Music for Studying: 50 Best Songs to Boost Productivity

Though many people still believe that music is rather a distraction during work or studies, it is not quite like that. In fact, this can positively affect your brain, and there is science behind it. According to multiple studies, music is known to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety;
  • Boost creativity;
  • Make you more productive;
  • Enhance memory function;
  • Elicit positive emotions;
  • Contribute to better concentration.

All in all, this has been proven to activate every part of the human brain. Therefore, it can strongly affect all areas of your life, making you happier, more productive, healthier, and even smarter. That’s why listening to music while studying is actually a good idea. But, as you can guess, this only applies to certain kinds of music.

So, what kind of music is best for studying? In this article, we will tell you what kinds of music work best, what to avoid, and share a list of the top 50 songs that will make you more productive. Let’s dive in!

What Kinds of Music Work Best for Studying?


When you receive a difficult task, can’t figure out a complex topic or are running out of time to get your assignments done, all these are the cases when you wish you’d be more productive and focused. At this point, many students start wondering, “can someone just write my essays for me?” Of course, delegating your tasks to professionals can help a lot. But did you know that playing the right kind of this in the background can help too?

So, what are the best kinds? According to experts, the types that can activate your brain function and boost productivity include:

  • Classical;
  • Ambient/Chill;
  • Instrumental rock;
  • Jazz;
  • with the sounds of nature;
  • Music you enjoy.

Apart from this, songs without lyrics and those with a specific tempo can also help you concentrate and study more effectively. Any of these kinds of music can work well for your studies. But, of course, it won’t help much if you have no time for studying or have zero knowledge of a specific subject. In such cases, it is much wiser to delegate your assignments to DoMyEssay to get rid of stress and get a guarantee of a high grade. But, if you are just having a hard time getting focused, be sure to try this trick with background music.

Okay, and what kinds of music to avoid during your study sessions? In fact, there is no one-fits-all answer to this question. Basically, you should avoid any kind of music that feels distracting to you during your study sessions. For some, this could include certain genres of music with lyrics. Also, a big role is played by the volume of the music. Regardless of the genre, anything too loud will most likely distract you rather than help being more productive.

Studying Made Simple: 50 Best Songs for Study Sessions



  1. Moonlight” by Ludwig Van Beethoven
  2. “Für Elise” by Ludwig Van Beethoven
  3. “Ave Maria” by Charles Gounod
  4. “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  5. “Messiah” by George Frideric Handel
  6. “The Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss II
  7. Symphony No. 5, Op. 67 by Ludwig van Beethoven
  8. “Introduction, or Sunrise,” from Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 by Richard Strauss
  9. Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125, “Choral” by Ludwig van Beethoven
  10. Toccata and Fugue, BWV 565 by J.S. Bach


  1. “Sleep Away” by Bob Acri
  2. “Dream” by Bill Charlap Trio
  3. Maybe September” by Scott Hamilton
  4. “Chosen” by Dennis Robinson
  5. “Cheerful Moods” by Soft Jazz Mood
  6. “Soft Aura” by Soft Jazz Mood
  7. “Less Is More” by Jazz Piano Bar Academy
  8. “Stress Relief” by Instrumental Jazz Ambient
  9. “Focus Piano” by Background Masters
  10. “Beauty of Silence” by Piano Jazz Calming Academy

Instrumental Rock

  1. “Best of My Love” by Graham BLVD (instrumental version)
  2. “Jump” by KnightsBridge (instrumental version)
  3. “Another Brick in the Wall” by The Perception (instrumental version)
  4. “Sweet Child O’Mine” by Hell’s Black Roses (instrumental version)
  5. “Blaze of Glory” by KnightsBridge (instrumental version)
  6. “Born in the U.S.A” by Graham BLVD (instrumental version)
  7. “Streets of Philadelphia” by Graham BLVD (instrumental version)
  8. “Bad Medicine” by KnightsBridge (instrumental version)
  9. “Hey Jude” by The Marcarlo Brothers (lullaby version)
  10. “Free as a Bird” by The New Merseysiders (instrumental version)


  1. “Green Arrow” by Yo La Tengo
  2. “Chill Lounge” (Nightlife) by Beach Party Chillout Music Ensemble
  3. “Om Shanti” by Alice Coltrane
  4. “Lounge Bar” (Electro Music) by Chillout Music Zone
  5. “Spring” by Saint Etienne
  6. “Requiem For Molly – Pt. 1” by John Fahey
  7. “Pacific Ocean” (Rain Forest) by Moondog
  8. “Sad Nudes” by Cate Le Bon
  9. “Rose Wreath Crown” by Kali Malone
  10. “Chillout Relaxation” (Weekend with Friends) by Awesome Chillout Music Collection

Songs With Sounds of Nature

  1. “Hello Sunshine” by Maceo Woods
  2. “High on the Mountain” by Joan Shelley
  3. “Grass” by Weaves
  4. “Wildwood Flower” by The Carter Family
  5. “Hollywood Lawn” by Jenny Lewis
  6. “Ryland (Under the Apple Tree)” by I’m With Her
  7. “Green Grass” by Bill Withers
  8. “Beautiful and Relaxing Natures” by Deep Sleep
  9. “Tropical Rainforest Sound, Gentle Rainfall” by Relaxation Meditation Songs Divine
  10. “Music for Health Therapy” by Relaxation Meditation Songs Divine

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this article will help you recognize the benefits of music for your brain and find something that suits you best. Use the songs from our list and the tips we shared earlier to create your own playlist and become your most productive self!