel when it’s required.

New high-tech engineering is making its mark on commercial property security, which means the chances of you being assaulted or stabbed inside or outside a building have become less likely. However, in the event that you are seriously attacked, the highly advanced security systems will be able to make a visual recording of the attacker, which will greatly assist law enforcement with making an arrest or arrest.

It’s a sad fact of life that crime is on the rise in the U.S. But the good news is that security and safety engineering is keeping up with it.