8 Apps to Reduce Stress at University

Well-being and mindfulness have never been more popular than in the millennium we are living in. Everything around is designed to remind you of your body and soul. Starting with protein milkshake ads and ending in recyclable fashion items, the world sends a clear message to stay calm and healthy.

The goal seems unattainable if you are a student leading a busy life in a noisy city. However, your phone screen has never been more able to reduce your stress level. Sounds absurd, right? Keep reading, and you’ll see the truth.

1. Daybook

Source: apps.apple.com

It’s the best imitation of a traditional paper journal. If you are one of those essay writers from https://paperwriter.com/math-homework-help who need the blank space without boundaries, Daybook is for you.

  • It has a passcode. Since journaling is a private activity, the app suggests you create a special password for your headspace.
  • It works offline. No need for an Internet connection while you are somewhere high in the Alps or on a boat. One must have access to their journal everywhere, right?
  • It has an in-built mood explorer. Want to check your anxiety levels and make a quick diary note? You can do both with Daybook. From now on, all you need for this is one smart application.

2. Five Minute Journal

Source: milled.com

Time is our greatest value. The creators of Five Minute Journal agree with the universal truth above in their work. The Five Minute Journal application is designed to take the minimum of your precious time.

  • Using the application is a two-step job. First, you write in the morning. You answer three questions aimed to instill gratitude and purpose for a new day. Second, you self-reflect on your daily activities once the evening comes.
  • Track positive things. By using this application, you notice things you can be grateful for. The activity improves your mood and mental health.

3. Keep Calm

Source: cellularnews.com

Meditation has rightly been considered an effective way to improve sleep quality and focus. One of the best tips for mental health, meditation is a great way for modern students to alleviate stress.

Keep Calm is a meditation application that can be used for both personal and business goals. Yes, modern white collars get rewarded with meditation too! In fact, sharing a meditation session with your boss on the yoga mat reduces stress and improves collaboration.

As a student, you may download this app and use it in the morning if you are an early bird. You may also listen to meditation sessions in the late evening or before going to bed. Regardless of your occupation and goals, Keep Calm will certainly reduce your stress level.

4. Pacifica

Source: balancedachievement.com

What is better than meditation? It’s a meditation session that teaches you positive thoughts and breaks the chain of negativity.

Among all “calming” applications listed here, Pacifica is special for the following reasons.

  • It tracks your mood. Want to find which emotion you experience most often or which circumstances make you cry? Pacifica will write down the information and process it to create a thorough analysis.
  • It involves cognitive behavioral therapy. This is a special feature. Pacifica suggests coping techniques to students who experience obsessive thoughts and anxiety. In other words, this application teaches you to think in a non-toxic way.
  • It can spot the earliest signs of depression. Your constantly changing mood may be a sign of oncoming depression. Pacifica knows when to suggest a doctor’s help.

5. Sleep Cycle

Source: sleepcycle.com

What can be more restoring than meditating and journaling? Sleeping. Yes, your body builds new cells and renews energy while you are enjoying the comfort of your bed. One of the best tech upgrades for students and their health, Sleep Cycle, does the following amazing things.

  • It wakes you in your quick sleep phase. This means you won’t wake up grumpy and stay exhausted the rest of your day.
  • It analyzes your sleep patterns. Now you know when your best sleeping time is.
  • It tracks your sleep habits. All your sleeping information is stored in one place.

6. Stay Alive

Source: switchplane.com

This is a brand new level of technological advancement. Created by a team of app developers, scientists, and psychiatrists, Stay Alive has a real goal not to let you die.

Here are a few tips that prove the effectiveness of Stay Alive.

  • The app is a godsend to students suffering from depression and other mental disorders.
  • Once a user has suicidal thoughts, they should use the app to track their mood and apply crisis-management techniques.
  • It has a customizable safety plan.
  • A separate LifeBox for photos is a part of your safe space.
  • The app experts can teach you breathing exercises to manage anxiety and panic attacks.

7. Stress Doctor

Source: windsor.edu

Using this app feels like consulting a personal pocket health specialist. It teaches you effective breathing exercises to alleviate your daily stress.

The best features of the app are as follows.

  • Free medical advice. Track your heart rate with this app. In case of a heart problem, the gathered information will serve as great evidence for your cardiologist.
  • Heart monitor. A special heart monitor allows you to see the impact of breathing exercises.
  • Saving time. The app requires 2-5 minutes of your attention every day.

8. Colorfy

Source: fastcompany.com

Gaming has never been more health-restoring than in Colorfy. The application works as an art therapy session, during which you choose a picture and color it. The designs come in different levels of complexity. It makes the app suitable for various audiences depending on one’s age and personal taste.

The pictures include animals, trees, mandalas, and other objects. You can choose any object you like and spend as much time coloring it as you need.

The app inspires the user, improves their creativity, and reduces anxiety.

Final Thoughts

Such enjoyable things as sleeping, meditating, and journaling serve to reduce your stress. If you want to target a few problems, it’s better to use more than one application. For instance, you may start your day with Sleep Cycle and end it with Colorfy.

We hope our article was helpful to you. Keep calm and stay healthy!