How Can You Tell If Someone is Bluffing in Online Poker?

Poker is the most popular casino game in the world by far. There’s no way some other game can compete with it when it comes to popularity. Especially when we are talking about the newest concept known as online gambling, right? Just take a look at many different sites, and you will see that all of them have tables where a lot of people from all over the world can play.

It is possible for them to not include some games into their offer, but poker is not one of those. As you probably know, this is a game like no other. You are not playing against the house or a dealer. You are directly playing against other opponents from all over the globe. Certainly, these players have a certain level of skills you will encounter.

If you would like to take a look at one of the online casinos where you can participate in one of these games, be sure to take a look at Since you are playing against other people, someone bluffing is a pretty common occurrence. It is quite hard to understand the signs they are doing something like that. We would like to elaborate on that a little bit. Let’s take a look at some ways they are doing that.


1. The Opponent is Loud

Just think about it, whenever someone is uncertain about their capabilities or the result, it is common that this person is loud. Since we are talking about online casinos, we are talking about them posting a lot of comments in a chatbox. Whenever you encounter this kind of behavior from your opponent, you can be sure that there is something behind it.

Especially if the comments you are seeing don’t make too much sense. The more aggressive your opponent is, the more that person is bluffing. So, don’t be intimidated, be brave, and you might end with a positive result.

2. Massive Bets

Sure, many aggressive players manifest their strategy by placing some massive bets whenever they have the chance. They have the task to scare the opponents off. However, this is a common modus operandi among the players who are bluffing most of the time. Try to remember how many times you witnessed a player who goes all-in at every hand.

Certainly, you saw too much of this. Many people consider this to be the most effective way to kill the game. However, if you are brave enough to put them to a test, you will see that this is not the case in a vast majority of situations.


3. Too Many Checks

Without a doubt, when your opponent has something in his hands, you will see that it will often either call or raise. If you see that some person checks in every situation, and then follows when you call, there is something wrong with that behavior. Of course, you can always think that this is a part of the strategy. However, this is not the case most of the time.

If you see someone who checked in a majority of situations, and then raises when you are about to show your cards, you shouldn’t buy it. Of course, you will need to be certain of the strength of cards you have in your hands. Therefore, you should pay attention to players who apply this kind of strategy.

4. The Opponent is too Quick

If we were to choose the commonest indicator of someone bluffing. Naturally, players in online casinos will have the chance to automatize their actions to some degree. It can mean two things. They are either waiting for a proper opportunity to emerge or they are bluffing and waiting for others to fold their cards, so he or she can collect the chips on the table.

In case you have already played against that opponent, you will have a basic knowledge about how skilled that person is. If you are talking about a newbie, then chances are that too quick actions are an indicator that the opponent is bluffing.


5. You Have the Strongest Combination

Sometimes you will be lucky enough to have the strongest possible cards in your hands. But that doesn’t mean that your opponents are aware of this fact. So, maybe some of them will try to push you out of the table. Sure, you should capitulate under this pressure. Instead, you should make the most out of the cards you have. That requires serious self-confidence.

Nevertheless, you will be certain that you have a much stronger combination than other players. It is something that you should take to your advantage. Let your opponent anything he or she wants. By doing that, you will have the chance to maximize your winnings to the fullest capacity.

6. Look for Inconsistencies

After you have spent a couple of hands playing against a certain person, you will have some knowledge about the strategy used. That way, you will be able to spot even the slightest inconsistencies that will surely appear. There’s no way that this will not happen. We are people after all, and there’s no perfect person. Therefore, you will be able to see right into any perks and faults that appear in front of your eyes.


In most cases, this is something that will be as subtle as possible. So, you will need to have your focus on the highest possible level. Plus, you need to understand that not all players are bluffing. Sure, we are talking about the biggest danger you can face. Be on your feet and try to be careful while doing this. Otherwise, you can see your plan backfire pretty easily.

In Conclusion

Of course, it is much easier to spot any of these signs when you are playing against players in a brick-and-mortar casino. However, it is not impossible to predict some of the moves even when you play online. Here, you can take a look at some of the commonest signs that will help you to see right through their strategy that includes bluffing.

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