5 Tips for Building Your Own Gantry Crane – 2024 DIY Guide

In the construction field, having a gantry crane is necessary to lift heavy objects that are relatively hard to move manually. In this crane, there are free-standing support legs with a single beam. When you have this equipment, it is easy to construct the building by moving objects from one place to another.

It is highly used in shipping yards to move big containers. If you need this crane for small-scale construction work, you can create your own by DIY methods. There is no need to invest a massive amount of money on this thing when you can make it at your place. The small crane can be used to lift engines and various spare parts.

There is no need to hire more manpower if you have this equipment at your place. Visit gizmoplans.com to get more information about the crane and how it can be useful for you. In the following write-up, we will discuss some tips to build your gantry crane with ease.

1. Choosing the Perfect Gantry Crane Type as Per Your Requirements

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You can build different types of DIY gantry cranes, but make sure that you choose the perfect one as per your requirement. Understand different types and know which one is suitable for you.

Fixed Height

This type is the easiest to build because the height of the beam is fixed. One cannot adjust the height, and hence, you can lift things that are of the same height. You need a DIY kit to start creating the equipment, which is also less expensive.

It is not as versatile as you think, and it can carry out simple tasks. It is ideal for garages and buildings with a fixed height. There is a scope of mobility at the time of loading, moving, and unloading.

Adjustable Height

The crane with adjustable beam height is comparatively less expensive than the telescopic ones. It is possible to adjust the beam height and make it fixed for your tasks. You cannot move the load because it can worsen the condition of the cylinders. When it comes to design, it is relatively simple to understand.

You can make a homemade gantry crane. It is possible to load and unload different trucks and trailers of different sizes. You can also pull engines of heavy cars. It is adaptable to various heights of the buildings but it is not versatile like fixed ones like it should be. When it is under load, you cannot adjust it.


You need hydraulic jacks and winch cables to create this type of crane. It is an expensive one to build but more versatile than the other two options.

If you have advance needs, then you can choose this type for your job. When the condition of the cylinders becomes worse, then it is easy to remove the load. You can avoid excessive care and maintenance.

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2. Choose the Perfect Construction Material

You can decide which construction material is perfect for you to use. Generally, there are three types of metals that are sturdy and are ideal for building the crane.


It is a common choice, and many people prefer using it. With the help of steel, you can build the equipment with ease.


It is not that popular choice for many people because it is relatively challenging to deal with it while building the equipment. It is comparatively more portable and expensive.


If we talk about wood, it is less expensive, but its lifting capacity is limited. With time, the quality of wood can deteriorate, and it will not be the same always.

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3. Hoist Options

Gantry crane plans include selecting one of the three hoist options. You can choose any of the preferable ones as per your needs.

Chain Hoist Manual

If you focus on lifting, it is the ideal option that you should choose. You can get this set in various industries. When it comes to price, it is relatively economical, and it can do a lot of operations with ease.

Chain Hoist Electric

It is the durable one out of the other two options, but it works like the manual one. When you need to speed up the loading and unloading process, you can make the perfect choice by choosing it.

Cable Hoist Electric

It is a convenient option if you want a crane with hands-free operation. You can choose this type when you have plenty of weights to lift.

4. Types of Wheels

You need to buy at least four wheels that you can place under the crane to move from one place to another. There are different types of wheels, and you can choose anyone as per your needs.

  • Rigid for Straight-line tasks
  • Brake Rigid
  • Swivel for rotating tasks
  • Brake Swivel
  • Locking Swivel to Lock Wheels
  • Brake Locking Swivel

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5. Materials for Wheels

You can use wheels available in three materials:


It is a plastic-like material for lifting heavy loads with high friction. It is hard to rust and stays the same for many years.


If you are looking for durable and non-destructive wheels, steel is the best option for wheels. It can also hold heavy loads with ease.

Hard Rubber

It is ideal for indoor use. It can prevent electric shocks and vibrations. But it is not the ideal one for lifting heavy objects.

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Final Thoughts

It is necessary to follow all the mentioned tips when you plan to build the gantry crane by yourself. You must know about different materials and types of beams that you can use for your operations. There is no use in spending money when you can make it by yourself through DIY methods.

Get enough information about the crane requirements and understand your needs. Combine them and start working on its construction. It may take a lot of time, but you will save your money.

Research well and build a crane suitable for your tasks with proper functionalities. It should meet your small-scale requirements and help you achieve your goals.