The All-New Mazda CX-5 2024 Review

Are you looking for a brand new SUV/ The one to enjoy long open roads and long drives, with great comfort and even better aesthetics, but also not have to spend too much? Well, we have today a new vehicle that most of you SUV enthusiasts will surely want to check out at least. Okay, let’s start by stating that this vehicle has been with us for a decade now and has also been one of the most popular models, yet many are still unaware of all of its advantages, and here, we talk about both efficiency and endurance, which are even more sweetened with the latest model.

Namely, since its appearance in 2012, Mazda CX-5 has long been Australia’s favorite SUV, and the second generation has been redesigned and given many updates. Besides that, you will be glad to know that it is in the complete prep to be released in Australia in the first half of 2024. This makeover has sure created hype for Mazda’s biggest selling model, and rightfully so.

It has had some significant exterior changes and changes to the driving experience with a firmer structure and rearranged transmission while attending to all the disapprovals of the seats not being comfortable and the noise pollution. All of these things make it a whole in one package, as with this latest model, even those few weaknesses that the first model had, have been improved.

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All About The Mazda CX-5

Here’s all that you need to know about the Mazda CX-5 2024


Talk about a beautiful-looking car! What makes Mazda stand out is the constant developments and progression that the company centers on, and it is their most significant advantage. The modern update relates to customers on an individual level. They can now fulfill their requests for self-expression customization like never before. Now, even though some think that doing so is simply not possible, as every driver has their unique driving preferences well, you will be surprised once you take this new SUV for a drive.

The all-new Mazda CX-5 range comes in six variants: the Maxx, Maxx Sport, Touring, Touring Active (new), GT SP, and topmost Akera. This range of six variants is then split into further engine options available in three, ranging from a 2.0L petrol, a 2.5 turbo- petrol, to a 2.2 turbo-diesel.


The price plays a huge role in our decision-making, but, as already mentioned, the price is not something that will nor should bother you with this vehicle. The latest and enhanced version of the Mazda CX-5 is all set to trade, starting for $32,190, and the price keeps increasing as you move up. The Mazda CX-5 has six variants, and the price goes up to $53,680 for the topmost variant. The pricing is dependent on the variant one chooses and then the engine they opt for, of course, and you should know that opting for diesel and Akera would be no less than fantasy if you’re an adventure lover.



Since there are six variants of the Mazda CX-5, it brings a lot of changes to the interior that will help distinguish between them. However, the standard technology will remain the same in all the variants. It has the usual Apple CarPlay; Automatic LED headlights, Android Auto, Rain sensing wipers, an 8.0-inch touchscreen, etc. The interior is well built, packed with the latest technology, and finished with striking solid materials. It can comfortably seat five people and give enough cargo room of about 1,340 liters when you fold the rear seats)


The base model of the Mazda CX-5 all has 17-inch alloy wheels and automatic LED headlights, and as you move up the range, you get to choose higher wheels along with a list of features to choose from that’ll help you better identify with the car. The stunning vehicle comes in eleven colors to choose from, giving everyone a wide variety so everyone can choose their favorite. The range-topping Akera comes with 19-inch alloy wheels that are stunning and compliment the entire look of the car. Touring active and CX-5 Maxx comes with 17-inch alloy wheels. It is one of the cars that many will agree that it looks pretty amazing, but the main benefit is that each of its parts is functional, not only looking good.


The Mazda CX-5 has set the bar high with its smooth drive on all terrains, which makes it perfect for the city drive and strolling through village roads. It rules the mid-sized SUV category, and if one decides to choose it, one will not be disappointed with its performance. It allows you a comfortable balance on the road and enables peak performance with the turbo petrol engine. Giving you the proper grip in all the right places is accurate, and there is no need to worry about that.

The people who will choose the diesel option will get a well-rounded experience. The car will feel easy to drive, almost effortless, which makes it suitable even for new drivers without experience. All the versions of the Mazda cx-5 are well equipped with the idle stop/start technology along with the petrol versions made to the course on 91 RON regular unleaded.

Safety Measures


The Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) ranks it at five stars and calls it a safe car overall, meaning that you don’t have to worry about any safety oversight. It has all the safety equipment needed to prevent everyone in the vehicle from getting injured in case an accident occurs. It has adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, tire pressure monitoring, lane keep assist, autonomous emergency braking, etc. Basically, it has all the latest features and checks that a brand new vehicle like this one should have. It is also important to know that this model can definitely provide safety, which ensures the best possible driving experience.


One of the best things about it is that it comes with a five-year warranty, a five-year roadside assist, and an unlimited kilometer warranty, which is a dream! That means we do not need to worry about anything because any possible problem will be fixed in the shortest amount of time, and we won’t need to spend money on repairs. All we should do is get into it and enjoy the safe and carefree drive.

Adventure ready

Whether you’re making your way through the city or geared up for an adventure of a lifetime, the all-new model will enhance every experience and be with you throughout to create unforgettable memories. Thanks to the smooth drive, it is perfect for driving through crowded city streets, and it can also deal with challenges that off-ride has.


Verdict: Is The Mazda CX-5 Worth The Anticipation?

Looking at the style, the personalization, and the advancements made to the Mazda CX-5 2024, it is one work of art, one of the finest SUVs that caters to all the aesthetics and expertise. Ensuring that you get the next-generation technology, this vehicle will not disappoint you if you’re young at heart, looking for an adventure, and having a good time with the family. All of that makes this model perfect for many people with different needs, as none of them will end up disappointed if they decide to buy it. It is perfect for every ride, no matter if one wants to remain safe during the city ride or enjoy visiting some off-road locations, as it is one vehicle that can cover them all. If we speak about safety, this vehicle is one of the safest ones on the market, and choosing it is always a good decision.