6 Best Crypto Wallets For Ethereum

Ethereum is becoming such an important cryptocurrency on the current market. The blockchain is expanding and more and more apps are being built every day. Ethereum is becoming more and more important in the NFT world and the global crypto world. Using this blockchain technology requires some steps and you need a wallet to keep your currency in place. In this article, we will go through some of the current best wallets where you can do transactions and keep your crypto safe.

Let’s first talk about Ethereum. This is a network that will allow its users to employ valid contracts. The people using it can create smart contracts that were made by devs who made an array of different applications on the tech. The network has also brought many different new things and ways to use it. If you want to learn more about this you can do that on crypterium.com.

Ether wallet is the place where you can store your ETH. Ethereum gives you their own crypto wallet that has some unique features to it. You can use this wallet with both desktop and mobile devices. Also, you won’t need any registration or download anything special to start using it. There are some other means that you might want to use for your transactions. The world of crypto is full of different wallets that you can use. We will go through some of the best ones where you can do transactions and keep your currency safe.

1. Trezor

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There are several wallets to store Ethreum and other cryptos too. The most current favorite one is the Trezor one which has special security features in place as an advanced PIN that will never go out of the wallet. This wallet even stays good even if you use it on a compromised computer. The system works marvelously simple and the pin can’t be guessed by a bulk attack as the pin increases the waiting time on it x2 every time you put it in wrong. So that will be a lot of years if you fail to enter the right pin a few times. So a great choice. Trezor was one of the first hardware wallets on the market and it’s a great little nifty device.

2. Ledger Nano X

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One of the most recognizable Ethereum wallets that is on the market for a long time. These people have created a great hardware wallet that will support different tokens and cryptos. It has automatic integration via MyEtherwallet that will make managing your data and value super easy. This is the second iteration by Ledge after the Ledger Nano S. The Ledger Nano X has better portability with Bluetooth connectivity and a standalone battery. Of course with this device, you will get lifetime support and we truly recommend it for anyone wanting a hardware wallet that is proven and safe.

3. Atomic Wallet

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This one comes in a desktop and a mobile version and is a great solution for any E tokens that you may have. You can also use it the conjunction with your bank card. Atomic is also creating its own system for exchanging Ethereum for atomic swaps which should be a good way to exchange cryptocurrencies without the middle man. The Atomic Wallet has big capabilities and with this wallet, your data and values will be encrypted with private keys and you will receive full access to what you have. This one is also available for desktop computers as well as any smartphone in the current market.

4. Jaxx

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This is a mobile wallet that was made in Canada and it supports 13 cryptos including this one. This little mobile wallet has the same security feature as Tezor when private keys won’t even leave your phone. Seed keys are also included to restore any value or data when you need it. Backed by an amazing dev community that works on making the wallet better constantly. Jaxx is available for most platforms and there have been rumors that Jaxx is currency building a hardware version of their wallet.

5. Exodus

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Exodus was the first serious desktop wallet on the market. Free to use with an amazing initiative user interface the exodus wallet has a mobile version too. It has these nifty graphics and charts showing your portfolio and what you own. It currently has support for 7 currencies. Private keys won’t leave your device and you have some nice features including a great email recovery system and seed keys where you can backup yourself easily. They also work with multiple exchange partners as ShapeShift and others which makes exchange and trading very easy.

6. Argent

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Argent is another cool mobile wallet that has an interesting non custodial feature so you won’t be able to save your private key. It uses email addresses or a phone number and you need to have both to recover it in case you lose your credentials. What is really interesting about this one is that you can lend out your crypto and then collect interest. It’s one of the easiest wallets to use so we recommend this one to anyone who needs a more simple interface and an easy way to store their crypto.


So if you are looking for a cryptocurrency wallet to store your Ethereum well there are plenty of options out there. This list is based on our experience with these options and what we think about them. So don’t take this list 100% serious but always do your own research before investing in anything. And also, remember one thing when working with crypto wallets and that is: don’t leave them on exchanges, it’s always better to store your value someplace where you have full control over it.

One more thing to note is that in spite of all the good wallets out there, hackers are still trying to get in. So always do your research before using any of the mentioned and make sure it’s legit and very safe. And last but not least, remember this golden rule when dealing with crypto wallets or exchanges “If you don’t own your key, you don’t own your crypto!”