How Do You Manage Your Bitcoin Investments – 2024 Guide

Bitcoin is the largest, most popular, and most traded cryptocurrency, so it is no wonder that it all looks really chaotic from the side. In fact, it can be really messy if the funds and strategies are not managed properly.

If you own a certain amount of Bitcoin and you use it for trading or reinvesting, it is good to know how to dispose of that amount and to distribute your funds wisely.

Many cryptocurrency traders treat their savings as capital investments. This means that more attention should be paid, be smart in planning, and recognize the favorable moments when it is good to re-invest. You also must keep an eye on every activity on the market, and get ready for the days when you have to risk more, in order to gain a good profit.

Most often, the platforms through which you conduct all those trades and exchanges, contain advanced tools and systems for monitoring the processes and managing your activities in the crypto market. There are also separate applications with which you actually have control over what you do and at all times you know how much you have invested and what are the expectations for a profit of the funds.

In addition, we will review some of these popular services, from which you will be able to choose and have the best for you and your activities:

1. Pattern Trader


In addition to having all the tools you need to transparently trade cryptocurrencies, you can actually save a complete history of your activities. Based on that, you can further detect your successful moves and create more successful strategies.

You do all this with a great deal of flexibility because the application is available for almost all devices. You also have control over all your activities, so you can decide how much money to invest in the next step. Most importantly, you monitor the whole process and follow what is happening live. You can find all this at

2. Coinbase


This is another popular platform for this purpose, which in addition to Bitcoin, includes other cryptocurrencies, which means that all investment and trading follow from the same place. Also, even fiat currencies are enabled, so you can have complete control over your financial activities.

Similar to the previous application, all the necessary data is available to you through the dashboard, and you set the criteria by which you follow the processes. In fact, you are creating an online portfolio of your investments and you always know what the exact market situation is, no matter what cryptocurrency is in your interest.

3. CoinTracking


Functional application with a clear dashboard, where you can follow literally everything related to your trading activities. In addition to Bitcoin, other currencies are included. The best thing is that there is a tool with which you can automatically calculate your taxes, which is difficult to do manually. You can also automate the whole process, or choose to trade manually when you feel it is the right time. Make sure all the parameters are assigned before you decide to launch the automated process.

These are just three of the recommended apps that you can use, but of course, there are others. Sometimes, some are related to geolocation, so they are only available in certain parts of the world. However, in addition to such applications, certain personal skills are needed, as well as objectivity, which we will explain in the text below.

Useful tips for managing Bitcoin investments

In addition to trading and monitoring applications, you need to work on your general knowledge related to cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is known for its volatile and volatile nature, so that is one factor you must keep in mind. Even when you think you know everything about this currency, there will always be additional information that is worth reading and supplementing your knowledge. You may have read a lot of literature and experiences last month, but many things have changed and you need to re-engage with the material.

Always plan before you take a big step. Even when it seems like a move makes sense, think again. Include more diversity in your portfolio, because if you focus on just one cryptocurrency, you can easily become oversaturated and make reckless moves.

Do not overlook the volatility of this market. Do not go bitcoin hunting. You need to have a plan for what you want to do and achieve.

Perhaps the most useful piece of advice you will get today is to keep your savings in cold or hot wallets. Many have made the mistake of keeping them in exchanges, yet these are platforms that can easily be hacked and all this can result in a huge disaster.

Which strategy to choose?


When it comes to strategies, there is no one that is pre-defined. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Do not forget about all the tricky things that are present in this market, of which the volatility of value should always be taken into account.

Of course, invest money that you can afford, within the limits of the risk you can tolerate.

Once you become active in this market, you will get a clear image of what is happening around you, and how do you need to behave in the specific cases.


As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when investing in Bitcoin. It’s very popular, but still a pretty risky and volatile currency, so you shouldn’t ignore those factors. Find a platform that is allowed in your region, but make sure it’s trustworthy and legit before you put your money on it.

You need to act smartly, without unplanned decisions, and of course, never let your emotions mess with your actions. This market is pretty unstable, so you need to determine which amount of money you are ready to spend on your crypto games.

Don’t skip on any important factor. Everything is crucial, even those little things that seem like they are not relevant to the topic.