Is Vietnam safe for Solo Female Travelers – 2024 Guide

Are you planning a solo trip to Vietnam? If yes, we will tell you if it’s safe for you or not. A solo traveler needs to find out some things before going to a particular country. Sometimes people forget to research the country and then regret visiting it. We have prepared this article especially for female travelers planning a solo trip to Vietnam.

Many foreigners believe that Vietnam is not safe for female visitors. The reason behind this is that some fictional movies have negatively portrayed this country. But one should not judge the condition of women by these movies. There is almost no discrimination based on gender, so solo female travelers do not have to worry about any crime.

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Now, let’s discuss more about the safety of women in Vietnam. We will also provide you with some tips to travel here alone. By the end, you will understand if it is the best option for you or not. Read along as we cover all the necessary information for all solo tourists.

What are the safety tips for solo women tourists in Vietnam?


Visiting a new country alone is not an easy decision for females. The status of women has improved a lot. However, they still face discrimination in a male-dominated society. If you are also thinking about going to this country, you should keep some things in mind. We have created a complete list of tips that might help you in protecting yourself.

  • Keep in touch with your friends and family – It is essential to stay connected with your loved ones even if you want to enjoy alone time. In this way, you will feel protected, and your family and friends will not worry about you. For this, you can purchase a SIM card for your mobile phone. Simultaneously, adding data packs might be beneficial for you. Some tour packages also offer phone services to travelers. All you need to do is find a suitable package.
  • Understand Vietnamese culture – Every female tourist needs to understand their culture. It might help you in deciding what’s best for you. Some believe that Vietnamese people give more importance to their culture. Some temples and pagodas expect women to wear covered clothes. You should always pack comfortable and decent dresses in your suitcase.

Many female tourists have experienced uncomfortable situations because people often ask about their marital status, age, and more. However, it is a part of their culture too. They believe in pure friendship. It can only be possible if both individuals are comfortable with each other. But you should still be careful while telling your details to some people. Don’t share too much information about yourself because you don’t know the other person’s intentions.


  • Do the research – Researching always helps when it comes to solo tours. Various websites will help you in finding out the safest hotel or resort to book. Also, search about the surrounding areas and find how safe those places are for tourists. It is always an effective method to keep yourself protected from mishappenings. You should also note down or save emergency numbers on your mobile phone. These include police, embassy, ambulance, and other phone numbers.
  • Carry protective things – You can also carry protective things for your safety, such as knives, peppermint spray, etc. These things will be beneficial in times of need.
  • Keep your necessary documents safe – If you are on vacation alone, you should keep all the documents safe. The necessary documents include a passport, identity card, bookings, and more. Also, keep photocopies of every document so that you can show them whenever they are needed.
  • Don’t carry expensive items or too much money – People always forget that they should not carry expensive items or too much money. Although there are not many thefts, you still have to take care of what you are carrying in your handbag. You should also lock your bags to improve the protection. Also, learn about other safety precautions and take them seriously.

What makes Vietnam a safe country for women tourists?


  • Crime rate is low – It is one of the places where the crime rate is lower than other regions. There are fewer cases of murders, rapes, harassment, assault, and more. People who love to travel alone can go there without worrying about mishappenings. When we say people, it means both males and females can enjoy their trip to the fullest.
  • People are friendly – Vietnamese people are known for their friendliness. It doesn’t matter from which geographical location you have come from as they will treat you like their friends. They will help you if you want to know about any particular thing or place you want to find or visit. Many solo travelers have claimed that there are a few incidents where they couldn’t get assistance.
  • Women empowerment – As you know, that women empowerment has not been successful in various nations. This social issue is still getting introduced to the people in the world. However, Vietnam is one of the few countries which has given particular importance to women empowerment. They are treated with respect and equality. Therefore, people do not get involved in activities like sexual assault, harassment, or rapes.
  • Strict rules and regulations for females’ safety – This is another thing that makes it a safe destination for many women tourists visiting it alone. There are strict rules and regulations made primarily to improve the safety of every woman living there. So, one doesn’t need to think about what to do if anything unexpected happens. They can also take help from other people.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, we would like to say that this country is safe for solo female tourists. Before planning a trip, you should research everything in detail. It will be beneficial to enhance your overall traveling experience. We hope you understand all the safety tips mentioned above. You can always come here again if you want to read more about traveling alone in Vietnam.