How to Write a Good Body Paragraph for an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing that requires you to investigate a topic and take a stance on the issue being discussed by the topic. As a writer, you try to persuade the readers to understand your opinion and facts. It’s a common assignment for college and high school students.

Most of the topics for the argumentative essays are based on technology, science, healthcare, and politics. The main challenge for argumentative essays is arguing for one of the two positions without neglecting the other. Most of these essays take the form of a question.

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Types of arguments claims

An excellent argumentative essay depends on the types of argument claims present in the thesis. The type of argument claims to be used should be tied to the thesis statement of your essay. Generally, there are five types of argument claims that you can use in your argumentative essay.

The first one is a fact. Here you are stating whether the statement of the topic is true or false. This is the common and the most-used argument because it’s easy to decide whether something is true or false. The second type of claim is the definition. Apart from the dictionary definition, what’s your interpretation of the topic of the essay?

The third type of argument claim is the value. What’s the value of what you are arguing about? That’s the first question that you need to have on your mind to decide to base your thesis on the value. The fourth one is the cause-and-effect argument claim. What is the cause of what you are arguing about?

After stating the causes, you have to state the effects of the issues that you have presented. Lastly, there is a policy argument claim. After reading your argumentative essay, this argument needs to be based on why the reader has to care about it and what they must do.

The structure of an argumentative essay


Writing a good body paragraph for an argumentative essay depends on whether you fully understand the structure of the essay. That’s the only way to be sure that your body is in line with all other parts. Suppose you aren’t sure of how the structure should be! You can hire to write an argumentative essay for you. The writers on this online academic writing platform are highly-trained and know their respective subjects deeply. This ensures that the paper’s quality is high and plagiarism-free.

There is an introductory paragraph. This is the first paragraph of your argumentative essay. You need to outline the topic and provide background information necessary for the readers to understand your point of view. In this paragraph, you should summarize the evidence that you will present and state in your thesis.

The introduction part should be very alluring. Suppose you are reading a story, and the introduction is full of sentences that do not connect. You will be bored. Right? It’s normal to conclude without even reading the rest of the story.

There is then the thesis part. It’s part of the first paragraph, but a lot of attention is given to it. This part should be concise. Maybe a one-sentence summary of your main point and claim. Even though it’s one-sentence long, it’s the most important part. It primes the reader for what’s to come. You can turn this sentence into a question and answer it.

Another way of creating an outstanding thesis is by stating an argument and then refuting it. That introduces an idea that contrasts with your beliefs and immediately disagree with it. Lastly, you can briefly outline your main points. It’s a very effective method because it gives the reader a clear idea of all the possible points you will discuss in your argumentative essay.

Then there is the body. The body of a typical argumentative essay should not comprise too many paragraphs. Usually, it has three or more sections explaining the reasons you have stated in the thesis.

The conclusion is the last part. It should relate to your thesis and summarize all the arguments made in the body. Rather than introducing new facts to the conclusion, stick to the idea of a thesis statement. You can use your anecdote to explain how the topic personally affects you.

Now that you have a general overview of the structure of the argumentative essay, let’s dive into the primary concern of this article. Here are tips for writing a good body paragraph for an argumentative essay.

Understand the paragraph structure


Most of the students neglect the paragraph structure in their argumentative essays—a prime reason for the poor grades when the results are released. A paragraph usually has a structure within it.

Your body paragraphs should be written anyhow. There is a pattern that they should follow for the reader to have an easy time understanding your views. Your argumentative essay should generally have three parts. That’s the topic sentence, illustration, and explanation.

Does this sound more complicated? Of course, no. But you have to keep in mind knowing what to write sometimes is different from what you write. When writing, your reason is likely to make retrieving information easy to remember. So, write down this structure and ensure that you follow it keenly.

Start your paragraphs with a topic sentence

Your topic sentence should favor the thesis statement that you used in the introductory part. It should include one of the five argument claims to make more sense to the target readers. It gives the focus for the paragraph, and for the rest of the paragraph, you need to elaborate on the point presented in the topic sentence to make it clearer.

The topic sentence is usually a statement or a declarative statement stating the facts present. Ideas to create a topic sentence for your paragraph include identifying the main point in your piece of writing.

When writing the sentence, you should connect it to your main idea while asking yourself why and what questions. You can provide a transition in your topic sentence. To create a good topic sentence, you have to narrow down your facts to the main idea present in the topic that you are dealing with.

Illustrate your point


Every paragraph should have a point to prove. Once you have made your point with the topic sentence, you now need to illustrate how it’s possible for the facts you have presented to be true or false. Why do you think your topic sentence should make sense? Do not just assume that the writer will understand your topic sentence regardless of their levels of education.

When illustrating your points refer to research studies to make the argument you are trying to support stronger. You can use examples, quotations, or several references from famous books in your sentences.

The other thing that worries you is how strong your point is about the existing facts. Research is being done daily, and things are changing. So, the estimations made should be from a trusted source and the most recent.

Explain your arguments

An excellent argumentative essay is based on how you explain your arguments to make sense of the thesis statement. You have written your thesis statement; you have illustrated using different facts and references. You have to explain how your illustrations are related to the topic sentence.

This is the final section of your paragraph, and it should explain how the evidence brought up in the essay relates to what’s being discussed. Remember that the body of the paragraph is not an isolated section of the essay. The final sentence should relate to the next paragraph.

Overall, it should make sense

All your body paragraphs in the argumentative essay should be cohesive. They should be discussing the same thing. Whether it’s a matter of truth or false, failure to do this will make writing lack a smooth flow of events.

Every trace of evidence should thoroughly be explained based on the research finding of the article that you are dealing with. There should also be logical flow within the body, with paragraphs that carry complex ideals at the bottom while those that are easy to understand are at the top.

Lack of logical flow is a significant flaw in essay writing. That’s why it’s even better to look for help from different online platforms. You can use classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin types of arguments to make it more fascinating. Paragraphs should not have too many sentences as this may result in repetition. As a result, your piece will have shallow engagement with the reader, and so is the score.



The body of the argumentative essay is what carries explanations and illustrations of how the arguments stated by the topic sentence work. A good body for the argumentative essay should be structured appropriately. It must have a well-written topic sentence supported by illustrations and explanations based on research facts. You must also be aware of the argument clauses that you will use in your entire argumentative essay.