Understanding the Need and Uses of Industrial Doors

In any industrial setup, the right doors are a very essential part of the structure of the unit of manufacture. The right strip doors or PVC doors help save on efficiency, conserve energy and save costs of operations. However, sometimes, due to lack of ample maintenance or wrong choice of industrial-grade doors—these benefits fail to see the light of the day. As a manufacturing unit owner in Australia or elsewhere, you need to understand the benefits and the need for strip doors. You can choose the right industrial door once you know the inner details of the same. You can also visit austcoldindustries.com.au, and check some options they are offering.

The Need for Strip Doors

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  • The right industrial door of any material forms a basic requirement across all storage rooms in manufacturing or storing facilities. The top factors that you must ensure alignment with the doors are efficiency and ease of use. The placement bit too needs clever planning and consideration.
  • Industrial doors are weighty and take up space. You must ensure that the placement is such that daily traffic gets to comfortably move around. There must be ample space over the door panels so that carrier movement is not restricted at any point. Head over to Larnec Doors if you are interested in industrial doors.

If you have strip doors installed at a unit, make sure you invest time into understanding the door health after some months of usage. This is especially important if the doors are installed in high-intensity manufacturing plants.

Puncture in Strips

Punctured strips on strip doors are very common. Even though these look tense, the situation is salvageable! Since individual sheets made from PVC combine to form strip doors, the strips can be replaced individually too. Maintaining door integrity is easy since the door manufacturers offer replaceable strips without much ado. Therefore, you do not need to get the entire door off the frame for repairs in strip puncture or tears.

Discoloration of Strips

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  • Again, the PVC strips tend to lose color or fade over time. This issue makes the door look bad and the impression of the setup tends to fall flat. Therefore, you could invest a little more money to purchase UV stabilized PVC strip doors. This does away with the risk of fading and tainting over time. Sometimes the PVC strips get wrinkled up on the surface. These could even twist around or break.
  • Never leave such strips in this condition. This lowers the overall door efficiency. Service the door using a heat gun or dryer on a low setting for doing away with the wrinkles. However, if this does not seem to be your area of expertise, get a professional to fix this issue.
  • Commercial doors need to be in prime condition at all times. Even the least of issues could hamper the energy efficiency levels on the industrial scale. Be in touch with the door manufacturers so that you can report the smallest issue earliest.

Benefits of Strip Doors

PVC strip doors are a top choice for applications dealing in cooler and freezer units. Since cold chain industries have come to play a significant role over the last few years, the demand for energy efficiency in such plants is on rising.

Saving up on Energy

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A strip door is the first step towards achieving the targeted levels at factories. Using the right door will help you save operational costs since this helps to maintain the right temperature and ambiance in the concerned unit.

The energy-saving bit that strip doors ensure cannot be underplayed. These doors help conserve energy with minimization of losses in cooled or heated air around openings. Air loss up to 90 percent is easy to prevent with these doors at hand. Hygiene standards can easily be maintained once the right energy-saving strip door is installed.

High on Affordability

Another advantage of strip doors for industrial units is that they are affordable. Despite being easy to repair, these doors come with the advantage of easy availability too.

You can customize the door size and setup as per need. Discuss the details with the door manufacturer or supplier. Get hands-on the right door and see how smoothly your cold storage operates with no insulation issues coming up.

Strip doors, when placed correctly ensure stability in refrigerated areas as far as temperature is concerned. This ensures:

  • Lesser shrinkage
  • Lesser risk of spoilage of products
  • Reduction of refrigeration unit maintenance costs
  • Improvement of energy efficiency
  • Lesser coil frost build-up
  • Lesser pressure on compressors
  • Better durability from switches and motors

Noise Isolation

Another huge benefit of such doors that is often forgotten is that of noise isolation. Using the right PVC strip door ensures that any equipment or work setup noise is reduced in few applications, by up to 17 decibels. In fact, with these doors, the industry premises can remain unaffected from all the street noise around.

Pollutant movement Restriction

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Strip curtains and doors ensure that the work environment is clean. These doors block the movement of contaminating substances between areas. The top pollutants that can see restricted movements with the installation of the right doors are:

  • Fumes
  • Draughts
  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Smoke

The tiniest spaces and holes are blocked with these strip door setups.

The top environments that need and can benefit greatly from the right industrial strip door setup are:

  • Retail outlets
  • Supermarkets
  • Industrial hubs
  • Food processing spots
  • Restaurant working areas
  • Warehouses
  • Shopfronts
  • Clean rooms
  • Cold rooms
  • Workshop welding units
  • Butcheries
  • Refrigeration units
  • Cold Storages and related units


Once you make your mind to install such a door in your business space, contact a reputable manufacturer or provider. Discuss your specific needs in detail and get a quote for a customized door. There are colors too that you can pick from. The timeline for delivery and installation too are not very long. After all, investing in the right strip door is a sound investment for your business without a doubt!