Checklist For Moving Into a New House

Relocating to a new place is a happy occasion that should arouse the feeling of happiness and anticipation. But, sometimes, it may feel like a disorganized mess. A checklist for moving into a new house will ensure high-end organization no matter how many items are in the house.

In-home furniture movers at will often offer professional advice on how to plan the move but a checklist for moving out of home will give a step-by-step breakdown on what should and should not be done. That’s where this moving checklist comes in.

These things to do checklist for moving into a new home will make shifting homes effortless.

1. Schedule a Walk-through

The first thing anyone considering relocating to a new house should do before moving in is to take a walk around the building. Why is this necessary? It brings to light home improvements and other essential homewares necessary in the apartment.

Will the house need repairs? Does it have structural issues? Are there pipe leaks? Are the door handles in place? Will the roof need replacement? The answers to these questions rely on completing a thorough walk-through of the house.

2. Set Up Safe Zones for Kids and Pets


Is the new house safe for kids and pets? A Walk thorough will make it easy to determine this answer. If the answer is negative, the next step is to take safety measures to ensure kids and pets don’t harm themselves or enter a danger zone.

Some safety measures to consider include:

  • Cover open electric outlets
  • Secure heavy furniture against the wall
  • Keep windows closed
  • Stow knife, scissors, and other sharp objects on the wall cabinet above their reach
  • Keep trash bins closed
  • Keep detergents and cleaning solutions tightly covered

3. Figure Out How to Unpack

It’s not enough to pack in an organized way. Anyone moving homes should also consider how to make unpacking items in the boxes easy.

For instance, moving to a three-bedroom apartment means there will be tons of boxes scattered everywhere in the new house. Without an unpacking plan, it will be difficult to get the box contents arranged without getting frustrated.

The best unpacking plan anyone can have is to prioritize rooms they use every day, such as the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. This way, it is easy to stay organized even in a cluttered apartment.

4. Set up Connectivity and Utilities


Before changing homes, transfer utilities from the current house to the new place. Alternatively, research utility provides around the new house, then choose one that seems reliable but make sure to do this ahead of the move-out day. Else, spending nights without gas, water, and light won’t seem impossible.

Also, having knowledge about power supplies will save you from accidents so it is better to read information about it. You can easily find articles about it online because there are sites like Bravo Electro that specialize in it and they share information about it.

Once the utilities are set, get the internet, phone services, and TV service set up. While installing the internet is possible through a DIY route, phone services are another hassle. Contact phone service providers on time before the move to ensure that making calls in the house, no matter its location is possible.

5. Find Where Smoke Detectors, Water Valves, and Other Home Functions are Located

Emergencies like explosions, malfunctioning pumps, and electricity outages might occur. The mistake homeowners make is to remain ignorant of where these functions are. Leaking pipes, damaged water pump, fire, and electricity outages might occur during the wee hours of the night. Not knowing where these functions are will make those few hours without these home essentials frustrating.

6. Get Reliable Security Installed

It is important for anyone moving into a new house to upgrade their home’s security system simply because other people may have access to the current security lock. Contact a locksmith to change the house locks as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to install additional security like a CCTV or security alarm to keep burglars away. Most security upgrades cost anywhere between $0 to $199 depending on the state and security company. Monthly charges won’t even range as high as $50. So, get reliable security for the new apartment.

7. Deep Clean


Of course, the previous homeowners may have scrubbed every spot in the house clean, but that doesn’t guarantee a dust or dirt-free room. Before move-out day or unpacking homewares, take the time to clean every inch of the house. If a DIY route seems too challenging, hire cleaning services to take care of the cleaning task. You can hire house cleaning services in Portland Maine to make your work easier. They often charge between $30 to $59 per hour depending on how large the house is, its location, and specific cleaning needs.

8. Update Home Address on Time

In the event of planning the transit, packing up the house, hiring shipping companies, and updating utilities, the chances of overlooking the need to change house address are 100%. That is why to avoid this, it is important to include it in the to-do list.

Make sure to update the address before move-out. Failure to do so will mean missed mail, especially the important ones from banks, hospitals, insurance companies, and every other service provider.

9. Create Time to Learn About the New Environment

Simply put, connect with the new community.

It’s not easy to leave in a new place with unfamiliar faces and routes. While the neighbors can help make things easy by asking them, it’s always best to get first-hand information than word-of-mouth info. So, after unpacking, create time to explore the community. Walk through the neighborhood and find where community centers, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, grocery stalls, shopping malls, theatres, museums, barbers shop, spas, nearby restaurants, cafes, gyms, and other essential shopping outlets that make daily living convenient.


Moving can be messy, but in the craziness of changing homes, a checklist for moving into another home will be the shining star to make a memorable transit. Just forget about the whole craziness that comes with changing homes and create a checklist with all the specifics that make relocating to a new place trouble-free.