10 Reasons Why Starting a Podcast is a Great Decision in 2024

The pandemic changed people’s lifestyles. Covid had both positive and negative impacts on our lives. Of course, Covid is not at all good for the world. But it happened; we can’t change that. What happened, happened. Might as well take some positive out of the pandemic over nothing.

One of the things this pandemic changed was how people consume content. The amount of content consumption increased greatly. Honestly, when you are locked inside your home, what else are you going to do? People were bored, emotional, scared, and angry. They needed to let their emotions out. Many podcasters started out small; they just needed to do something with their time. Soon after that, it started growing rapidly among everyone. Nowadays, you can even listen on Spotify –a music app.

Starting a podcast is now a viable alternative to the traditional business model, which was never able to compete with the online world. Many people choose this option because they want their voices to be heard and to reach out to a bigger audience than just their friends and family.  To learn how to start your podcast visit https://melonapp.com

In this blog post, we’ll list some of my favorite reasons why starting a podcast might be right for you!

1. Commodity

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If you’re new to this, it can seem like a daunting task. You have to make all the decisions on your own, and there are no shortcuts or easy methods for making money with your podcast. The truth is, once you get the hang of it, it should be easy as pie!

A great thing about this is you can learn as you go on. The big creators you know now were not an expert when they started out. To grow in this world, you need to be consistent and good. It is very important to produce content that people want to listen to. Even if only two people are listening to you now, you need consistently create good content for those two viewers.

Podcasts are commodities because they are something that people will keep buying over and over again without fail.

2. Huge Market

The podcasting market is growing, and it’s not going away soon. There are more than 1 million active podcasters in the United States, with many more people listening to them regularly. According to research from Nielsen, there were 22 million Americans who used audio platforms like iTunes or Spotify during Q2 2019, which has been steadily increasing since 2015.

3. Niche Market

A podcast is a great way to start a niche market. Podcasts are very specific in their focus and often target people with similar interests or needs as the host. For example, if you’re a personal finance blogger who wants to talk about saving money on cars by buying used cars instead of brand new ones, then you can create a thing called “How To Save Money On New Cars” and talk about how much money it costs per month when buying new vs. used cars.

4. A Less Competitive Market

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The podcast market is still growing, and new podcasts have plenty of opportunities to get started. You can find a podcast that fits your style or interests, making it easier for you to build an audience.

Just because anyone can make content doesn’t mean it is a highly competitive area. As said earlier, the thing about these things is it has a niche market. All you need to do is to find your target audience. Once you know who your audience is, you can succeed very soon. Because however much the competition is in the podcast field, you will always have your set of audience.

5. Easy to Make Money Online

  • You can make money through ads.
  • You can make money through affiliate links.
  • You can make money through sponsorships.

6. Easy to start

If you are new to podcasting, starting a podcast can be frustrating. You will need to use many different tools and software programs to make your voice heard. However, you can use free tools like Audacity, Garage Band, and Melon which allows users with little technical knowledge to create simple recordings on their computers or laptops.

7. Infinite Marketing Options

Podcasting is a great way to start using your voice. You can use it as a marketing tool, which means you’re able to promote other products or services. This might be something like using your podcast as an advertisement for the local coffee shop down the street, or it could be something bigger, like creating content that advertises a nearby charity event.

8. Business Opportunity

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Podcasting is a great way to build your brand. If you’re looking for ways to grow your business, podcasting is one of the best options. It can be easy to remain consistent with your message and audience by recording every week or two and releasing an episode each month when possible.

9. Accessible marketing option

Podcasts are a great marketing option because they’re easy to create and distribute, so you can quickly get your message out there. Podcasting is also a great way to monetize your content because it’s inexpensive, and you don’t need any special equipment or software.

10. Authentic connection with the audience

The most important reason to start a podcast is that it will allow you to connect with your audience authentically. People enjoy listening to podcasts because they allow them to learn from experts who share knowledge and insight into important topics.


We all know there is a lot of competition in the podcasting industry. However, starting a podcast can be as simple as having a microphone and recording some audio for your audience to listen to. If you can talk, you can start your podcast. It is as simple as that. In the modern world, you can use these tools to raise your voice. You can speak against things like racism, sexism, gun violence, etc. Or you can just talk about TV shows and movies. You can literally talk about anything you want.