How to Pick the Right Swimming Pool Shape for Your Small Backyard – 2024 Guide

Nowadays, lack of space is one of the main obstacles when it comes to swimming pools. Today, our backyards are getting smaller and smaller, so we wonder if such a mission is even possible. If your yard is small, it doesn’t mean you need to give up your dream about having a pool. Contrary to what most people think, you don’t need to have a big yard to build a pool. In fact, everything over 500 square feet of terrain may be enough to set up a small pool. However, what you need to take into account – is what model and design of the pool to choose for a small yard. Keep on reading and see some of our suggestions.

Having A Pool Is An Advantage

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Besides bringing a cheerful atmosphere, warm sunny days also bring a lot of heat. After a hot and exhausting working day, we just want to cool our bodies. In such moments we usually think about how we jump into the pool, and the water passes over our body and cools us down. People who have a house and a yard suitable for building a swimming pool can certainly enjoy the summer heat. Having a pool in the yard usually requires two things – space and a good budget. These two things determine the quality and size of the pool, of course.

Keep In Mind That Pools Need Maintenance, Not Just Space

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While swimming pools may seem like a luxury, they are a really nice addition to any backyard. With a little greenery, flowers, a few deck chairs, and a colorful wall that will hide you from the prying eyes of your neighbors – you will create a real summer oasis for you and your friends. In addition to a beautiful appearance, swimming pools need regular maintenance, so that the water in the swimming pool is safe. You need to think about that in advance, so you can come up with your budget for such things. But what if you want to have a pool, yet your backyard is too small? Don’t worry, you can still have it even in the small yard. However, you should consider things such as terrain, size, shape, etc. If you have wondered what would be the perfect shape of a pool for a small backyard, maybe we can help you. We bring you some inspiring ideas that might help you design your dream pool even in a small backyard.

How To Choose The Perfect Shape?

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If you like swimming or relaxing by the pool, you probably imagined having your own pool one day. But if your yard is small, then maybe having a pool seems like an unattainable dream to you. Still, that is far from the truth. According to, today’s variety of pool models give you more options in terms of choosing their size or their shape. Believe it or not, in addition to size, shape also has one of the crucial roles when it comes to swimming pools adapted to smaller yards. Namely, a certain shape of the pool can give the visual impression of a larger space – and different shapes sometimes seem very attractive and aesthetically appealing. Therefore, take a look at some suggestions for small pools that can fit in almost any yard.

1. Swimming pool in a paved yard

If your yard is small and paved with stone slabs – the installation of a smaller pool can be very attractive. This type of pool should be pre-built, in-ground type, and blend well with the environment – in which you can add greenery that will enrich the space. Given the smaller size of the yard and the proximity of the house – you can also make an arch with flowers or some exotic climbing plants that will add a touch of exotics to your yard. You will feel like you are on a French riviera. You can make such a pool to be rectangular in shape with smaller dimensions – or kidney-shaped. Such shapes can be well combined in a smaller exterior. You can make them be for example 8 ft x 18 ft. It will be quite enough to enjoy – and does not require you to have a huge space available.

2. Crescent-shaped pool

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Each of us loves the reflection of the moon on the water, and when you combine it with the shape of your pool in the yard – then the atmosphere can be complete. These pools can be made even in very small dimensions, according to your needs. On the other hand, they are very effective aesthetically. You can consult with a landscape architecture designer about which is the best way to make an original pool like this. It is even more effective if a pool like this is surrounded by blue tiles to make it look more like the moon.

3. Racetrack looking pool

You have a long and very narrow yard and you think you don’t have enough space for a pool? Wrong! Long and narrow pools like those in aqua parks are the ideal solution for this type of yard. Although you may think that this is not enough to enjoy the summer magic – you are wrong. This kind of pool is actually a great choice for skilled swimmers. You can surround this pool with small pebbles and a long wooden deck.

4. Curved pool like a small lagoon

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Although you probably think that you have to have enough space for a pool like this, we can deny that. These pools do not require an exterior that’s too large – and in fact, it will give your yard space the effect of size. You can make a lagoon-like pool with slightly curved steps. Such asymmetry will look attractive and visually give the impression of size. The entrance to such a pool should be wide and shallow, which will make it safer – so it is ideal for families.


Even when your yard is very small, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have it. However, when choosing a pool for smaller spaces, it is always recommended to consult with professionals. They will know how to make a good assessment of the terrain, the possibility of construction or installation – and they will give you a recommendation from the start about the shape of the pool that you can make. Choosing the shape of the pool itself can visually make your yard look bigger than it is – and what is certain is the aesthetics you will achieve. Enjoy this summer in your pool.