7 Reasons to Skip DIY Cabinet Painting and Resurfacing

If you’ve decided to renovate your kitchen, then you’re in for the long haul. Kitchen renovations are some of the most expensive rooms to renovate. In fact, the average kitchen renovation is anywhere between $12,000 and $50,000. But, depending on the homeowner and age of the space, kitchen renovations can cost more or less.

One of the ways homeowners attempt to curb costs of their kitchen remodel is by painting or resurfacing their cabinets. But, many homeowners don’t realize they can get quality RTA cabinets like these at a great price — sometimes even less expensive than resurfacing their current cabinets! Here are more reasons to skip DIYing your cabinet painting and resurfacing.

1. DIY projects are notorious for going wrong

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While a good DIY project has a great result, there are plenty of DIY projects that can go wrong. For unseasoned pros or people who are doing all their projects without the guidance of a contractor, you can easily find yourself with a half-finished project, cuts measured too short or long, unlevel shelves and more. When it comes to cabinets, you can’t have cabinets with an uneven surface. Your countertop will be uneven, causing things to roll off. Plus, cabinets that don’t have the proper measurements for anything new you bring in will cause you to have to return appliances and countertops to order new ones, effectively setting you back in both time and money. Avoid the hassle and instead order new cabinets.

2. Resurfacing isn’t something non-pros should do

The chemicals and process required to resurface your cabinets is absolutely something only a professional should do. If your entire concern is saving money, then recognizing that some things are better left to the pros is one of the best ways you can save yourself money in the long run. Resurfacing requires a bit more to be done to your cabinets than repainting them does. For many, that means you’ll need to bring someone in to properly disassemble your cabinets and then put them back together for you.

3. Consider refacing instead

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Resurfacing does a bit more than refacing, which is simply putting new faces on existing cabinet bases. While refacing should only be used for homeowners who are on such a tight budget that they have no other choice, it shouldn’t be your first option when renovating your kitchen. Refacing simply changes the faces of your cabinets, so it’s important to choose cabinet faces that go with your bases and match their measurements.

4. Don’t put a band-aid on a major wound

You know when your cabinets should go. Bases are cracked, shelves don’t fit properly, joints are rusting, shelves are sagging. Cabinets that are falling apart should be replaced, not resurfaced or painted over. Neither of those options will make your items structurally fit and worthy of holding your dishes and kitchen utensils. Don’t put a band-aid on a major wound. Instead, stitch it! In this case, painting or resurfacing your cabinets that are falling apart is akin to putting the band-aid on the major wound. Replacing your cabinets is a much better decision when you have cabinets that are breaking apart. You can find wholesale kitchen cabinets that are durable but don’t break the bank.

5. You can mess up your cabinets

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Using the wrong type of paint on your cabinets can cause them to warp or peel. This will ultimately cost you more money in the long run. You’ll have to replace the cabinets you destroyed. Because of all the specific items you’ll need to do any work on your cabinets, it’s much safer to leave the job to the professionals. Even if your cabinets are currently in great shape and you just want to change the color, you should still have a professional take care of the painting. This will save you money in the long run, plus the peace of mind that you’ve done the task properly and didn’t destroy your cabinets.

6. Changing the layout of your kitchen? Call the professionals

Many homeowners want to adjust the layout of their kitchen when remodeling the space. While adjusting the layout can bring many positives, it can also bring a huge headache. Not updating the wiring, measuring improperly and ordering the wrong items can ultimately wreck your entire kitchen renovation. Instead, hire a professional to handle all of those tasks. While hiring a contractor can force you to cut costs elsewhere in your budget, you’ll be getting the benefit of receiving a trusted, knowledgeable resource. With a contractor, you’ll have the security of knowing someone who doesn’t need to rely on DIY videos to get the job done is taking care of the largest renovation in your home. Contractors come with a network of professionals behind them. From cabinet specialists to electricians, your contractors’ network can also save you money. Typically, these connections can provide you with better deals than if you went out to order all the items on your own. And, if the whole point is to save money, then why not hire someone who can help you do that?

7. You want the project done right — and on time

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When DIYing a project, there’s lots of room for error. And, with error comes delays. And with delays comes more money. It’s a never-ending cycle for you to end up spending more and more money and taking longer and longer to do your project. These delays, especially when you are on a budget, can ultimately cost you more than if you were just hiring someone to do it for you professionally. Most professionals don’t take as long to do projects, either. They’ve got a job to do, and they know how to do it. Of course, shortages in supplies will delay projects, but even DIYers would feel those complications, typically through inflated costs or unavailable materials. Save yourself the hassle and focus on finding professionals to do the work for you so you can sit back and enjoy your space once it’s complete.