4 Video Lighting Tips For Your Next Outdoor Shoot

Anyone who is into video shooting will probably agree that filming inside is always the safest option. In indoor conditions, you can much better control the video lighting, sound, and all other important factors to ensure that the final result is as you imagined. However, it is not always desirable to play it safe. Shooting videos outside brings you a number of benefits: it can make your videos more interesting and engaging to watch.

If nothing else, it brings a dose of dynamism to your style and shows your viewers what else you can do. Still, controlling outdoor conditions can be really challenging. The strong sun can be a great enemy of making good shots, so it is necessary to learn how to carry out this whole process to achieve making high-quality videos. Below we share with you some of the best video lighting tips for your next outdoor shoot.

The importance of good video lighting

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Nowadays, there is no room for poor video quality, so all cameramen are trying to create the best possible content that viewers will enjoy. One way to achieve this is by using a variety of portable video lighting that you can tailor to your video shooting needs. There is also video conference lighting that you will want to have in your conference rooms. COLBOR offers LED video lighting for studio and home recording, so regardless of the conditions in which you record, you can make videos of excellent quality.

However, shooting indoors is significantly different from shooting outdoors. Most people choose to make shots inside because it allows them to more easily control lighting, sound and other important factors. Shooting outdoors also offers many benefits, so it is one of the interesting alternatives. If you are planning to shoot outdoors then it will be useful for you to hear a few tips to avoid video lighting mistakes.

1. Use light modifiers

One of the very useful tips when shooting outdoors is to use light modifiers to help you adjust the light to your needs. In the case of shooting video in strong sunlight, it can be very challenging to achieve the desired lighting. However, with the right props, this can be solved quite easily. Some of the pieces that you can use for the purpose of modifying light are various bounce boards, spotlights, but also flags from websites like ultimateflags.com, silks, and others. The good thing about these light modifiers is that they are really affordable and will not lighten your wallet but will help you achieve the desired effect.

Also, nowadays there are some spotlights that provide you with several different options at once and allow you to perfectly adapt the light to the needs of your shooting. They come with parts in several different colors: white, which allows the reflection of neutral colors, black, which is used to block light, with a transparent extension that serves to achieve diffusion, and other colors that further help achieve optimal shooting lighting.

2. Shoot when it’s cloudy or find shade

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If you do not have to shoot in direct sunlight, we suggest that you do not do it, because these shoots are almost never of satisfactory quality. Instead, we suggest shooting when it’s cloudy outside, and if that’s not possible – find a shade that you can use. Maybe there’s a tree nearby or a tall building that provides shelter from direct sunlight and can be a great free tool for customizing lighting for video.

3. Use the magic of the sunset

Nowadays, when almost everyone uses social media, we all turn into photographers and videographers any time we notice a beautiful sunset. The truth is that golden hour really provides so many beautiful colors and can serve as a unique type of filter for videos you shoot outdoors. If you don’t have the right lighting setup for the video you can always take advantage of these phenomenal colors of nature and create some amazing shoots just by doing it at the right time.

Also, there is another interesting part of the day that provides certain benefits to everyone who shoots outdoors, and that is blue or magic hours, which we could say is an extension of the sunset. This is the moment when the sun has just set, and shooting at this point provides a unique effect of watercolor. Try a few different things and figure out which natural video lighting works best for you.

4. Use filters

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Another great tip if you want to achieve optimal video camera lighting when shooting outdoors is to use the right filters for your camera lens. You need to reduce the amount of light that enters the lens by using different filters and polarizers. This will allow you to reduce the brightness of some parts that you think are too bright, and you will also be able to darken the sky and make some additional changes that will lead to shots with phenomenal lighting.

This will require you to set aside a little more money, but if you are planning to make shooting videos outdoors a part of your regular shooting routine then it may not be a bad idea to consider investing in useful assets.

If you don’t know where to start, we suggest investing in an ND filter, which is one of the useful tools for shooting under the blazing sun. This filter gives you the ability to darken the entire image and prevent some parts from looking too pale because they were taken with indirect light.


Shooting videos requires the use of video lighting in order to create amazing video shoots and to make your viewers enjoy your content. Shooting videos indoors is a safer option for most people, as it allows better control over lighting, sound, and other important parameters. Shooting outdoors can also lead to amazing results, but only if you educate yourself in advance about important things. We suggest using light modifiers, shooting when it’s cloudy outside, using filters or the magic of the sunset. With the right information and tools, you will create phenomenal videos that you will be very pleased with, even besides the fact you shot them outdoors.