7 Most Instagrammable Natural Sights In New Zealand

When you are going on a trip, one of your goals is to bring amazing landscape photos. You can then post them on your Instagram feed to inspire people to travel. But where to go to have the largest selection of landscapes for your shots? New Zealand will be an excellent choice for your photo tour!

The main feature of New Zealand is its huge variety of natural landscapes in a relatively small area. Thus, you can hire a car and explore all the most interesting places in just a few days. Car hires New Zealand Auckland Airport with rental24co.uk is a guarantee of your successful trip. However, don’t forget to book it in advance. The most optimal time to reserve a hired car is 2-3 weeks before your journey. As a result, you will get excellent transport to get to the most Instagrammable places in New Zealand.

For example, here you will find endless ocean expanses, snow-white beaches, dramatic rocks, and cliffs. And if it’s not enough for you, explore high mountains with glaciers, fields, forests, plains, hills, and evergreen meadows. Crystal clear lakes and rivers will complete your experience.

So, are you ready to discover the natural beauties of New Zealand? Grab your camera and go!

1. Waitomo Glowworm Caves

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The great volcanic activity of New Zealand has led to the emergence of many unique places, including caves. Now, they offer endemic conditions for unique animal and plant species.

For example, a system of about one hundred and fifty Waitomo caves has become home to unusual glowing worms. They illuminate most of the caves with a bluish-green light. So if you take a boat tour of these caves, you will enjoy incredible views and take some breathtaking photos.

2. Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland

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Waiotapu is a special nature reserve and home to New Zealand’s most interesting geysers. The most famous places in the reserve are Lady Knox Geyser, Basin Lake, and Artist’s Palette Lake. Antimony, manganese, iron, and other compounds in the earth naturally give water a variety of colors.

If colorful lakes don’t impress you, you might like Waimangu Geyser. Its ten-story-high fountains appear once every 20 minutes. Want more? You must visit White Island with a steaming green lake in the very center. Not so long ago, it became a landscape reserve. Thus, you won’t meet anyone else there except scientists and tourists.

3. Franz Josef Glacier

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New Zealand is a country of contrasts, which, in addition to southern beaches and sand dunes, also has the embodiment of eternal winter. It’s all about the Franz Josef Glacier.

Located in the vicinity of the West Coast, it’s part of the Westland National Park The glacier in the national park has one unique feature: it moves 2 meters per hour. This makes it the fastest glacier in the world.

The Franz Josef Glacier is about 7 miles long. Local companies offer a variety of options for exploring the glacier, from small walking tours to complex multi-day hikes. In any case, you will need comfortable sportswear and mountain boots.

4. Tongariro National Park

Source: pixabay.com

The oldest nature reserve in New Zealand is full of tropical vegetation on one side and surprises with a deserted, almost cosmic plateau on the other. Among the gray wasteland is a lake of volcanic origin with amazing turquoise water. Its shores look mystical because of the hardened lava around.

This place is sacred to the Maori people. Indigenous people come to worship three active volcanoes: Ngauruhoe, Tongariro, and Ruapehu. The local landscapes are so beautiful that they became the scenery for several scenes of The Lord of the Rings saga. For example, Ngauruhoe played the role of Mount Doom.

5. Hobbiton

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Hobbiton is a village that has become a popular filming location for The Lord of the Rings. It was specially created for the filming of the trilogy. Among the decorations are hobbit holes, landscape elements, and the Green Dragon Inn.

Amazing houses, well-groomed gardens, and the most picturesque details of the village take you to the very atmosphere of your favorite films. The sheep that live here complement the local scenery. In order to create this wonderful atmospheric village, the producers had to recreate all the necessary conditions, including forests, rivers, mountains, and plains. Ultimately, the once unknown village became the most visited local attraction.

6. Egmont National Park

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The main favorite of the Egmont National Park is the extinct volcano Taranaki. The peak of the volcano is surprisingly symmetrical, which is why many people compare it with the Japanese Fujiyama. It’s a favorite place for hikers and climbers.

However, if climbing to the top is not in your plans, then find many other interesting things besides the mountain. For example, head to the Goblins’ Forest that was named so after the bizarre giant trees growing in this area.

The Dawson Falls is also a curious place in the park. Oddly enough, they don’t amaze with their powerful cascades but surprise with soft unhurried waves falling directly into the natural pools.

All of these locations provide an incredible background for landscape photography. By the way, the park offers cozy campsites, so you can stay there overnight.

7. Waitakere Ranges

Source: tripadvisor.com

Waitakere Ranges is perhaps the most human-friendly nature park in New Zealand. Getting to the park is not difficult, since Auckland is only 30 miles away. The local nature is safe, but at the same time offers incredible views of numerous waterfalls, streams, and rocks.

Also, here you can swim on the beach or go fishing, ride a horse, and take a walk in the rain forests. If you decide to visit the park, be sure to check out its top spots, including Karekare Falls, the sheer cliffs of the Lion Rock, and Whatipu black sand beach.

The most popular local hiking route is the Kitekite track. It will take you past six-step waterfalls, rare Nikau palms, and silver tree ferns. However, you can also choose Hillary Trail, which goes high into the mountains and overlooks rainforests, hills, and an amazing coastline.

On the whole, New Zealand is the best place to find incredible landscapes. Mighty glaciers, dramatic mountain views, evergreen valleys, and crystal clear lakes will allow you to truly enjoy nature. As a bonus, you will take a lot of great photos that you can then post on Instagram!

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