Airbnb Management

5 Airbnb Management Tips for First-Time Managers

If you want to get into property management, you will have to learn different management strategies. As a host of or owner of an Airbnb, you are presented with a great opportunity to become a property manager and loan from the top hosts near and far from you. Management will be testing and can lead to a lot of headaches.

This is why first-time managers should be efficient in all of their decisions and should be careful about how they approach the entire process. The manager should be great with communication and should have a knack for building relationships with other homeowners in the vicinity.

They will be overseeing maintenance and marketing to provide a good experience to everyone who steps into their home. First-time managers should have a rudimentary knowledge of how the rental industry works. There are no formal qualifications needed but it will be better to do your own research to stand out in the high competition.

Additionally, there is no real estate license needed for getting started so one can get into the details right away. It is also important to know how much you can do when you start operating as a manager.

The commission can be placed anywhere between 10 to 50% of the revenue from the guest bookings. Apart from this basic knowledge, one also needs to understand some tips and strategies for better management. Let us see how you can be better at the job.

1. Know How to do Expense Tracking


There are some tax forms to be submitted to Airbnb. Depending on the geographical location, an individual has to decide whether they will be directly paying the government or if Airbnb will be paying the government on their behalf. In some cases, the individual will have to directly pay the government so it is better to find an accountant who knows the details of managing a rental property account.

The best thing to do is to set up a management system as soon as possible to keep all the accounts in one place. You should learn more about management systems before choosing one. Getting some external help is the best way to follow all the rules especially when it comes to tax payments.

2. Know How to Market

If people do not know about a particular Airbnb place, they will not come there. There is no shortage of rental places in any given geographical location which is why the industry is filled with competition. Marketing is an essential part of driving business and making money.

The best approach here will be to use cross-channel marketing. Airbnb has a certain reputation that you can use to your advantage. The best way to take advantage of the resources at hand is through cross-channel marketing which promotes the same service across different platforms.

One way to do that is to list the property on different rental websites. One should also establish themselves on social media to have a following which will choose their services over other competition. A YouTube channel may also do good to boost revenue. Since we are talking about marketing across different channels, one should not leave any stone unturned.

This includes email marketing which can appeal to different customers from different backgrounds in one sweep. It also allows one to display promotional offers and seasonal discounts which may help travelers.

3. Get Everything in Order


Effective property management involves upholding responsibilities rather than neglecting them. A conscientious manager recognizes that maintenance is a cornerstone of their role. Beyond cleanliness, they shoulder the well-being of the property and the guest’s experience.

Regular upkeep ensures more than just appearances; it guarantees the smooth operation of utilities and consistent cleanliness. From functioning amenities to routine cleaning schedules, the manager’s oversight impacts the property’s allure and functionality. Guests’ positive perceptions hinge upon a manager’s commitment to meticulous maintenance.

Just as a captain tends to their ship, a manager must navigate the upkeep currents. Ignoring maintenance is akin to steering into troubled waters, endangering not only the property but also guest satisfaction. In fulfilling their responsibilities, managers safeguard the property’s integrity, fostering an inviting haven for guests to cherish.

It is important to understand that one does not need to get involved with the process directly and can just facilitate good communication with the team. One should take everyone in the loop and create a system that is efficient and allows people to save time with both cleaning and maintenance.

4. Go With Your Own Website

Since you are diving deeper into establishing your Airbnb as a prime location to stay, it might be good to make a website. A website is much like a social media page in the sense that it tells a visitor a lot about the place and the services. Creating a website also visits a very official outlook which can be leveraged to improve credibility.

Another benefit of making a website is that one can accept direct bookings through it. Registering on other platforms is great, but they will also take some commission for each booking made through their website. This does not mean that you should not be listed on different platforms but always give the visitors an incentive to visit your website for a direct booking.

Competitive rates may also help in getting more engagement. It can also help the guests because they can directly contact you for their questions. So the website will help in building interpersonal relationships with every potential customer and will be directly tied to the brand you are building with Airbnb.

To do this, you must obey the laws of the country/state you are in. For example Florida, to understand Florida Airbnb laws, explore Mausner Graham Injury Law PLLC’s guide on what to know about Florida Airbnb regulation.

5. Offer Good Prices


We have already established that the rental industry is rice with many containers which makes any manager job difficult to stay afloat. Automating the pricing strategy is one of the best options to secure bookings despite the change of seasons. Make sure to consider offering additional fees for additional services. It will also be good to make each charge more transparent to the customers.

The Takeaway

Efficient management also increases customer engagement across different platforms. The right marketing and management are essential for driving business. A first-time manager should cover the basics and research how the rental industry operates. They should also be ready to get invested in the details of maintenance and pricing. Good strategies will go a long way.