Breaking Down the Price ─ How Much Does the UK Global Business Mobility Visa Cost?

Prior to applying for one of these visas (or the global business mobility visa in particular), applicants must meet a list of requirements. All visa types have identical financial requirements for visa applicants and their families.

A valid sponsorship certificate from a recognized sponsor is also required to file for any of these visas. Through the Global Business Mobility Visa, certain categories of employees have preferential access to employment opportunities in the United Kingdom.

Despite the apparent complexity of the GBM criteria, these pathways can be a valuable addition to a company’s global mobility policy and facilitate the expansion of UK-based businesses when accompanied by competent counsel. This article describes the Global Business Mobility visa, its subclasses, and the maximum period of stay for each. Here is all that you should know about it.

UK Global Business Mobility Visa Cost ─ Top 6 Things To Know


1. How to apply for it?

The Global Business Mobility visa must be applied for online at You must submit an application form and a number of supporting documents, including your sponsorship certificate, information about the organization paying for your visa, and proof that you have worked the required number of hours for the sponsoring organization.

Additionally, you will need identification documents. If you choose to complete this process digitally, the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app will scan your identity document, and will do half the work for you.

Alternatively, you can complete this process in person at a visa application facility by submitting biometrics. For your biometric resident permit, your photo and fingerprints will be taken at a visa application center. When you submit your application, the process for validating your identity will be explained.

Remember that you must submit a new application if you wish to extend your Global Business Mobility visa, transfer it from another visa, or update it if your employment status changes.

2. Who is the global business mobility route and visa aimed at?

Due to the general nature of this procedure, the specific objective of the company or foreign worker will determine which subcategory to register under. A new category of sponsored routes, Global Business Mobility routes, has been established to facilitate the establishment of overseas offices and the relocation of employees to the United Kingdom for specific business purposes.

To sponsor an employee for this type of visa, an employer must possess a Sponsor License with an A list or A star rating. If a business is already listed on the register of licensed sponsors, it can apply for a Sponsor Licence to ensure that its current license meets the objectives and goals of its future employment plans.

3. What kind of fees are you looking at?


Visa fees for Senior and Specialist Workers might vary from £625 to £1,423 based on the applicant’s individual situation. When applying for a visa under any of the other Global Business Mobility categories, you may expect to pay a total of £259. The following items are also necessary to apply for or take into consideration:

  • Healthcare for immigrants should receive an annual increase of £624. If you don’t qualify for an exemption, you’ll need to show proof that you have at least £1,270 in cash to cover your time in the United Kingdom.
  • If you’re applying for a Global Business Mobility visa from outside the UK, the process will take three weeks; if you’re applying from within the UK, it will take around eight weeks to conclude.

4. How does the IHS work?

One important factor to take into consideration is the IHS. The IHS must be paid in full at the time a visa is applied for. The total amount due will be determined by the cost of your visa and your intended duration of stay in the United Kingdom.

Currently, the price is £624. A five-year Ancestry visa costs £3,120, which is due in full upon application. There are additional fees for the following categories of common visas:

  • Spouse licenses cost £1,560.
  • Fee for spousal extension: $1,560.
  • The Youth Mobility Scheme made $1,240 available.
  • The annual student visa fee is £470.

5. Extending a global business mobility visa

Although the Global Business Mobility visa is intended for foreign nationals on short-term work assignments in the United Kingdom, British citizens will be able to apply for extensions of stay up to the maximum permitted under each route.

Even the UK Expansion Worker route, which is intended to replace the Representative of an Overseas Business visa and previously allowed visa holders to pursue indefinite permission to remain in the UK, will not lead to direct settlement in the UK.

Foreign employees in the United Kingdom on a Global Business Mobility visa must meet certain eligibility requirements to qualify for an alternative immigration route that does lead to settlement, such as the Skilled Worker route.

6. Who can apply for the Global Business Mobility Visa?


Current personnel of international organizations must meet specific requirements to qualify for a Global Business Mobility visa. Here is the list:

If your company has a subsidiary or branch in the United Kingdom, consider this.

Professionals in the United Kingdom with the specialized knowledge required by a business.

Executives relocating to the company’s operations in the United Kingdom Students enrolled in a formal training program at the graduate level for enterprises without offices or other facilities in the United Kingdom. Service providers must enter the UK to provide a service covered by a UK trade agreement.

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