6 Legal Things To Know About Title IX And Sex Discrimination

It is a great thing that officials are working on the introduction and improvements of new laws and regulations that will protect people from sexual abuse, mobbing, and discrimination. When it comes to the United States, the introduction of the IX law is a great step in protecting people of all genders and sexual orientations against any sort of sexual harassment.

The biggest impact of this law is that it will protect teenagers. That is crucial for a sensitive group of people at this age during their development since being different can be very hard and challenging. which is especially the case for those that belong to the LGBTQ+ population or minorities.

Also, it will help both men and women to protect themselves. Unfortunately, the statistics are saying that more than 80% of girls will experience some sort of sexual harassment before they finish high school, and the numbers are only slightly lower for men.

If you are having a tough period where someone is bothering or assaulting you in any sort of way, it is essential to be aware of your rights. You can always ask for help from experts in this area, like Lento Law Firm. Besides that, it is important to learn more about your rights and how this law can protect you. Here are the most important things to know about IX and sex discrimination.

1. It is Not Only For Female Population

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One of the biggest misconceptions is that the officials introduced this law only to protect the girls in schools. While they are under these regulations of safety, other groups can use them to defend themselves as well. All genders and races are covered, along with the personnel that works in schools. The point is to prevent or punish any sort of violence that was targeting people for their specific gender, race, sexual orientation, and more.

2. There Must Be A Person Responsible for This Law in Every School

The reason why this is a good thing is that simply introducing teachers and professors to it might lead to some sort of covering. It is common that they will try to improve the status of the school in any way, which might cause some of them to hide certain issues. Therefore, each school must have a person specifically for dealing with discrimination and violence. Therefore, if any student is facing problems that are covered by this law, this person will help that person to resolve it in the best way.

3. You Can Report the School

The problem is that there are still many people who are working in schools all across the US who are either not familiar with this law or not interested in following the regulations introduced by it. We already mentioned the status of some schools, and how some professors find it very important. That could be the reason for some of them to hide and cover up some cases of sexual abuse and violence. However, this law is clear, and the school is not allowed to cover anything, while there must be a special relationship created with the alleged victim so this person can be safe during the process.

4. It Represents a Protection From Any Sort of Sexual Discrimination

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It is related to sports and education, and both men and women, no matter what they are feeling about themselves, and to which groups they belong, can use it as a protection in the case that they feel abused, separated, mocked, insulted, or physically attacked. Keep in mind that any sort of violence is punishable and that you should never ignore or suffer these things. It is crucial for the younger generation to understand the point of this law, which is to simply understand that there are some boundaries between people, and that consent is important in relations. Also, it will prevent people from trying any sort of violence or abusive acts to be intimate with someone, or to insult anyone for being different.

5. Public Schools and Universities Must Pay More Attention

The key is to help people to understand how important it is to never ignore some things. For example, if there is a teacher in the school who keeps targeting girls to insult them, abuse them, or even try to be more intimate with them. In this case, the school must react immediately and contact the officials. Also, this person must be moved from work. Even if you are not being a part of any sort of abusive behavior, but you knew what was happening, and someone managed to prove that, you will take a sort of responsibility at the court as well.

6. Acting on Time is Crucial

This is also the base of Title IX. It helps people realize how important it is to never ignore some things. Keep in mind that it can be a tough period for people who are different, especially during their development stage in elementary and high school. First of all, that is the period when boys and girls will start being interested in each other. However, the approach to these relations can be problematic when they are not educated properly. The introduction of this law is also bringing a raised awareness and it will help people to learn more about the importance of consent and not targeting anyone for any sort of differences.

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The key is to be aware of your rights in case you are feeling harassed or abused in any way. Ignoring things by thinking that they will simply pass and that things will become better over time can be an even bigger problem, especially for teenagers who can often show aggressive behavior. Therefore, the IX is a perfect solution that will help both adults and kids to know their rights and types of abusive behaviors so they can know the right moment to react and contact the officials for protection. Also, there are sensitive groups like non-traditional genders and minorities who will gain the biggest benefits from it.