World of Warcraft: Top 5 Strongest Heroes in Azeroth

Who is the strongest in Azeroth? Perhaps titans and Ancient gods. But if only they were at this top, it wouldn’t be interesting. Therefore, today we will talk about other strong heroes who exist or have ever existed in the World of Warcraft.

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1. Lich King


Lich King, perhaps, is one of the most popular villains in the World of Warcraft, and this title was given to him for a reason. Is he strong? Absolutely! He managed to kill the famous Horde warrior Saurfang with one blow, as well as deal with many raids led by Tirion Fordring. The Lich King fell at the moment when Tirion felt an unprecedented surge of Light and was able to break the Icy Sorrow. But did you know that by that time the Lich King had already lost some of his former strength? In the quest chain at the Icecrown Citadel, you can find a mention that Arthas was burdened with his human essence and got rid of it because it allegedly made him weaker. Later, Tirion managed to destroy this entity–perhaps that’s why we finally managed to finish off the Lich King. But even without the essence, he killed the strongest heroes, including lots of the players.

2. Garrosh Hellscream

Garrosh – or rather his version, enhanced by an Ancient god – was the final boss of the Mists of Pandaria expansion. And he was very strong. To defeat him, the Alliance and the Horde had to join forces, and their leaders had to forget all differences for a while. Just before the battle, Garrosh easily defeated Thrall in a duel, who in turn became one of the main characters of the 2016 Warcraft movie. Although the film was a 430 million flop, nevertheless, many people consider it very interesting and there are rumors about filming the second part.

3. Ragnaros


Ragnaros, the strongest of the elemental lords, submitted to the Guardians of Hyjal, led by Cenarius. Initially, Ragnaros was a servant of the Ancient gods and was defeated by them, but during the War of the Three Clans, he was again called to Azeroth by the dwarves from the Black Iron clan. The call was accompanied by the eruption of a huge volcano, which destroyed the surrounding mountains. The second coming of Ragnaros occurred in the Cataclysm when he and Deathwing tried to destroy the World Tree. Of course, the fire lord did not succeed, and yet it can be said that he was very strong. After all, he was killed in the Fiery Expanses, that is, in his domain, so the inhabitants of Azeroth can hope that he will never return.

4. Deathwing

Is Deathwing stronger than the Lich King? Well… maybe he’s not stronger, we’ve just made a list guided by our inner instincts, and it seemed to us that a huge dragon capable of destroying the whole world is worthy of the place on our list. Of course, Deathwing gained his power by using soul fragments from other draconic aspects. However, one ubiquitous green-skinned orc brought help and even such a monster was defeated.

5. Medivh


Medivh built a Dark Portal and let the Orcs into Azeroth, but he can hardly be blamed for this because for most of his life the Guardian of Tirisfal was under the control of Sargeras. Even though Aegwynn raised her son so that he could fight demons, upbringing did not help him escape the corrupting influence of the fallen titan. When Aegwynn finally realized what had happened and went to talk to Medivh, he, being the new Guardian of Tirisfal and the owner of the gift of Sargeras, easily defeated his mother in battle. In the end, Medivh died at the hands of Khadgar and Lothar and was resurrected by his mother. At the moment, it is unclear whether he remains as strong as before, but the fact remains that he is still alive and may reappear in the game in the next additions. Why is Medivh stronger than Deathwing? Because in the novel “The Day of the Dragon” Deathwing himself admitted that he would never have entered into a duel with Medivh if it were possible to do without it. The fact that Deathwing was afraid of Medivh is suggestive. Even Khadgar, who was noticeably inferior in strength to the Guardian, pressed the mad dragon well at the time, so our assumption is quite fair.

Of course, many more bosses in Warcraft deserve to be included in our list, but we have put here only a part of them. World of Warcraft is famous for its compelling storyline, where there is a place for legendary heroes and villains. With each new addon, developers and scenarists are building a beautiful universe that grows more and more every year. And very soon another addition will fall into the hands of the fans – Dragonflight, where there will be new bosses. We advise you to go on this exciting journey through the wow universe together with other MMORPG fans.