Can You Pass CCNA Without Using Dumps – 2024 Guide

A question that every Cisco graduate asks before taking the CCNA exam is whether the exam can be passed without using dumps.

CCNA dumps are a selection of questions that appear on the exam itself. Although Cisco is careful in making sure they don’t repeat, there is a chance for some to indeed do.

Furthermore, these questions tell you exactly what to expect from the exam. So that begs the question, it is possible to pass without using them?

Let’s find out.

Basics of the Exam

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First things first, let’s see what the CCNA exam actually is. The whole purpose of this exam is to provide candidates with a pathway for a job in computer networking and IT. This certification is something that a lot of companies value, hence why the need for so many candidates to nail the exam on the first try.

But with all that said, what exactly should candidates expect from the CCNA exam? Well, candidates should expect a 2-hour exam made up of 100 questions.

These questions are randomly selected from a base of questions that many dump services have. The whole point of using dumps is to familiarize yourself with the questions.

The exam itself isn’t cheap. It costs $300, so it will work in your best favor to pass it on the first try. More so, the CCNA exam frequently updates the database of questions to keep up with the fast growth of the industry.

The more the industry releases new technologies, the bigger the need for candidates to retake the exam. If a candidate does indeed manage to pass it, they will be a CCNA certified member for three years. After that, the candidate will have to retake it.

Most of the questions on the exam are multiple-choice and drag & drop. The exam involves topics such as IP services, IP connectivity, networking fundamentals, security, network access, and programmability.

Each of these parts takes between 10% and 20%, meaning candidates will have to go through the entire course to pass.

With all that said, can you pass without using these questions?

1. Dumps Provide Insight

The first thing we have to look at is the fact that CCNA questions are extremely helpful. Not only that, but they provide candidates with an insight into what to expect from the exam itself.

The whole point of using questions is for the candidate to get a first-hand overview of the questions. Considering that becoming a Cisco certified associate is rather difficult, some candidates don’t want to risk it and instead turn towards using dumps as a means to pass.

Candidates aren’t cheating when studying through questions, but many are opposed to this method of learning. However, the fact still remains that dumps offer candidates clear insight into what to expect.

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2. Dumps Recreate the Exam Environment

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A lot of people aren’t aware of the fact that the exam environment isn’t like anything else. Cisco uses the ETE Exam Testing Engine that creates an environment where the candidate cannot cheat or do anything else than take the exam.

This can be a problem for some candidates who aren’t used to doing this. And considering that you’ll have plenty of sleepless nights, it will only work in your favor if you could somehow simulate this environment.

CCNA dumps are provided in the ETE format. This means that while studying and learning, you will be doing it in a “simulated environment.”

3. You Study Through Dumps

Another thing that not every candidate knows is that they can study by using the exam questions. Since they contain all the questions previously appeared on Cisco exams, what candidates can do is turn their attention towards dumps as a means to study.

While every candidate should be well versed in their respective field, it goes without saying that dumps provide candidates with something extra to read and learn from.

4. Practice Time

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Time is an important factor when taking the CCNA exam. You only have two hours, which isn’t much considering that you have to answer 100 questions.

So by using questions, you can train how well you manage time. Not a lot of candidates are aware of the fact that time really is a problem when taking the CCNA.

So by studying through dumps, candidates can train how well they manage their time. It’s more important that you finish the exam than to be out of time.

Can You Pass Without Using Dumps?

So that begs the question, can you pass the exam without using dumps? The short answer is yes, but the long answer might surprise a few of you.

You don’t have to use a base of questions to pass the CCNA. Plenty of candidates have never heard about dumps and have scored amazingly without even reading a single question.

The whole point of dumps is to take the edge off the exam and provide candidates with information on what to expect. Sure, many candidates use the base of questions as a form of studying material but you don’t have to.

Dumps are recommended so that candidates can familiarize themselves with the CCNA exam. However, you choose to use them is up to you.

The bottom line is that you can pass without using dumps.

Other Ways To Prepare For CCNA

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With all that said, there are other ways to prepare for the exam. Most candidates tend to go through the material and learn, while many others prefer taking courses. Courses are great as they teach you specifically about the fields of networking, security, and IP access.

Knowledge in these fields is essential if you want to be Cisco certified. Other ways to prepare are to work hard, dedicate time and energy to learning the material, and understand the field.

Dumps are meant to be supportive materials, but you can use them however you like. When having a ton of materials sitting in front of your desk, having access to 100 questions to study might not sound like such a bad idea.