5 Ways a New Deck Can Impact Your Home’s Resale Value – 2024 Guide

Any project that involves improving or repairing a certain part of your home can significantly increase its value. That is why most owners dedicate themselves to these projects if they have enough funds and will to do so. Every repair will make your house more attractive to customers. So remodeling is a great thing if you are planning to move out soon. On the other hand, the poor appearance of a home has a rather bad effect on its value.

That is why a new deck is always a good investment. You simply can’t go wrong with that choice, because it raises the value of the house for many reasons. First of all, they give people a place to enjoy, it also increases the space for use, and it will cost you much less than one room in the house. To find out what all the other benefits of installing it are, keep reading and learn more about it.

1. Location

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If your home is located in a location that provides excellent conditions for a home with a deck, this is a great opportunity for you. Home with the deck will in this case have an advantage over many other options when it comes to customer perception. For example, these are places like Texas, Florida, California, etc. These places are good examples where a home with a deck would be very popular and can be used almost a whole year.

2. Material

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The winning combination is a home with a deck made of a material that does not require much time commitment. The good thing is that there are different materials on the market that will help you attract interested buyers. For example, a wood deck is considered the option that provides the best return on investment. While on the one hand it is a very affordable material it also increases the value of reselling the home. The disadvantage of this material is only less resistant to the effects of weather and temperature. In that case, we can say that this choice requires a little more attention when it comes to maintenance. This is necessary in order to maintain their quality and value. Deck experts from decksforlife told us that if you want durable wood to opt for pressure treated wood deck so take that into consideration too.

Composite floors are an even better option, but also more expensive. The reason is its great resistance to bad weather, rain, wind as well as extreme temperatures. For them, regular cleaning is enough to keep their attractive appearance. That is why this is the most popular choice of many homeowners.

3. Functionality

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If you opt for a new deck, you get extra space. This way you can enjoy a space that is much more than the outside of the house. It is a place where you can spend carefree days relaxing, making burgers during a summer or enjoying your favorite morning coffee. So, many buyers will consider this part, because it can be their favorite place in the house. It is their opportunity to create new successes with their family, friends and the cost of maintenance will not cost them much. Experiences like this aren’t much fun on uneven backyard land, but home with a deck is something else.

Especially if you opt for some phenomenal design, additional features or accessories that will make this time even more fun and enjoyable. Today you have many ways to beautify your yard. By that we mean gardens, various types of fences, grass, but a new deck is something best of all. This will surely attract a lot more attention to customers, because with the new deck option you will achieve a wow effect. This can be a turning point that will affect whether someone really wants your home.

4. New living space

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In addition to functionality, this decision will significantly increase your living space. It means much more space for work, play, and enjoyment. However, it does not have to be a place that is exclusively intended for fun and relaxation. It is also an opportunity to have more space to store things outdoors. In doing so, it is a much more profitable investment than adding real squares for the purpose of expanding your home. In this way, you will provide potential buyers with an attractive offer. It refers to providing peace and quiet in which they will be able to enjoy their favorite place in the house.

Everyone wants to escape from this fast-paced everyday life at some point, even for a short time. That is why most people in their homes create a kind of oasis of peace that would allow it. In such circumstances, it is easier to work, which means that for many people, there would be office space in the open.

5. Safety

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Many other building materials get a wet look, rot, etc. over time. This means that the safety of the household is in danger. Such floors are very unstable, because they move or fall out. Holes that look very unsightly are also obtained over time. For example, wooden fences are easy to dry and bend. A big problem is the appearance of splinters, which are additionally dangerous, especially while small children are nearby. However, the new deck made of premium material provides maximum security. If you want to upgrade an old deck that didn’t provide you with enough security or functionality, definitely do it. It is certainly a new opportunity to assess your current situation and decide what it is that would improve the current look of your space.

To do this as best you can, ask yourself a few questions. For example, ask yourself how many people can handle your current space, whether you might want to use it in more ways or some new way, and so on. Of course, in addition, you must not neglect the importance of the material. This is one of the primary items that also need to be considered. When it comes to upgrading, the possibilities are virtually endless. Simply indulge in creativity and work with an experienced supplier.


Remember that an old deck that is worn out and unsafe leaves a very bad impression on potential customers. In fact, few of them will be interested in investing in a house that requires works. This way you can lose a lot of customers. Instead, consider a new deck with which you achieve just the opposite.