Championship Titles

Professional U.S. Sports Teams With Most Championship Titles

It’s no secret that some of the U.S. professional sports teams are quite accomplished, to put it mildly. It’s one thing to meet the expectations for match prediction, for example, but it’s a completely different story to win championship titles multiple times in a row.

It goes without saying that winning a single championship is quite an accomplishment let alone multiple ones. Still, some U.S. professional sports teams have managed to do so and their names are carved in sports history until the end of time.

Keep in mind that some sports leagues are older than others so some sports teams had more time to collect more championships making them stand out from the rest.

Although sports isn’t a numbers game, per se, the number of championships some teams have under their belt is astonishing, to say the least. So without any further ado, let’s have a look at some of the professional U.S. sports teams with the most championship titles.

1. Major League Baseball (MLB)


Baseball is a one-of-a-kind sport in the U.S.and there isn’t a person alive who hasn’t heard about the New York Yankees. You may not be their fan or even like them for that matter but a baseball team that has won 27 championship titles since their foundations deserves respect.

Talk about dominating the sport right? What’s truly impressive is that second place goes to St. Louis Cardinals who won 11 titles in their lifetime. Still, that’s not nearly enough to even come close to the Yankees. As time goes on so does sports change so whether or not there will be a baseball team that will dethrone Yankees in the future remains to be seen.

There’s no doubt that some teams are amazing competitors but as mentioned before, the MLB has been around longer than any other league and the Yankees had plenty of time to get the job done on the field more than once.

2. National Football League (NFL)


The NFL has come a long way since the day it was created as a national league franchise. Back in the day, there was no Super Bowl, believe it or not, and back then Green Bay Packers were the most dominant team in the sports history with 13 all-time championships closely followed by Chicago Bears who managed to win 9 championship titles.

But then came the era of the Super Bowl and that remained the main event of the entire league, even today with shows like the NFL Picks & Analysis which evaluates every aspect of the season from playoffs to the main event itself. So if we look at which NFL team is the most accomplished in terms of Super Bowl wins, it’s a very tight competition. That said, the New England Patriots are in the lead with 6 championship titles sharing the first spot with the Pittsburgh Steelers who also have 6 titles to their name.

Right behind them are the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers with 5 championship wins followed by the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants with 4 championship titles. Unlike the situation in the MLB, the current NFL undisputed champ can easily be replaced come the following season.

3. National Basketball League (NBA)


Basketball was invented in the U.S. and it’s considered to be the national sport. However, basketball lacks in popularity behind football and perhaps baseball on some levels but that doesn’t mean that aren’t at least a couple of million people watching NBA every chance they get.

Speaking of which, many NBA teams have been crowned champions over the years but the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics stand out from the rest with 17 championship titles each. If that doesn’t impress you then just consider the fact that third place is currently held by Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors with 6 titles each.

This is Yankees and MLB all over again but in a different sport altogether. Things may seem different today but it will be very difficult for any other basketball team to reach this winning spree in the future, especially considering the fact that both Lakers and Celtics are still going strong, not as strong as they used to, but strong nonetheless.

4. National Hockey League (NHL)


Ice hockey is a Canadian national sport, so it’s very difficult to compete with these guys in this sport. This is precisely why Montreal Canadiens lead the way with 23 titles followed by their countrymen Toronto Maple Leafs with 13 titles.

Third place goes to the Detroit Red Wings with 11 titles so Canadians pretty much dominate the sport both back home and in the neighboring NHL league. Hockey may not be as popular in the U.S. as it is in Canada but there are still a myriad of die-hard hockey fans that keep this league alive and kicking.

5. Major League Soccer (MLS)


Soccer may not be very popular in the U.S. like in the rest of the world but there’s a major soccer league going on nonetheless. Perhaps the reason soccer is not liked so much in the U.S. is because it’s called football in the rest of the world, while those people wonder why Americans call it a sport played with hands and an egg-shaped ball, football.

Prejudice aside, the MLS has a crown champion, which is Los Angeles Galaxy with 9 championship titles they have earned in the last 25 years or so. This team is pretty much the most dominant one as it often recruits some of the best European players in their ranks just before they retire as they did with David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Benefits of Winning a Championship Title

There’s evident dominance of certain teams across the U.S. sports leagues. Teams that stand out get the most funds, and sponsorships, and eventually recruit the best talents, which allows them to dominate a sport for years.

Winning even one championship is a great feat and something to be proud of but when you’re in the shadow of teams that have ruled the fields and courts for generations, winning one or more championships just doesn’t feel the same.

But that doesn’t stop other teams from trying. Setting such high standards is actually inspiring and gives other teams something to strive for.