World Cup Odds: Can An Asian Country Win The World Cup?

The world of sports betting is about to be turned upside down when the largest soccer competition in the world starts happening. Best of all, so many online platforms are going to offer super exciting betting options.

One of the perks of living in these modern times is definitely the ability to stay updated on almost every topic that interests you. In the case of sports, people are now able to learn, collect information, and follow the progress of different teams, in different sports, even those that may not be so popular in certain parts of the world. One can even utilize this information to make the best cricket predictions.

Given the fact that this year’s World Cup is being held in the East, many are wondering what will be the outcome. Will it be possible for an Asian country to win it, finally?


In order to answer the question, we must first learn how can these assumptions be made, or in other words, which model is being used to predict the outcome of such an event.

The model is based on points. This system was created a long time ago by professor Arpad Elo, a Hungarian, university professor in America, for the needs of chess. Where each player, in our case the national team, has a starting level of points, which depends on how much it won in the past, and the probability for each next game is calculated accordingly. The greater the difference, the greater the chance that the favorite will win, and the smaller the difference, the more uncertain. According to this model, chances are that Brazil will once again be winning.

As for Asia countries, there are a couple of reasons not many people believe it is possible for them to win. The culture of soccer has been nurtured in Europe and South America, a lot more than in other parts of the world. Countries from these regions have been investing ridiculous amounts of money in developing talents, so they become competitive. Unlike countries from Africa, which are considered less rich, and hence are not able to invest in soccer infrastructure. Asia also falls in this category. And let’s face it, if we go back a hundred years in the past, we’ll realize only 8 countries of the world have been constantly winning the cup.

These are all the facts, but still, there’s a lot of uncertainty around this event every year, so there’s a possibility for a huge turnover.

Tips and predictions – What is the best play?


An event like this is a real treat for every sports betting fan. Each of the 64 games at the biggest sporting event of the year will be under the scrutiny of the whole world. In the rest of the article, we will look specifically at the tips and predictions and give you some suggestions that you can note down and use for betting. We are less than ten days away from the event.

So, what are the best tips and predictions you can use…

The offer for betting on matches at the World Cup in Qatar will be richer than ever. The largest bookmakers will certainly do their best to offer their players the best and most entertaining games during the 29 days that the championship will last. Every player will have the opportunity to find his favorite game and to add spice up the pleasure that the World Championship offers. Below we will look at the best games that bookmakers will offer during the World Cup.

The final result

With certainty, the most played and easiest game for every bettor, regardless of his experience and knowledge of the betting trade. Each soccer match in its basic offer has three options for the final result of the match, namely – the victory of the first team, the draw, and the victory of the second team. Anyone who wants to bet on the final result of the World Cup matches must take into account that in the knockout phase of the championship, in the event of an undisputed result in 90 minutes, the matches will go into extra time of 2 x 15 minutes and possible penalties.

Number of goals


The number of goals is also one of the most represented games on the bookmaker’s ticket. In this game, players predict the limit of the total number of goals that will be scored in the match. The basic limits for World Cup matches will be less or more than 2.5 goals, but there are certainly all other limits you can imagine, starting from 0.5 and going all the way to 7.5. Also, bookmakers offer a game on the number of goals, which refers to the individual number of goals of each of the teams and the number of goals in each of the halves.



This is an ideal game for those bettors who want higher odds than usual. To be successful in this game you have to guess not only the score at the end of the game but also the one at halftime. There are 9 different combinations in which the match can end, and different options bring different odds. Only part of those combinations are that the first team leads at halftime and wins at the end, then you can play that it will go to the break with a draw and that at the end one of the teams wins or remains tied, and you have the highest odds for a reversal, i.e. that on halftime is led by one team and the other team celebrates at the end.

The exact score game is for those players who want a higher risk, but the real mastery is to hit exactly that. The best bookmakers offer you a selection of any exact result that is suitable for a football match, and the height of the odds depends, of course, on the probability that your played result will turn out to be final.