Top 9 Stock Video Sites That You Should Try

When it comes to filmography, some artists like to use stock videos to enhance their footage. But what is a stock video? Well, simply put, it is pre-filmed footage that you can purchase from different platforms. Once you buy the footage, it is yours to use. You have the ownership of it. These stock footages can save filmmakers a lot of time, money, and effort in shooting their own material.

Due to this, both freelancers and some production houses seek stock video sites that they can use to improve their work. If you are one of them, then this article is going to help you out with that. Here are five stock video sites that you should try.

1. Storyblocks


First things first, you need to be subscribed to superinternetdeals in order to download the stock video footage. Why? Well, imagine you are using Storyblocks to get clips, and your internet starts to stutter, interrupting the downloading speed. Click here to subscribe to amazing cox cable and internet offers. It will frustrate you! Now, let’s have a look at this platform. Usually, stock videos are sold file-by-file. However, Storyblocks functions in a different way. This platform offers clips based on a subscription model.

What makes this site so different from others is that it has over 100,000 stock videos that you can buy. Plus, if you are making a professional video, then you will be happy to know that the site has 4K footages available, which you can purchase. What’s more? The website has different categories from where you can select the clips which you want to use in your videos. Storyblocks also has a section called Marketplace, where buyers can purchase footage directly from the contributors.

2. RawFilm


Like Storyblocks, RawFilms is also a subscription-based website. However, you can find cinematic 8K footages on this site. This platform is mostly used by different advertising agencies as well as professional filmmakers who praise the site for providing crisp quality clips. The reason why this site is so popular among videographers is that they can easily find exceptional footages that are shot on high-end and expensive lenses and cameras. Plus, it has a super-simple interface, allowing users to navigate through the site without any hassles. RawFilms is the first choice for many filmmakers for a reason. Just visit the platform and see how awesome it is!

3. Artgrid


One of the most famous stock music platforms, Artlist launched Artgrid in 2019. The founders created this site with the goal of changing the stock video industry with their high-quality footage and extensive licensing. To make this platform accessible for all, they created three different deals for users called Junior, Creator, and Pro. Each of these plans gives access to a particular resolution as well as the format of the stock footage. They can also browse the entire catalog.

4. Soundstripe


You can’t go wrong with Soundstripe! After all, this was the subscription-based website that gave unlimited access to royalty-free music. They have now introduced another platform that is purely dedicated to videos. On their stock video platform, you will notice that the licensing process is extremely simple. Plus, with their license, you don’t have to worry about copyrights or anything of the sort! Your work will be completely safe.

5. Pond5


Pond5 is another great platform for filmmakers to get their hands on some great stock footage. What’s so great about this site is that it offers you a lot of variety! You will find more than 2.1 million high-definition clips on this platform that you can purchase. But that’s not all! There are thousands of videos that are added to the site almost regularly. You will also be able to find a wide range of categories including lifestyle, animal, and celebration.

6. Pixabay


This list would be incomplete without including Pixabay. It is simply one of the best platforms where you cannot only find more than 2.3 million stock videos and images. They are all available under a simplified Pixabay License. You can use all the content that is on the website for free! And guess what? You can use it for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, before you download content, there will be some specific instances where you will find what is allowed and not allowed. You can modify the content as you please without giving credit to the artist.

7. Videvo


Videvo is a great platform for all the videographers as they can find thousands of stock video footage there. They can also find sound effects, music, and motion graphics. The clips that are on the website are available under different licenses. For instance, there will be certain clips that you won’t be allowed to use for certain projects. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you read the license carefully before downloading any content. This will save you from getting into legal trouble.

8. Videezy


You can’t go wrong with Videezy. This is a perfect platform for aspiring videographers. The site offers a huge collection of stock videos that are royalty-free for both commercial and personal use. However, make sure to check the licensing information of every clip so that you know if the footage can be used in your project. Most of the clips will require you to credit Videezy whenever you use them in your work. The clips that are on the platform are available in both HD and 4K. There are some premium clips on Videezy as well which you can get by paying credits.

9. Splitshire


Splitshire is founded by the talented web designer Daniel Nanescu. He created this platform to offer his videos and images free for commercial and personal use. The fact that you will find all the content created by one single person makes the site more unique as compared to other stock platforms. The videos that you will find on the website are mostly drone shots of outdoor scenes. Keep in mind that you can’t use the footage or images if your project contains inappropriate content like violence, discrimination, or racism.


Finding decent quality stock video footage has always been a challenge for filmmakers. But not anymore! There are a lot of useful platforms such as the ones mentioned above that can help you get great clips, and that too at a great cost. So, the next time you are looking for some stock clips, make sure to visit one of the aforementioned sites, and you won’t be disappointed!

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