Motorcycle Accident

8 Legal Tips For Severe Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims ─ 2024 Guide

Litigation cases involve different issues and claims that the plaintiff puts forward. Motorcycle accidents are the most challenging issues to litigate among all the others. There are many reasons to support this claim. The grounds include the nature of these claims, followed by the inherent inequalities that tend to develop between a motor vehicle and a motorcycle. Also, additional factors like the car’s size and weight must be noticed.

It is essential as such issues come along with perceived bias against motorcyclists. The risks in these cases are high as there are high chances of a person going through a physical ailment which can be permanent in the worst scenarios. Hence, it is essential to get yourself covered and make the correct claims with the help of expert professionals like Poisson, Poisson & Bower, PLLC.

Personal injury claims take time to reach the conclusion stage, and also, as a rational human, there are chances that people who have suffered from such injuries are not aware of the legalities. Hence, injury experts should come into the picture as their experience and tips help strengthen your case and overcome the challenges that can reach the way of getting the compensation you deserve.

Here are the basic steps you can do while your legal expert arrives on the spot or gains knowledge of the happening of the unfortunate event.

1. Seek Medical Help


Motorcycle accidents can be random and non-serious to fatal. The injuries can be as severe as head trauma or others that can last a lifetime. Also, there can be chances that the person who has witnessed the accident can be unconscious right after it and they are transported to the hospital in the emergency room.

Medical treatment is necessary if the person has sustained injuries, and if they have not undergone any damage, it is essential to get verified by a medical expert. All these things are necessary to establish the alibi of the injury and the overall incident. Also, these things work to establish a causal link between the accident and the damage.

2. Cater To All The Recommendations And Instructions

The accident victim has to continuously undergo treatment or checkups until the doctor declares them fit for their chores. Also, the patient must obey all the instructions, especially the precautions that should be exercised.

Before the claim is settled, the victim should have completed the medical process, and the treatment should be declared as conducted by the doctor. It helps settle the claim because the expenses are used for deciding the damages or the amount of compensation.

Also, you should know that insurance claims look for different ways to deny or justify the issues by offering a lower amount. Hence, the completion of the process is mandatory.

3. Involve The Cops

Even if it is a minor accident and you think it can be resolved later, you should call the cops. Documentation of the accident is essential and helps by acting as evidence if you develop an internal injury or issue due to the accident. When there is a police record, it should have important information, including the driver and vehicle details that are involved in the accident.

Also, it should include details like insurance documentation, identity proofs, the nature of the accident, and any other credible and valuable information. It should be mentioned, especially when it is a hit-and-run case. Also, the report should include information on whether the other driver or vehicle owner received a citation or the observations the investigation officer has made.

4. Don’t Go For External Vehicle Repairs


It can look like a counterintuitive tip. But, it is a legal essential, and if you ask any expert, they will ask you to do the same. The sole reason behind this is that the vehicle involved in the accident is the most prominent and untouched evidence.

It will help in determining the seriousness of the issue. Also, in some cases, vehicle experts are called witnesses and have to testify about the nature and severity of the problems based on their experience.

The damaged vehicle can help you strengthen your claim and get your deserved compensation.

5. Make Videos Or Take Pictures of Motorcycle Accident

If you have not witnessed any physical injury and the damage is more to the vehicle, you are in the correct position to collect evidence to support your claim. You can make a video of the accident scene and the vehicles that are involved in the accident. If the cars have been moved aside, you can take pictures as they can act as solid proof.

6. Collect Any Circumstantial Evidence

Apart from the videos and pictures, you can try and collect any other circumstantial evidence that can help strengthen your take on the issue. It will be secondary evidence, and you can use it if any false claims can cause damage to your case.

7. Look For Witnesses


Further, you can discuss with people around when the clash happened. You can try to talk to them and ask them if they can testify in court. Eyewitnesses are strong evidence that can help lead the court in the right direction. Also, you can sit with your attorney to prepare crosses for the witnesses that can be presented by the other party too.

You can note the names of people and their contact information so that you can reach out to them whenever needed in court for appearance and testifying.

8. Note All Your Expenses

You should avoid posting such things on social media portals until the situation becomes extreme; hence, there is a natural need for the same. Further, you should note all your expenses that have occurred while catering to the requirements of the motorcycle accident.

Also, it would be best to keep your attorney in the loop for everything you do on your end or have done earlier so they can form a strong take on the case and proceed accordingly.


Motorcycle accident injury claims are of different types, and the degree of seriousness can differ from one incident to another. The shares can also vary, and the know-how will be additional. But, these are the essential legal steps that all people involved in such injuries should take so that they are in a better place to stand up for their claim and get the deserving compensation.