How to Eliminate Bad Odors From Your Home – 2024 Guide

Whether you choose to vacuum and mop your floors every day or if you opt for scrubbing the surface in your bathroom three times a day, the odors that come with everyday life are unavoidable. As long as you continue cooking, bathing, and living in your home or apartment, they will certainly be there.

This is why you might now be wondering – how can I eliminate bad odors from my home? Luckily for all homeowners that are wondering the same thing, the article below can help. Let’s take a closer look at how you could deal with and eliminate certain odors from your house:

1. For Trash Bins: Dryer Sheets

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If you keep washing your trash can and nothing seems to help with the odor that is coming from it, you could try to put a dryer sheet in it. They’ll quickly and almost entirely such all the smells coming from the bin, which means that you can eliminate any bad smells coming from it. To eliminate the odors, you can simply add one or two into your trash can and leave it for at least a couple of hours so that it can get rid of the scents.

2. For Drains: Vinegar

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I don’t know about you, but, I had situations when I cleaned my drains, but the unpleasant smells just kept lingering in my apartment. This is when I decided to add a little apple cider vinegar to it. Besides clearing the drains, it’ll also help with the odor that has been coming from your septic and sewer systems. To clean it, you should pour at least half a cup down it and if needed, you could repeat the process a couple of times.

3. For Freezers: Vanilla

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We’ve all been there – leaving something in the freezer longer than it should’ve been there. If you found yourself in this situation, you could choose to add vanilla to it. Now, keep in mind, it’s not the actual plant, instead, it is vanilla extract. To get rid of all the odors coming from it, you should soak a cotton ball in the extract, swipe it around the inside area of your freezers and you’ll instantly feel it getting better.

4. For Garbage Disposals: Lemon Juice

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Garbage disposals will always spread some smells, however, this doesn’t mean that you cannot eliminate them. To snuff out all the smells, you could choose to add two or three cups of lemon juice to it. It will quickly start eliminating the odors you can sense when washing your pans and pots, hence, this simple solution could help make the entire process of washing your dishes at the end of the day easier, not to mention more pleasant.

5. For Basements: Onions

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How can slicing an onion help me with eliminating the odors in my basement? Well, it’s relatively easy. Although onions do smell bad, they’ll help with absorbing all the mildew and mold odors. If you want, you could slice one or two onions – the amount will depend on the size of the room – down the middle, and once you do, leave it in the basement over the night. Yes, your eyes might feel irritated in the morning, however, your nose will thank you.

6. For Tobacco: Essential Oils

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One of the first things that will help you with eliminating tobacco smell is essential oils. Now, keep in mind, they won’t eliminate the smell, but they’ll eliminate the smells. Whether you choose to use a spray or a diffuser, you’ll definitely be capable of eliminating the smells in a natural and safe way. There are various types that you could choose from and if you want to see some of the options that you could choose from, check out EcuadorianHands.

7. For The Refrigerator: Coffee Beans

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No one likes when their vegetable compartment smells like a locker at their local gym, which is why you could opt for filling a nylon stocking with some coffee beans. What will this help you with? Well, if you choose to place it somewhere in the back of your refrigerator you’ll eliminate any and all smells coming from it. No matter if the compartment smells like old vegetables, fish, or some food it’ll overpower it.

8. For Sneakers: Baking Soda

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A lot of homeowners don’t realize this, but, leaving your sneakers in the hallway or any other area in your home or apartment could really influence how your residence smells like. Hence, if you want to avoid this, you could opt for adding a little bit of baking soda to all of your footwear. By doing so and leaving it overnight, you’ll get rid of the smells. Keep in mind, you might want to remove the powder in the morning.

9. For Pet Litter Boxes: Green Tea

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Whether you have a cat or a dog, adding a little bit of dry green tea leaves to their litter boxes will do wondering when it comes to reducing the unpleasant and unwelcome smells All you’ll have to do is purchase a box of green tea, cut a few bags open, and add it to the litter boxes. Of course, like all the other options on this list, you might want to at least leave it overnight – your cat and/or dog will definitely appreciate this.

10. For Rooms: Different House Plants

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Once you’ve gone through all the aforementioned things, one of the last tasks that you’ll want to do is to add a house plant in each of the rooms in your residence. If you opt for doing this, you’ll be capable of keeping the air in your home fresh. Additionally, you should know, some of the most popular options out there when it comes to air purifying house plants are Arabian Jasmines, as well as some Geraniums.


If there are some odors lingering in your home, there are some easy things that you could do to eliminate them. From putting some lemon juice into your garbage disposals to using essential oils to combat tobacco smoke, all of the aforementioned options will help you with certain problems.

So, now that you’re aware of all the things you could choose to do, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, if you know where the odors in your home are coming from, opt for one of the solutions above, and finally get rid of those unpleasant odors in your home or apartment.