Premises Liability Attorney

Premises Liability Attorney – Why Do You Need Them?

A premises liability is a situation when anyone visiting someone else’s place is injured because the property owner fails to provide a safe and hazard free environment to their visitors. It may seem like a minor accident as it usually occurs inside a property. However, sometimes premises liability injuries can be severe and even lead to a fatal outcome. Thus, if you are having visitors over your place, ensure that everything is in sound shape and safe for everyone. Moreover, if you are visiting someone else’s property, stop accessing areas that you are not aware of. However, if unfortunately you were injured, here our some instances when you can consult a Premises liability attorney in Atlanta:

  • Slip and fall accident

The most common type of premises liability is a slip and fall accident. It is when you are injured tripping in someone else’s property but the accident was not your mistake. In such cases, you can consult a premises liability attorney to file a lawsuit and claim compensation to recover faster from the injuries.

  • A pet bite

pet bite


A dog is the most common petted animal and though they are very friendly, some breeds of dogs are violent and sometimes any dog can bite you. If a pet owner has failed to keep their pets in control and that has resulted in an animal bite, you can consult a premises liability attorney to file a lawsuit

  • Infrastructure failure

All homeowners are aware of when their house needs repair and which parts are vulnerable to breakage. However, if you have visited someone and you were injured because of infrastructure failure such as a chandelier breaking and falling onto you, you can consult a premises liability attorney for your lawsuit.

  • Electrocuted

Checking wiring and electrical appliances regularly should be every owner’s responsibility. As it is machinery, it can suffer wear and tear. Thus when you visit someone’s place and while operating any appliance, touching a switchboard or due to a loose wire you have electrocuted yourself, you can consult a promise liability attorney.

How to choose a premises liability lawyer?



With the above-mentioned points now you know why you need a premises liability lawyer. But do you know who will be the correct one for you?

As you are putting so much effort into learning more about premises liability lawyers, a little more research will do you better. In the legal market where you will find plenty of lawyers, it can become quite overwhelming in deciding who will be the appropriate one.

Keeping reading to make a good choice:

1. Go by the referrals

If you do not want to indulge yourself in vigorous research and shortlisting lawyer judging them on various tourists, the easiest way is to go by referrals. If you have someone in your circle who has appointed a premises liability lawyer, ask them if they are happy with the outcome of the tier case.

Take the contact details and talk to the lawyer yourself. Word-of-mouth is can be the easiest way to find a service, it also entrusts trust. Thus, going by the referrals will help you gain confidence while hiring a premises liability lawyer.

2. Make a shortlist



If you can not manage referrals, make a shortlist of all the candidates you believe will be helpful for your case. You might have already made a list by searching the internet, but now you need to shorten the list depending on a few characters and features.

To make the list shorter, you need to look at the websites of the lawyer you are considering. Every law firm has got a website. You will friend every detail about the lawyer on their websites. Look for their credentials, examples of won cases, client testimonials, areas of practice, etc., to ensure that you get a perfect one.

You can also have a look at the Google reviews as these reviews are not biased. The Google reviews will help you compare who is better and not depend upon the ratings by verified accounts.

3. Meet in person



The next step of the selection is conducting personal interviews. You have got the list of your preferred candidate, call them and ask them if they can meet. While you are in the meeting, do the following:

  • Ask if the lawyer will handle your case themselves or if they will appoint paralegals, junior attorneys or associates to handle the case. If you are going for a larger law firm it is like they will ask the subordinates to handle the case. It is seen in cases of a big law firm, while in a small law firm, the lawyer handles the case themselves.
  • Have a detailed look at the office. How the office looks, how the receptionist greets and everything is essential while you are selecting a lawyer. Also, judge the lawyer if they appear on time if they are patient during the interview if they have good communication skills, etc.
  • The next thing to see is how the lawyer is reacting after or while they listen to your case. If they are impatient or cutting you short between sentences, you probably need someone else.
  • Ask about the fees they will charge for your case. For cases like premises liability, most lawyers set on a contingency basis. It is the process when a lawyer will charge you a percentage from your compensation claim. If you have other questions in mind, like what is the upfront cost, or if there will be any out-of-the-box expenditure.


It is the responsibility of every private property owner to keep their place safe for themselves as well as for everyone else around them. It is also your prime responsibility to be cautious whenever you visit someone else’s place.  If you are taking precautions and avoiding any activity that can lead to an accident, then you are likely to be away from suffering any injuries. But if luck has acted in a different way, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer.