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7 Risks of Selling Bitcoin Instantly That You Should Know

Bitcoin is already the most popular crypto coin and many investors have the coins in their digital wallets. Right now, there are around 19 million Bitcoins in circulation, so transactions around this coin are very rampant. Many investors prefer to buy or sell Bitcoin instantly because it is convenient and secure at the same time.

However, with an increased number of instant Bitcoin transactions, there come many risks, which you should know first before taking any precautions. Experienced crypto traders may know these risks, but newbies may not be aware of many of them.

If you are interested in knowing the risks involved before you sell Bitcoin instantly, then this article is for you.

1. Bitcoin Price Volatility and Market Fluctuation

One of the greatest fears of many crypto investors is volatility and market fluctuation. Bitcoin is notoriously affected because it has a high demand and is directly affected by many other factors. Before you seek to buy or sell Bitcoin instantly, you should know that the price can change rapidly and within a short time or by large amounts.

The price change can either go downwards or upwards. Either direction has its pros and cons. For instance, you may lose a potential gain when the value goes up after you sell Bitcoin instantly. Therefore, perfect timing is best, which can be achieved through a prediction app or an experienced consultant.

2. Bitcoin Exchange Risks


With numerous crypto exchanges claiming to help investors to buy or sell Bitcoin instantly, there can be many risks. Most of the exchanges have reported costly system failures, hacking, and security breaches. Rogue crypto exchanges may compromise their services by manipulating activities to favor them, which means that investors will lose when they attempt to sell Bitcoin instantly to gain profit. They may also delay transactions to benefit themselves.

Whether you are just starting Bitcoin trading or have been in this investment for a long time, it is essential to always use reputable exchanges to buy or sell Bitcoin instantly. This will protect you from risks associated with exchange platforms.

3. Bitcoin Transactions Security Breaches

As Bitcoin transactions continue to gain popularity, security breaches become a big concern. One of the reasons why investors want to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly is to keep hackers and malicious intruders out. Fast transactions reduce the chances of being hacked. However, there are cases when instant exchanges have been hacked, so this remains a big risk for traders.

To further reduce such risks, you should use reputable exchanges that guarantee bank-grade encryption and other safety measures. Also, take necessary precautions on your side such as using a secure internet device, keeping your Bitcoin wallet and exchange account passwords secure, and more.

4. The Risk of Fraudulent Buyers


If you have not met fraudulent buyers when trying to sell Bitcoin instantly, then you are lucky. Fraudulent buyers are all over the web and social media platforms, especially on P2P platforms. They lack honesty and their goal is to steal your coins by persuading you to send them Bitcoins first so they can send payments that they never send. Unfortunately, others may use illegal fiat funds through stolen credit cards and money stolen from banks.

To avoid all of these, it is best to use reliable and reputable Bitcoin exchanges that verify the identity of their users. This will protect you from a lot of stress in dealing with fraudulent buyers.

5. Regional Bitcoin Trading Regulations

Although cryptocurrencies are never regulated by any government, especially Bitcoins, there are many state regulations that can affect how investors buy and sell Bitcoin instantly. This becomes a big concern because Bitcoin trading is relatively new and governments still don’t know what is good or bad for their citizens. Some parts of the world consider buying and selling Bitcoin and other digital assets illegal, so many instant crypto exchanges may not be able to offer their services.

If you want to buy or sell Bitcoin instantly, you should know the legal guidelines that govern these activities in your country. Choose approved and reputable exchange platforms that are allowed to operate in your country. Also, consider using online exchanges rather than physical exchanges, which need more verification protocols to operate within the law.

6. Technology Loopholes


Bitcoin trading is relatively young. Therefore, new technology and innovations keep evolving. Some exchanges and platforms are still clinging to the old exchange technology, which may hinder you from buying and selling Bitcoin instantly. In other words, technology is becoming redundant at a rapid pace. This may also open ways for hackers and fraudsters to thrive in the Bitcoin trading environment.

If you want to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly and conveniently, it is important that you research to find platforms that are using the latest technology that is convenient and secure. Fortunately, most popular exchanges keep updating their technology and systems to offer better services to their customers.

7. Lack of Knowledge of How Bitcoin Exchange Works

Although Bitcoin is very popular, it is unfortunate that many people still don’t know how it works. It is possible not to know how to sell Bitcoin instantly, especially if you only accept it in business. If you are not sure of how Bitcoin buying and selling works or where to do it instantly, you are likely to make costly mistakes. This will most likely delay your transactions through wrong decisions or you may even lose your money.

The best thing to do is to get the best research before you can trade cryptocurrency. You should also seek the services of a consultant to guide you on how to go about this. The best thing is that it is easy, convenient, and secure to trade Bitcoin when you have the right information.


You can buy and sell Bitcoin instantly and without any problems when you understand all of these mistakes and know how to keep them at bay. Therefore, the insights shared in this article are invaluable and easy to implement. For those who find them difficult to understand, you should seek the services of professional crypto experts to help you.