6 Wedding Photo Posing Tips and Tracks for Couples

We all know and understand the importance of a wedding day for a new couple. It is the day when everything needs to be perfect and run smoothly. You all want to enjoy the happiness of that day.

With this said numerous things can and will go wrong without any doubt. We have made articles like this before and we are making another one that will focus on photography. Wedding photos are a big and important part of any wedding ceremony. Today we will compile a list of the best poses you can take that will elevate the beauty of your wedding photos.

With a good photographer this will not be necessary for you to know because most of them probably utilize these poses, but for those of you that are trying to keep your wedding ceremony as simple as possible, and those of you that you are including friends and family into the entire ceremony and parts like photography, music or similar these will come in real handy.

Now depending on what you are planning and how big your budget is you will add and take out certain aspects of the wedding day. Most will advise you to not try and save money on a photographer and get a professional to do your wedding pictures because those will last you a lifetime and they will be your prized memories. If you want true professionals to capture your joy on this day then click here! If you opt to allow your family members to contribute then these are some of the poses you can make to get the best pictures possible.

1. Chest to chest

Source: pexels.com

This is one of the easiest and simplest poses you can make and that you can use to turn into a lot of other poses as well. For this pose, you will both be turned to each other and press your bodies as close together as possible. The general setup is that the brides’ hands are on the grooms’ chest or his arms while the groom holds the bride around her back. One pro tip is to put the bride on your right side where you will get all images showing her ring hand and finger to the camera. With this move, you get two benefits in one where you show off brides’ rings as well as the couple If there is a height variation with the couple you can have the bride lay her head on the groom’s chest and you will get a whole other weight to your image!

2. Forehead to forehead

Forehead to the forehead or head cuddling is the next natural way you can set up as bride and groom. This is similar to the first one and it starts from chest to chest position and you end up with the bride and groom touching their foreheads. This is where you focus your images and you make them close their eyes so you get a bit sensitive and giggly image at the same time. One thing we can advise here is to be careful about the height differences. If either of the happy couples is significantly taller than the other that the image will look a bit weird. You will also have to finagle one of them a lot to make it work. If you have to force it you should rather skip this because the natural effect of the image is more important. If anyone of them struggles to hold the pose it won’t turn out to be a good one.

3. Walking towards camera

Source: pexels.com

Those first two were some classic poses that you see everywhere with some slight variations. After those, it is always a good idea to incorporate some movement poses. The important thing here is to let the couple know that they don’t need to look at the camera. A lot of times people get a bit awkward and shy when they stare into the camera lens directly. Let them know that they should act natural, to look at nature or whatever other surrounding you have going on, to look at each other that one is always neat and walk and talk with each other. You can have them look occasionally at the camera if you want to pick up a smile or something but don’t let them focus on that for too long.

4. Hipster pose

For those that are a bit nervous, and yes cameramen and couples can both be nervous, this is the pose where you break the ice. This hipster pose is really easy to do and it looks nice. What you do is have your couple facing forward toward you and by doing so they are also standing a bit farther apart from each other holding hands in the middle. This is easy to set up and to capture and with this, you will loosen up both them and yourself if you need to. You can always add variations to this image from background to them looking at each other smiling and whatnot. Real classic and easy to do.

5. The twirl

Source: pexels.com

This is a great opportunity where you can have the groom twirl a bride while you do the shots. Have them make two or three twirls and you will have a bulk of images where the bride can feel that princess moment. Her hair and her dress will spin perfectly, smiles all around and while they are focusing on their task they forget about you and that you are there which adds more to the natural feeling of the whole situation. They will be relaxed with natural smiles and if you get to capture that you will have one nice wedding photo on your hands.

6. The look back

Now this one is considered to be the variation of the walking towards shot but since it has been used so much and with so many different variations of its own it deserves a place for itself. As we already mention this will be the reverse of the walking towards, where your couple will walk away from the camera, with their back toward you, they can point to distance, sky, sun, moon or whatever and as the crown jewel, they can and will lock back at the camera for some awesome shots. A short look back with a smile will give this image that candy little sneak peek where she is getting that little sneaky peek back at you while smiling or raised eyebrows.