5 Must-Have Marketing Apps and Platforms for Realtors

The real estate industry has been witnessing an increase in technology, especially in the marketing department. Some of these apps have been around for quite a while; others are new. Nevertheless, these apps and platforms are designed to boost your marketing strategy and carve out your niche. From Field management software like i4TGlobal to 3rd party marketing apps all can improve the overall sales of your business. To get the best out of your marketing campaign, here are a few platforms and apps you may want to consider.

1. Facebook

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In today’s digital era, realtors need a social media presence to maintain relevance in the real estate industry. Most potential leads look to social media platforms when choosing a realtor to work with. These leads may visit your social media handle to know more about you before committing to a business relationship.

Facebook is a free social media platform that offers various marketing opportunities for realtors. Using Facebook is one of the most efficient ways to connect to potential leads. It can be a good alternative to sending emails or initiating calls.

Facebook also comes with an added advantage of ads, where you can make ads that can be shared with your Facebook contacts. Through this social media platform, you can also add links to your official website and other platforms for your users to know more about your business.

2. Wise Pelican

The real estate industry can greatly benefit from the use of postcard templates. These templates can be created in large numbers and sent to multiple leads. They are a good way of creating brand awareness and keeping leads in the loop about new properties and listings.

When designing the template, you need to photograph well images of the buildings, properties and listings you have under your portfolio and within the service area. Be sure to include all your business information, including booking details for clients to schedule appointments.

Wise Pelican is designed to offer realtors professional postcard templates integrated into their systems for easy designing and adjustment. This platform also offers users campaign tracking and list management tools that you can use to upload your email list and filter it after each mailing. The platform can also help you build an email list if you don’t have one. The platform is designed to help with pre-scheduling mailing to ensure consistency.

3. YouTube

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The last decade has seen an increase in V-logs and video marketing across various industries. This platform is proving to be one of the most powerful marketing platforms in the real estate industry to generate new leads. Through YouTube videos, you can add a personal touch to your advertisement and a visual appeal.

In today’s real estate market, realtors using videos to market their listings have seen an increase of more than 400% compared to those without. This has further been increased by the recent surge in internet use owing to the pandemic. Various potential leads have moved to multiple online platforms such as YouTube to compare and contrast their options.

When using YouTube to market you’re your real estate firm, you have to regularly post videos presenting expert advice and opinion and show both old and new listings. YouTube advertising is also one of the best ways to boost your Google search ratings. The more people view your content on various frequented platforms, the more they develop an interest in the offering.

The only downside to using this platform for your marketing strategy is that YouTube videos are relatively difficult to make compared to those users on platforms such as Facebook ad Instagram. You have to take time and learn how to come up with high-quality videos before posting videos on this platform. With these skills, you can even integrate the videos with your brand for optimal results.

4. Bold Leads

In most cases, realtors may find themselves lacking in the necessary marketing skills needed to generate prospects. However, with the use of Bold Leads, realtors can effectively find leads and cultivate them into customers. This platform provides realtors with a unique platform where ad experts design and place ads in strategic platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

These ads are usually tailored around some of the things that potential leads may be interested in. These vary from free property valuation for those looking to sell and specialized listing for potential buyers.

Once the lead clicks on the ad, they are redirected to a landing page to submit their information in exchange for the services they are looking for. With their information captured, you can add them to your customer relationship management, where you can contact them later through an automated service or manually.

The best part about using BoldLeads is you are given access to more than forty landing page templates you can redesign to fit your business needs. The platform also offers a series of back-end training to realtors looking to learn how to optimize the platform.

The downside to using BoldLeads is that they no lo0nger offer clients exclusive territories. The platform recently changed its policy, offering more than one realtor access to one zip code. In some cases, realtors have even stated that this platform is not the best option for generating referrals.

5. BombBomb

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This is an email marketing platform that provides users with a unique feature of incorporating videos into emails. Thus media has numerous applications across various industries. However, it was primarily designed to serve in the real estate business.

This is one of the best options for realtors looking to explore video marketing as part of their marketing campaign. BombBomb is, however, used mainly by individual realtors throughout the industry. This platform has even received endorsement from the National Association of Realtors and has been incorporated into various major real estate software.

Through this platform, realtors can upload content and sent blast emails for their marketing campaigns. The platform also offers users a chance to either upload or record videos used when designing video emails. Through some of its priced subscriptions, users are also given access to software, including forms and automation used to generate leads and automating your marketing campaign. It also features a mobile app for Android and IOS that can come in handy when responding to emails.

The downside to using this platform is the pricing; some of the subscription packages are slightly expensive and unclear to users. The user interface is also a bit technical, forcing users to invest in other applications such as Zapier to make things easier.


There are various apps and platforms that realtors can use for their trade. All you have to do is an arrow on those that fit your business model and promise success. It is best to research and consult on what others are using and if they are delivering results.