Profitability Guide to Boost Your Auto Shop Business

Auto repair facility owners often associate vehicles with checkered flags, oval tracks, and other racing-related items. When designing their websites, they feature these items, assuming this will draw customers in. However, the key to generating more business is to find a way to relate to clients.

This may be a picture of a mother with her child in the car or a man with upgrades to his vehicle. Find a way to show the business is trustworthy and reputable to see great results. Implement the following methods to boost profitability once these website visitors make it into the shop or to entice them to come in initially.

Maintain an Online Presence


Most internet sessions today start when a person visits a search engine to obtain information. Every auto repair facility needs to have a visible presence on the internet to ensure they can be found when this search engine visit takes place. However, most visitors never move past the first page of the search engine results, so an auto repair facility needs to appear on this page. Many shops turn to UpSwell Marketing ( for help in achieving this goal.

However, countless individuals now turn to social media for help in finding a business. They ask their friends and family for recommendations, as these networks serve as the new word-of-mouth advertising. When a friend or family member recommends a business, the person who made this request will often see if the recommended business has a social media page so they can learn more. Ensure the business can be found on those networks most commonly used by the target audience.

Furthermore, monitor the shop’s online reputation. A recent study found that 77 percent of consumers always or regularly read reviews when comparing businesses. In fact, they often read multiple reviews to get a better understanding of the business and whether they should use it.

Business owners need to know what is being said in these reviews. In addition, they need to respond to these reviews. Eighty-nine percent of respondents to this survey stated they were highly or fairly likely to use a business that took the time to respond to all online reviews.

Build Trust


When a person takes their vehicle in for a safety recall, they may come out with a list of needed repairs. According to Consumer Reports, this has led to distrust when it comes to mechanics. For a shop to overcome this stereotype, they need to build trust with clients. How can they do so?

Always be honest and genuine when interacting with customers. Listen to the problem they are describing and ask questions to get a better understanding of the issue. This open communication goes a long way toward building trust.

With the information gathered during this conversation in mind, do a thorough inspection of the vehicle. Recommend necessary repairs and provide information about repairs that may be needed in the future. When doing so, explain why a repair is needed now or why it may become necessary in the coming weeks or months. Provide this information in a way the customer can understand.

Price jobs fairly and do the work right the first time. No customer wants to come into the shop for one problem, only to have that one resolved and two new ones appear. This will shatter their trust immediately.

Reward loyal customers with coupons and discounts. Consumers want value for their money, and loyalty programs provide this value. Treat all customers equally, regardless of how long they have been using the shop, as this leads to happy customers who provide good feedback and referrals.

Simplify Life


Simplify life for customers and they will return. Auto shops often have to deal with last-minute cancellations and no-shows, much as medical offices do. This is very frustrating, as it cuts into the shop’s profitability. However, customers have busy lives, and it is easy to forget an auto repair appointment. Ensure they don’t by sending service reminders.

Besides ensuring a customer doesn’t miss an appointment, these service reminders add value to their lives by helping them keep track of regularly scheduled maintenance. They appreciate that the shop is helping them keep their car in top running condition while minimizing the need for repairs.

Digital tools can also be used to help customers book appointments. It’s frustrating when they wish to make an appointment outside of normal business hours and can’t. Provide them with online tools like FDD service that will allow them to book an appointment at their convenience. Simple steps such as this go a long way to building a relationship with a customer, one that will last the lifetime of the car.

Provide Information

When potential customers visit the website, ensure they find the information they need quickly. The address and phone number of the facility should be prominently displayed throughout the website. The customer should also be able to find a list of services offered and what makes the facility services. This will allow them to determine whether the facility will be of help to them.

The site should also contain information that will help the customer maintain their vehicle. These may be tips for car maintenance as the seasons’ change, how to upgrade their car with the help of accessories, or anything the shop thinks its customers would want to know.

Share information about drop-off service for those customers who can’t visit the facility during normal business hours. Provide customers with a list of shop amenities and include information about local events the facility is taking part in. The more a customer can find online, the more likely they are to use a shop. They don’t have to wait to speak to a person, which makes their life easier in every way.

These are only a few of several ways an auto repair facility can boost profitability with the help of online marketing. There are many other methods that can be used. However, the business owner might not have the time to research these methods. In this situation, it’s best to turn to a digital marketing agency for help. Those facilities that do so see an excellent return on investment.