How Tap Handles Can Boost Your Beer Sales?

If you want to make your establishment more popular – install new keg tap handles in it.

Today, the bar taps are more than just a beer dispenser. This is a powerful marketing tool that will take your bar to a new level, making it more attractive to potential customers.

Most Popular Beer Tap Handles Types and Styles


There is such a huge selection of beer tap handles on the market! No wonder some buyers just get lost in what option to choose for their bars.

We are ready to help you with this issue and have systematized beer taps depending on their type and style:

Personalized bar taps are one of the best options for any institution!

First, you can choose any of the materials available on the market (wood, porcelain, ceramic, or resin).

Secondly, you have a wide choice of color options, not only standard color variants such as white, black, natural wood shades (if the tap handle is made of wood) and different shades of marble (if the tap handle is made of ceramic).

Third, you choose the desired shape. In addition to the classic models: paddle-shaped, cylindrical, with a knob, etc. you can order any other design that is relevant to your bar.

But that’s not all: with unique branding, you can create a beer tap handle that will 100% fit into your interior and will encourage customers to try even more varieties of your beer!

  • Generic bar taps

These are ready-made tap handles of standard design.

Although they are much simpler than custom keg taps, such models are a perfect choice for those:

  • who urgently need to install beer tap handles and has no time to develop some original products;
  • who prefers simple and universal products, which, in the case of repair, easily fit into the renovated interior;
  • who likes clean and easy-to-read designs without any extra subtlety.

Anyway, such models can also be branded, so you can easily advertise your products.

  • Collectible models

If your bar is decorated in vintage style, then you should install a corresponding beer tap.

Vintage is very beautiful. And it’s also very expensive. In order not to spend a fortune on expensive and sometimes difficult-to-find vintage products, we recommend buying collectible taps, which exactly copy the classic appearance of the old-school beer tap handles.

With them, you can create the desired style and make the bar more authentic.

  • Chalkboard taps

If you like versatile models, pay attention to the chalkboard beer taps. This option is the best solution for those establishments where the range of drinks is often changed.

The purchase of branded handles in this case is not relevant, since after some time the tap could be used for dispensing some other kind of beer.

Chalkboard tap handles are good because you can change the name of the old beer to a new one at any time. You just need to erase what you wrote earlier in a special section and write what you need at the moment.

As with other styles of beer tap handles, you can choose the desired shape, material type and color.

  • Novelty keg taps

Such products are a real godsend for the experienced brewer!

Here you can find the most original models that you will never see in another establishment!

For example, it may be beer tap handles in the form of: President Obama in Ukrainian traditional clothes and with balalaika in hand; a chef with a large mug of beer; Santa Claus who carries a gift in the form of a beer barrel; a girls in bikini; a golfer; a sailor standing at the helm of the ship; a country singer; a farmer; a hand holding a glass; a lady in a red dress, and many others.

If you want to stand out and impress your customers, then this is the perfect option!

Why Is It a Good Idea to Invest in Beer Tap Handles?


We have compiled 5 main reasons why you should invest in these products:

  • More convenient beer dispensing

First, you will be protected from leaks, which will make your workplace more tidy and hygienic.

Secondly, you can control the flow rate of the drinks and, if necessary, make the dispensing faster.

The faster you dispense beer, the more customers you can serve. Accordingly, it will increase your profit.

  • Stand out from the competition

Have you ever thought about how many bars and restaurants there are in Canada? No? And there are at least 5000 of them!

Of course, you don’t have to compete with all of them. But with some, you definitely have to. That is why you can not do without the appropriate attributes, which will be a kind of trademark of your bar, distinguishing you from other establishments.

  • Keg tap handles boost sales

Beer taps should immediately draw the attention of newly arrived visitors. That is why we recommend placing the bar taps at the eye level of potential customers.

But this is not all. If your beer tap handles are «like in any other bar», they won’t encourage customers to taste your products.

To attract your clients choose beer taps with interesting and memorable designs.

This approach contributes to sales growth: about 10% in the first quarter.

  • Improve brand image

Any business owner wants to have a positive reputation. Keg tap handles can help your customers to get to know the history of the brand, its philosophy and values.

People who appreciate good service will certainly note that your bar is attentive to all interior details. Therefore, there is a highly developed culture of serving beer, so they can count on a wonderful and memorable experience.

  • Focusing on specific products


If you’re brewing seasonal beers or putting some new product into the assortment, your task is to encourage customers to try this novelty.

You can do this using a unique beer tap handle, which will definitely cause the desire to taste the drink.

Now you know the main advantages of installing these products. Although there are many more of them!

You can experience all the benefits yourself: we are sure you will be pleased with how keg tap handles help you achieve all your goals!

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The company specializes in beer equipment, so here you can buy not only beer tap handles but also other equipment necessary for the successful launch and further development of your bar or brewery.