Does a Windshield on a Motorcycle Make a Difference – 2024 Guide

One of the most important things we can all hear about driving, regardless of the vehicle, type, brand, model, and even whether it’s a car or a motor, is the safety aspect and how driving responsibly is the first thing to keep in mind. Now, this is something we completely agree with, but still, there are many contradictory and opposite opinions about some of the essential add-ons, and this gets even more emphasized when we talk about motorcycles.

Take windshields as an example, and even though some think of them as a crucial component of a motorcycle, some still believe that installing windshields would actually not make that big of a difference safety-wise.

Now, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as there are studies and tests that have clearly shown the difference in safety between motorcycles with and without windshields.

Of course, some even dispute this and neglect some of the most basic facts about them, which is why before we focus more on the differences and driving benefits, we will first concrete on the importance of the windshields.

The importance of windshields


Let’s first clarify one thing, as they are simply of vast importance, regardless of how you look at them. The biggest argument someone might use against windshields on a motorcycle is that it reduces speed, or that you need more fuel, etc. Yes, there are arguments like this against it, and even though this might be the case, the benefits surpass everything else.

Namely, windshields help with vision issues that would otherwise happen, and there is the safety aspect that we cannot ignore, as nothing is more important than safety. Now, when we have cleared this up, let’s focus more on the specific benefits of windshields on motorcycles and also which type is the best for your motor.


We have already mentioned how they make our vision much better while on the road, but there are other aspects to consider too, and one of the most important ones is that installing windshields is simply practical. One of the biggest issues motorcyclists face is the wind, especially when they drive a bit faster, and this is precisely the case where windshields are of vast help (hence the name).

Besides that, they are also crucial when you drive under not that pleasant weather conditions, as rain too can cause problems. Now, this is where safety and practicality mix, as windshields provide a much better view and protect you and your eyes from raindrops, but they give you a much better vision of the road ahead as well. Windshields also protect you during cold weather, as due to the speed and motorcycle design, it can get even colder, and frostbites are not something you want.

They are not that costly


We agree that the biggest issue here is about whether windshields are important or not and, if so, how much, but the price is something we simply cannot overlook when talking about them. Yes, the price has a huge role in our decision-making, regardless of the topic, and the same rule applies here, but since skeptics cannot use the price as an argument against it, there aren’t that many things left to support their claim.

On the other hand, the price-quality ratio is also something we need to think about, and deciding on the design, shape, and even material of windshields shouldn’t be that much of an issue as you can pick some pretty stylish yet extremely protective types.

It’s simple to buy them

The entire process of searching for a windshield of your choosing is pretty simple, and the biggest reason for that is the Internet. Namely, all that’s needed is a bit of research so that one could really get the best possible offer. Of course, it’s also about finding a renowned manufacturer or distributor, as what we all want is to get precisely what we have paid for, and the only way to be sure that will happen is by ordering windshields from a reliable source. Read more and get all the necessary info in one place if you don’t have time or don’t know how to perform such a search.

They are easily modified


Okay, this one is more about the newer models and types, as the goal here is to make a unique model of a windshield that can be used for various motorcycle brands and that they are easily adjustable.

Driving a motor provides that unique feeling, and we agree that nothing can be compared to it, and with these types of windshields, you get precisely that, all the upsides and benefits without any reduction of the safety aspect. That versatility is what makes them something of a must-have, as most other modifications on the motorcycle are pretty difficult to undo.

Quick-release windshields are a great example of how practical they can be and also how they will not affect the overall looks of the motorcycle. Furthermore, for a short ride and when not driving at such high speeds, we can remove them and enjoy the wind in our hair.

Overall, this type of windshield is ideal for everyone as it can be modified, and another benefit is that it can also be custom ordered, meaning that you will get a unique design that will only contribute to the overall looks of the motor and also its safety.

Types of windshields

Personal preferences aside, even though there are many aspects to consider when picking one, going with a polycarbonate windshield is probably the best choice. There are just so many benefits of it, and even though the acrylic one is yet another popular option, the durability and resistance of the first one simply cannot be matched to it.

Of course, you can opt and go with some other type, but these two dominate the market, and rightfully so, as they are more flexible and less likely to chip or shatter, unlike other types. Another thing to consider is that these two favorable types also come with a much longer warranty which speaks volumes about their durability.