Why Maeng Da Kratom is known as The King of The Kratom World

Kratom, a South East Asia tree common in Indonesia and Thailand, has a long history of use dating back thousands of years. Locals used to chew its leaves to get an energy boost while working, and more recently, scientists are finding evidence that kratom could be applied to many other therapeutic uses.

Kratom comes in different strains such as Malay, Thai, Borneo, Maeng da, Bali, etc. Maeng da Kratom from BulkKratomNow is the most famous of all the other strains, and below you will see an in-depth analysis of why it is the best.

Brief History of Maeng da Kratom

After the locals discovered this herbal medicine, they wanted to improve its potency and, consequently, the healing effects. Maeng da kratom was, therefore, born from grafting different strains of kratom.

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Kratom ‘s most abundant alkaloids are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, responsible for acquiring the alias ‘pimp’s grade’. The high concentrations of these alkaloids in Maeng Da make it highly potent. The plant also requires a lot of care and effort to ensure the end product lives up to the hype in medicinal and recreational use.

Why Maeng Da Kratom is the King of the Kratom World

1. Maeng Da Kratom is Highly Stimulating

It doesn’t matter how tired you are or the amount of work you have done; a small dose of kratom is just right to improve your focus and alertness to carry you throughout the day.

The kratom tree is a close relative to coffee as they both belong to the Rubiaceae family. However, regular coffee use can cause anxiety, jitters, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea in other cases.

Kratom eliminates the side effects of coffee while still enhancing your alertness and vitality.
With kratom, you can enjoy the benefits of making decisions faster, noticing details you would typically miss, and an increased tolerance for pressure at work.

Do you have trouble focusing? Or do you experience brain fog even after a restful night’s sleep? Maeng Da kratom can give you that needed morning boost for a day filled with drive and power. In the end, it translates to more productivity.

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2. Maeng Da Kratom for Pain

There are levels to how fast and effective kratom strains are in pain relief, and this strain tops the list by a large margin. Maeng Da has the highest percentage of alkaloids among Kratom strains, making it the best for pain relief.

The alkaloids bind to kappa opioid receptors in the brain and cause a reduced response to pain, just like morphine. Even though the powder has some side effects and a dependency potential, it pales in comparison to opioids.

Kratom’s analgesic properties can help patients heal from fibromyalgia, back pain, migraines, chronic pain, and arthritis. However, you should not replace your prescribed medications with kratom.

3. Ability to Enjoy Combined Effects

Since Maeng da kratom from the Golden Monk is a hybrid strain, you get to enjoy the synergistic effects of the red and green vein kratom to revitalize your spirit. You get pain relief with the former and boosted energy levels with the latter. It also potentiates dopamine release (the ‘feel-good’ hormone) hence more peace and happiness.

Maeng Da kratom also lowers stress hormones. With the proper dosage, its sedative effects allow you to enjoy quality sleep.

Processing kratom also produces three strains which include:

  • Green Maeng Da – This strain has 1/5 of the white vein and 4/5 of the green vein, making it ideal for enhancing cognition. Its mild effects make it suitable for beginners to explore their sweet spot.
  • Red Maeng Da – It has 2/5 white and 3/5 red vein per unit. It’s mainly used to increase drive, promote serenity, relieve muscle pain and fatigue. It is the strongest of the three, and use is recommended after an experience with other strains. Alternatively, new users can start with low doses before graduating to higher ones.
  • White Maeng Da – This strain has 7/10 white vein and 3/10 green vein. It’s processed by first drying indoors for 48 hours then dried in sunlight for about six hours. You get not only a peaceful and euphoric experience but also its delicious smell.

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Each of the three strains is suitable for a particular purpose. You should pick a strain that is ideal for your condition and desired effects. For instance, if you want to treat chronic pain, the Red Maeng Kratom might be the best choice.

4. Use in Opioid Withdrawal

Morphine, codeine, and heroine have a high addiction potential and fatal withdrawal symptoms. Maeng Da kratom, with its high potency and activity on the opioid receptors in the brain, help people ease into rehabilitation. Therefore, it can help save many lives and reduce the relapse probability.

Best Ways to Enjoy Maeng Da Kratom

You can take Maeng Da Kratom by chewing its leaves or infusing the powder with tea or orange juice for breakfast. If you don’t like kratom’s taste, then mixing the powder with beverages or foods is a great way to bypass it. Alternatively, use capsules as they are more discrete and mask the taste better.

People use it to enhance their fitness, improve mood, elevate their focus, and boost energy. A great way to maximize its effects is by taking it on an empty stomach. Most users find this approach more effective because the effects are stronger and last longer.

Most importantly, where you get your Maeng Da Kratom matters. Always shop from reputable kratom vendors where quality is guaranteed. While there are many genuine vendors online, it’s easy to land on inferior products from unreliable sources. So, make sure to check the seller’s reputation, kratom variety, production process, kratom source, and the third-party lab report.


One of the reasons Maeng Da Kratom bests all the other strains is that it has high concentrations of alkaloids and flavonoids. Therefore, users only need a small dose to get the full effects of this strain. Response to dosages differ among users due to age, sex, genetics, and new users are advised to experiment to know what works for them.

The FDA also doesn’t regulate the drug, so you should take caution before purchasing the powder. Please remember to consult a physician before using kratom.